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Clinton: Israel vote outcome 'opens doors' to peace
Published Tuesday 29/01/2013 (updated) 01/02/2013 09:51
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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's image is seen on a monitor
while questioned by Australian journalist Leigh Sales at the Newseum
in Washington Jan. 29, 2013. The Townterview, a mix of a town hall
and television interview, is Clinton's 59th such meeting, which comes
just before her last day as secretary. (Reuters/Gary Cameron)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the outcome of Israel's parliamentary elections "opens doors" toward peace with the Palestinians.

Referring to the possible inclusion of center-left parties in Benjamin Netanyahu's next government, she said the elections improved the climate for resuming the peace process.

"I actually think this election opens doors, not nails them shut," Clinton told an online forum in response to a question from a student in Beirut. She said a "significant percentage of the Israeli electorate" chose a "different path" internally as well as toward their neighbors.

"What rests at the core of the problem is great mistrust" on both sides, said the outgoing secretary of state. "Somehow we have to look for ways to give the Palestinian people the path to peace, prosperity and statehood they deserve" as well as security for Israelis, Clinton said.

"I know that President Obama (and) my successor, soon-to-be Secretary of State John Kerry, will pursue this, will look for every possible opening."

Kerry won the support of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday to replace Clinton as Obama's new secretary of state. The full Senate was expected to confirm Kerry later Tuesday.

On Thursday Kerry he hoped for a revival of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

US-brokered talks broke down in 2010 after the Israeli leadership refused to fully freeze expansion in settlements in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem.
1 ) Robert / US
29/01/2013 17:27
Who believes this crap!!!

2 ) Tibi / Tubas
29/01/2013 17:41
Though it may be true that Israel's recent "vote outcome could 'opens doors' to peace", it is also true that the Palestinian's refusal to compromise, or even to talk, CLOSED AND LOCKED the "doors to peace," so there will be
Neither Peace For Israel, Nor Real Statehood For Palestine, anytime soon !!

3 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
29/01/2013 18:30
No, with all due respect for the soon-to-be ex-Secretary of State Clinton, despite the outcome of our elections, nothing of substance is going to change our political positions for the better. Unlike the European nations under similar parliamentary-style government, our so-called "coalitions" we are "forced" to build don't send the same, perceived "meaning." We are really (more often than not) ill-served by such a political arrangement. What we are meant to have is a Sanhedrin, not (cont.)

4 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
29/01/2013 18:39
a "copycat" parliamentary system leftover from the British Mandatory Palestinian days. Below our (national) Sanhedrin would be regional or local courts ("mini-Sanhedrins" or councils) to deal with regional or local matters (secular in nature). All of our national laws have already been given to us by All_h as stated in our sacred Torah. Taken together, these 613 laws (commandments) comprise and cover all aspects of governing us as our national "Constitution."

5 ) Carlos / USA
29/01/2013 19:29
The real obstacle to peace is the prejudice and hatred in the hearts of zionists. How could anyone do what zionists have done to innocent civilians who were thier neighbors and friends. Before there was zionism, Jews and Arabs got along great. I have seen orthodox Jews condemning israels behavior and claiming friendships with Arabs before Zionist take over. The history of Arabs in Judea Palestine is long. Herod the Great who ordered the temple built was an Arab convert to Judaism.

6 ) Mel / USA
29/01/2013 19:45
Of course a few changes"we can believe in"to move Israel"Forward",Mr POTUS,would be to completely re-write/re-set US FOREIGN POLICY,which would BOOST our US economy 2! Re-write all the laws,tax/interest-free grants,contracts,loans,subs to Israel from OUR US TAXES($5BILLION p.a.)!Re-write it ALL,thru our GAO,FMF(ForeignMilitaryFinancing),AEC Act,making belligerent Israel ACCOUNTABLE for how it spends our BENEFICIENCE!OR,STOP ALL ANNUAL CASH DUMPS to Israel! It DOESN'T need it now,& others DO!!!

7 ) JoeUSA / USA
29/01/2013 20:14
Hogwash. The last election in Israel produced an even weaker prospect for a future coalition government. This , in reality , has been the problem . Israel had never had a consensus about what peace means , complicated by weak coalition governments which , even if they tried , could not have delivered politicaly on such peace initiatives. Political paralysis is the hallmark of Israeli politics. I believe this government #39 which means the average life span of Israeli coalitions is l.8 years.

8 ) Outlier / USA
29/01/2013 20:32
Both sides should keep an open mind and sit down together. I don't expect breakthroughs, but the situation on both sides suggest progress towards peace can be made.

9 ) John / USA
29/01/2013 21:23
#2 if only israel stop stealing,killing,maming,and practicing apartheid.

30/01/2013 03:12
What an absurd statement from the Sec. Of State. Israel wants to remain in existence as a Jewish majority nation. The Arabs/moslems do not want Israel to remain in existence as a Jewish majority nation. That is it, that is why there will never be peace. Once I realized that, I realized all the talking on big subjects was nothing but a waste of time. It is all nonsense. You can talk on little things - tax revenues, areas abcdefg - the whole alphabet. But peace? No chance.

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/01/2013 07:11
To USA/USA #10: ' The Arabs/moslems do not want Israel to remain in existence as a Jewish majority nation.' That's debatable. I imagine most Arabs would settle for Israel withdrawing to her legal borders. Of course, they might ask that she comply with the other terms of the partition resolution as well...you know, all those bits about no forcible dispossession, etc. However, that would still leave a Jewish-majority state -- as it did in 1947.
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