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Lieberman says no solution to Israel-Palestine conflict
Published Saturday 09/02/2013 (updated) 12/02/2013 11:15
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Ex-Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman speaks at a Yisrael
Beiteinuparty conference in Tel Aviv.(Reuters/file)

JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Israel has no chance of signing a permanent peace accord with the Palestinians and should instead seek a long-term interim deal, the most powerful political partner of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday.

The remarks by Avigdor Lieberman, an ultra-nationalist whose joint party list with Netanyahu narrowly won a Jan. 22 election while centrist challengers made surprise gains, seemed designed to dampen expectations at home and abroad of fresh peacemaking.

A spring visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories by US President Barack Obama, announced this week, has stirred speculation that foreign pressure for a diplomatic breakthrough could build - though Washington played down that possibility.

In a television interview, ex-foreign minister Lieberman linked the more than two-year-old impasse to pan-Arab political upheaval that has boosted Islamists hostile to Israel.

"Anyone who thinks that in the center of this socio-diplomatic ocean, this tsunami which is jarring the Arab world, it is possible to arrive at the magic solution of a comprehensive peace with the Palestinians does not understand," Lieberman told Israel's Channel Two.

"This is impossible. It is not possible to solve the conflict here. The conflict can be managed and it is important to manage the conflict ... to negotiate on a long-term interim agreement."

Abbas broke off talks in late 2010 in protest at Israel's settlement of the occupied West Bank. He angered Israel and the United States in November by securing a UN status upgrade that implicitly recognized Palestinian independence in all the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

Israel insists it will keep East Jerusalem and swathes of West Bank settlements under any eventual peace deal. Most world powers consider the settlements illegal because they take up land seized in the 1967 Middle East war.

Lieberman, himself a settler in the West Bank, said the ball was "in Abu Mazen's (Abbas') court" to revive diplomacy.

Abbas has demanded Israel first freeze all settlement construction. With two decades gone since Palestinians signed their first interim deal with Israel, he has ruled out any new negotiations that do not solemnize Palestinian statehood.

Netanyahu's spokesman Mark Regev noted that Lieberman, in the Channel Two interview, had said he was expressing his own opinion.

Asked how Netanyahu saw peace prospects for an accord with the Palestinians, Regev referred to a speech on Tuesday in which the conservative prime minister said that Israel, while addressing threats by its enemies, "must also pursue secure, stable and realistic peace with our neighbors".

Netanyahu has previously spoken in favor of a Palestinian state, though he has been cagey on its borders and whether he would be prepared to dismantle Israeli settlements.

Lieberman's role in the next coalition government is unclear as he faces trial for corruption. If convicted, he could be barred from the cabinet. Lieberman denies wrongdoing and has said he would like to regain the foreign portfolio, which he surrendered after his indictment was announced last year.
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
09/02/2013 22:25
It's hard to argue with the facts: 1) Fatah says it wants peace, but refuses to negotiate. 2) Hamas says it does not want peace and will never negotiate 3) Islamic Jihad says the same as Hamas 4) Hamas says it wants a government with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, meaning there can be no peace negotiations. Where is Lieberman wrong?

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
10/02/2013 00:18
Mr.Lieberman again need a little lesson in history. In 70AD when the Romans vanquished Israel they name it Pelos. Palestine derive from the word "Pelos". In that case Israel than is Palestine and Palestine is Israel. Since Mr. Lieberman is an European Jew he probably wouldn't know too much about Israel history. And he probably need to start to make peace with himself before attempting to talk about any peace with anyone else.

3 ) gabi / australia
10/02/2013 00:52
Mr. Lieberman may become irrelevant if he is convicted; meanwhile maybe he should think of this - there is a solution. Just abide by international law. Not that difficult to understand.

4 ) brian cohen / tel aviv
10/02/2013 01:43
its not a conflict ITS OCCUPATION . !

5 ) John Hillary / Promised Land
10/02/2013 01:45
"Most world powers consider the settlements illegal". Who doesn't, other than Israel?

6 ) Mel / USA
10/02/2013 03:03
LOL!"Foreign Portfolio"?? Hey Putin? Could you find this Moldovan 'dickhead' a 'foreign portfolio' in Siberian bar as a bouncer? Dickhead has lots of experience' in thuggery! But,that wouldn't be fair to the good people of Siberia,darn it! Outer Mongolia maybe? LOL!

7 ) Peter Hindrup / Australia
10/02/2013 03:05
He means the Israelis have no intention of any solution short of total control of Palestine. If the international community compelled Israelis to retreat behind the utterly unjust proposed borders of 1948 the Palestinians might agree to Israelis staying as equals in a Palestinian state — once a just restitution regime had been decided. Palestinians 1000 odd year history were no hindrance to the grasping greed of the Jews/Zionists, why then expect the usurpers miserable 60 odd years to count?

10/02/2013 06:42

9 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
10/02/2013 08:24
Nothing with Lieberman in government. Keep Gaza free and normalize with Egypt. Get the siege of completely raised and bring in the offshore gas. Build a wall so agriculture in Gaza is possible, but give Israel no control of the Gaza-Egypt borders, NONE. Build two desalination plants in Gaza, to start.

10 ) mohammad / somalia
10/02/2013 10:44
Fanatic idiot

11 ) GABRIEL / ------AP
10/02/2013 11:34
Of course not !!!!!!!!!! The political case is not important when HE One of many settlers which must to leave his house on stolen Palestinian land, if it should come to peace. Also one of the worse racists Zionists which will probably be murdered all Arab if he could. For me it is a human disgrace and inexplicable choice, if such as he is allowed politically to decide and act for an entire national.

12 ) Kenny / UK
10/02/2013 12:06
@1 If Hamas are terrorists and does not want peace and safety for the children and citizens of the world's largest prison.Then I wonder what is Israel is?(a country built on Palestinian blood) look at the HAGANAH,OCCUPATION?The IDF who terrorize the whole Palestinian nation to steal more Palestinian land and to operate ethnic cleansing.Lieberman is just one of the many racists in the Israeli government openly saying his opinion,who do not want to give up his house in the occupied territories.

13 ) Julie / USA
10/02/2013 17:03
this bloated fool Lieberman is izrael's worst zionist racist alive. watch the BEST report (video by David Sheen) on the horrors & criminality of israeli racism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUivyO5T_34

14 ) Choose / Wisdom
10/02/2013 17:56
Lieberman is stating the truth. Islamists are on the rise. This is why the PA and Hamas can't come to any agreement. If Hamas were to drop their shariah and jihad BS, we would immediately see other factions taking it over. Then they would be cutting each others throats within a few months. Even if they did reach agreement, elections would still see Islamists take over like in Egypt. The only answer is one Israel, river to sea, in which everyone is a full citizen.

15 ) Outlier / USA
10/02/2013 20:40
A fool who should retire. NOW!

16 ) brian cohen / tel aviv
10/02/2013 23:08
hes russian , what bring him as an occupier.
has russia revoked his citizenship
you cant be a resident of one country and serve in a foriegn military

17 ) Wrong & / Right
11/02/2013 16:24
Lieberman will be wrong, IF THERE EVER COMES A TIME,
when Palestinians consider A STATE WITHOUT three things:
1- Being based upon the 1967 borders (previously held by Jordan),
2- Providing an East Jerusalem capital (again was previously held by Jordan, but never Palestine), and
3- Providing refugee return into areas, that Palestinians will agree upon,
as being part of the State of Israel !!!
4- But until that time, LIEBERMAN IS RIGHT.

18 ) gabi / australia
12/02/2013 00:49
#17 - why is it so difficult for you people to understand that the Palestinians want Israel to abide by international law - nothing more than that.

19 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/02/2013 05:42
Julie #13: '...this bloated fool Lieberman is izrael's worst zionist racist alive...' I dunno: lotta competition for that title. Danny Ayalon and Yishai come to mind. But I'll take Lieberman as Israel's poster boy. Whatever will rub everyone's snouts in what that place is...get that puppy down there and give his head a good hard shake. Lieberman can do that for us.

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/02/2013 08:03
To Brian Cohen #1: 'It's hard to argue with the facts...' How would you know? When have you ever tried using facts to argue with? ...you should give it a try. It's actually a lot easier than trying to argue as a Zionist.

21 ) @ Gabi-18 / USA
16/02/2013 00:16
I understand the fantasies of what "Palestinians want", but "International Law" applies to states, NOT Fantasies, and: -a- Palestine was certainly NOT a state in 1948 or even 1967, and -b- Palestine Neither had 1967 Border, Nor an E. Jerusalem capital, so INTERNATIONAL LAWS DO NOT apply the way Palestinians fantasize !! Besides, if situations were reversed, and laws applied (which they don't), Palestinians would NOT "abide by international law", so it's Negotiations or "nothing" for Pals!

16/02/2013 19:34
100% correct. There is no solution. I came to that conclusion years ago. Some problems simply have no solution. Yes you can talk about small matters - area A and B, taxes, roads whatever - but a big solution? It does not exist. So pick your side. I pick Israel. I don't like their enemies and that solved it for me. I am sure many here prefer the other side. I feel choosing one side or the other in this is more of an emotional decision - arguments do not help.
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