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Activists re-erect tents at Bab al-Karamah
Published Friday 25/01/2013 (updated) 27/01/2013 13:36
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Dozens of Palestinian activists entered a demolished protest village in northwest Jerusalem on Friday, starting to rebuild the al-Karamah (Dignity) encampment.

The tent village was established last Friday to protest Israel's land confiscation and settlement building in the area of Beit Iksa.

On Monday, Israeli troops demolished all the tents and evacuated all the activists in the camp.

Activists entered the village on Friday and performed the weekly prayer, before re-erecting tents and planting olive trees, witnesses said.

Beit Iksa, surrounded by Israeli settlements, is set to be entirely encircled by Israel's separation wall, cutting it off from Jerusalem.

When completed, the wall will annex 96 percent of Beit Iksa's land, according to a study by the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem.

The Al-Karamah village was the second protest village set up, and torn down, this month.

Earlier, activists established the Bab al-Shams village near East Jerusalem, in a protest against Israel's plans to build the "E1" settlement on the land, severing the West Bank from Jerusalem.
1 ) Tibi / Tubas
25/01/2013 15:28
Just like the Sun, that goes up and down every, the "re-erected activist
- "E1" SETTLEMENTS WILL STAY FOREVER, once they're built,
and the only way to stop them, if there is a way at all, is negotiations !!

2 ) Mel / USA
25/01/2013 16:32
Bravo! "We shall overcome"Zionist brutality!Re:occupy YOUR OWN land,from illegal thieving bigot/racist Zionism!Dr.MLK struggled for all people 2B able 2 PROTEST their rights by sitting in,as a gesture of STANDING UP for rights! Radical Zionism,any extremism,is WRONG! Even(pre-67)state of Israel deserves better 4 itself--next to the Palestinian people in their own dignified contiguous state.Together,in the land of "promise"--THAN ZIONISM!

3 ) @ Mel-2 / USA too
25/01/2013 20:51
THERE WILL BE NO "ZIONIST BRUTALITY", and no thieving or racism either,
- unless the Arab activists start the fighting, just like
there would have been no activists killed on the Mavi Marmara,
- if the Turkish activists hadn't started the fighting, just like
there would have been no civilians killed in Gaza,
- if the Islamic militants hadn't started the fighting !!!

4 ) Outsider / EU
25/01/2013 21:38
1) "But now, instead of discussion and argument, brute force rises up to the rescue of discomfited error, and crushes truth and right into the dust. 'Might makes right,' and hoary folly totters on in her mad career escorted by armies and navies." (Christian Non-Resistance: In All Its Important Bearings, Illustrated and Defended, 1846.)

5 ) Jan / USA
25/01/2013 22:28
@USA too THE ZIONIST BRUTALITY, THIEVING AND RACISM HAVE GONE ON FOR DECADES - Before 1948 Jewish terrorists bombed Arab markets, schools, theatres, the King David Hotel etc. After '48 many thousands of Palestinians were brutally ethnically cleansed, their lands taken and over 400 villages destroyed. Since 1967 the Israeli occupiers have destroyed well over 25,000 Palestinian homes, jailed many thousands of Palestinians, including women and children, stolen land for their illegal setttlements.

6 ) mohammed musa badsha / bangladesh
25/01/2013 22:31
sir/madam/my salam/good morning/iam mohammed musa badsha from chittagong bangladesh iam power full bangladesh human rights commission bhrc vice prisedent ctg divsionn iam strong message isreal america becare full new name cia drone attack any day any time united nation secretary General ban ki moon united nation seuirity council Geneva convention arablague oic quikly take action ameria isreal bangladesh human right dcomfrence this confrence international bangladesh india bangladesh burma stron

7 ) Jan / USA
25/01/2013 22:32
more for USA too. In the past several days terrorists of the IDF have shot and killed several Palestinians, some in Gaza on their own land. None posed a threat to Israel. In the West Bank a young man in the village of Budrus was shot in the back & a woman by a college was also killed. There is no doubt that Israel, has it has often done before, has broken the ceasefire with Gaza. Why should not Gaza retaliate against this terrorism by Israel?

8 ) Parker / USA
25/01/2013 22:34
I have had Israeli class mates who have hearts full of compassion but on the flip side I have met Israelis who are full of hate. As in any country there is great diversity. The problem seems to be the Zionist. I equate Zionism with Nazism. And the view of Palestine is the same as the concentration camps that the Jews are so familiar with. Some Israelis have learn there lesson to well but the lesson that they have learn is perverted and full of poison.

9 ) Edson Udson / Brazil/USA
25/01/2013 22:45
Universal Movement of Consciousness by Edson Udson (all rights reserved) A great movement for peace, love and freedom around of the world, but to obtain results and do solve problems as poverty, abuses and violence is necessary "union" and "good will" translated in a simple word..."love". Respecting and preserving the nature or combating differences as racism, sexuality or culture and accepting any kind of love, no discriminating anyone in anywhere for anything. I believe it be possible...becau

10 ) Lynne Dian Gulezian / United States
25/01/2013 23:05
If we are to believe that Palestine is the "orginal" homeland, then we must make room for all our brothers and sisters and not just SOME of our brothers and sisters. It is against the rules of all Believers everywhere to deny an entire population access to land for living.

11 ) Jake Terpstra / USA
25/01/2013 23:12
When Isreal stops talking about "peace" (in the abstract) and begins to talk about justice and human rights, good things might begin to happen.

12 ) carine / UK
25/01/2013 23:17
#3 - Israel is always the innocent party, isn't it? Well, it had better take care - it's halo has slipped so far, won't be long before it gets choked!

13 ) saulpaulus / Canada
25/01/2013 23:33
Zionist brutality is constant. The settlers are constantly attacking Palestinians and their property and they have absolute impunity. The IDF is there to protect them, not to stop them when they cut down Palestinian olive orchards or molest Palestinian women. If there is such a thing as kosher balogna, Mel-2 is surely full of it.

14 ) Mary Hughes Thompson / USA
25/01/2013 23:48
Bless these brave Palestinians and their Israeli and international friends who dare to stand up to ITF thugs.

15 ) Robert / US
26/01/2013 00:31
@ 3 your so Wrong on all points..

16 ) southparkbear / usa
26/01/2013 00:43
mel if we take tenth of 1% of your promises palestinians people by now should have the best economy, most open democratic country with affordable housing for winter and summer seasons. You know i would mind if they had it, in fact they have that option with areas A, B, Gaza, lebanon, Syria, Jordan Tunisia.....

17 ) Marco / Italy
26/01/2013 03:13
Palestinians have the right to fight occupation of theyr own land. This is a right recognized by the international law. A country that occupied with military force another country (like Israel do in Palestine) has no right to built settlement or bring settler in the other country. Palestinian people has the right to resist!

18 ) gabi / australia
26/01/2013 06:07
# 3 - can't you think of your own tag line? Is it so hard? Or is it that you pro-Zionists can't get enough support, so have to fabricate support from someone else??? (You nick our passport identities too.) And Tibi - once again, how can you negotiate with Israel when their line is "give us everything else we want that we haven't yet taken, then we'll see what's left to give back to you"? And stop gloating - it's a very ugly look.

19 ) MEL / USA
26/01/2013 08:30
Put Israeli caravans on the site, and send these Arabs back to Arabia. They did nothing with the land until 1967, except look at goats and watch olives grow.

20 ) Susan Theophanis / USA
26/01/2013 16:47
When will the US acknowledge the brutality of Israel against the occupied Palestine. Why do weWe critizi look the other way. We condemn other counties for human rights violations. I know Jewish interest is strong here and politicians are reluctant to say anything. WHY? Are they afraid of the Jewish lobby? Why should we send our money to Israel, we need it here. Why are we a dancing bear for the state of Isrel. WHY? WHY?

21 ) Mel / USA
26/01/2013 17:16
#6 Shame your ''two state solution''between India and Pakistan did not work, you too have had four wars with India since 1947.

22 ) @ Jan-7, Carine-12, & Gabi-18 / USA too
26/01/2013 17:35
5 & 7, Of course it is true that: - Neither Zionists, nor Palestinians, are "always the innocent party", and - Both Zionist Jews and Palestinian Arabs have done "brutal, thieving, murderous" acts, but now IT IS TIME THAT BOTH SIDES LEFT THE PAST IN THE PAST, AND DEAL WITH THE PRESENT AS IT IS, RATHER THAN OUR FANTASY. Gabi-18, Israel did NOT "take" the West Bank from a Palestine, that never existed as a state, and if "you can NOT negotiate with Israel", then this situation will remain !!

23 ) Mel / USA
26/01/2013 20:04
#19 & #21.Tut-tut!Such COWARDLY Zio-tricks! Using other people's sign-in names to throw your pro-racist-Zionist bullsh*t at others(#6)! Typical pro-Zionist-parasites & how they feed on others,w/out permission! Fortunately,most intelligent posters know by now,that I'm totally ANTI-Zionist-colonial-fascist-occuaption! And,VERY PRO-Palestinian HUMAN/LEGAL rights&freedoms!Same as my US Liberal-Jewish friends/tax-payers! Radical Zionism=racist Nazism=not good 4 ISRAEL either! Pick your wagon2hitch2!

24 ) gabi / australia
27/01/2013 02:46
# 22- it's always the victors who say the leave the past in the past - forgive and forget. And dealing with the present as it is means dealing with Israel taking ALL the land - is that what you suggest? (You deliberately misunderstood my post.) Palestine existed back in history - do a bit more research - Persian Empire maps show it as an entity in 6th C BC. Read more. And #19 Mel - not only do you steal names (cheat at exams at school too?) you are ignorant - Arabs, Arabia, NOT THE SAME THING.

25 ) Faye Bennett / USA
29/01/2013 06:56
Blessings on those who continue to peacefully protest the occupation of Palestine!

26 ) @ the Editor / USA
31/01/2013 05:00
Logically, it seems that both: - Israel did NOT allowed the tent protest/land-grab village to remain, and - Maan would have writen exaggerations of the violence, if it happened, so it seems this story needs a follow-up conclusion: - Does the tent village remain, and if not, - Was it was removed violently ??

27 ) @ Mel-23 & "Editor"-26 / Lessons NOT Learned
31/01/2013 15:49
And if/since "the tent village" does NOT remain,
and if/since "it was NOT removed violently",
setting-up "tent protest/land-grab villages ??
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