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US renews call for resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks
Published Wednesday 23/01/2013 (updated) 27/01/2013 14:42
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US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama walk and
wave during the inaugural parade in Washington, Jan. 21.
(Reuters/Larry Downing)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The White House on Wednesday renewed its call for a resumption of long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in the wake of Israeli elections in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emerged the winner but with a weaker-than-expected showing for his right-wing bloc.

White House spokesman Jay Carney declined to speculate on Netanyahu's efforts to forge a new governing coalition after center-left parties scored surprising gains but said President Barack Obama would likely call the prime minister to congratulate him on his election win.

"We believe that what needs to take place is direct negotiations between the two parties that addresses the final-status issues and results in a two-state solution," Carney told reporters when asked about the possible consequences of the election for moribund peace efforts.

Obama in his first term failed to make progress in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking but his administration has signaled that it may make another peace push in his second term, which started with his inauguration earlier this week.
1 ) Reader / from Edmonton
23/01/2013 22:28
Just say YES. Just recognize the State of Palestine as have 138 other UN countries.

2 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
23/01/2013 23:41
With all due respect to the U.S. President, he would be better off to stop wasting his hopes and calls for a renewal of resumption of "peace" talks. With all our planned and active settlement-building, the "peace" talks are no longer the issue. The issues are whether the U.S. will find it necessary to stop supporting us to show the world it supports the Palestinians even though it failed them at the U.N. and staying in close touch with us regarding Iran. THOSE are the issues.

3 ) start to trade offs / Big Mike
23/01/2013 23:59
Mutual swap: Pals recognise Izrael's right to exist to the Green Line if z state recognises Palestinian State's right to exist to the Green Line.

4 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
24/01/2013 00:22
First item in the talks : the several killings of young Palestinians this month by soldiers enjoying total impunity. Or maybe it should be a pre-condition ?

5 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
24/01/2013 00:23
Secret talks will produce nothing. Offers and counter offers have to be public to each sides own people. Secrets just allow the other side to spin and evade.

6 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
24/01/2013 00:28
In any talks, a tunnel between Gaza and the West Bank can solve lots of problems. Desalination plants on the Gaza coast could ship billions of kiloliters of fresh water daily through a tunnel to the West Bank The UK and France have the tech to put the tunnel several KM underground.

7 ) Tobias / USA
24/01/2013 04:34
- The USA can "renew calls for resumption of Peace/Statehood talks", and - Israel never stoppeding call for resumption of Peace/Statehood talks, but - Palestine will continue saying "NO Thank You", without the same pre-condition of a 100% freeze in all Israeli construction, which even during the previous freeze, Palestine still did not talk to Israel, so - Palestine will remain what it is today, both at on UNGA communications (a state), and on the Ground (an authority, that Israel permits) !!

24/01/2013 05:59
Who cares? Everyone knows there can be no peace. The Arabs want to end the Jewish majority state of Israel - the Jews wish to continue the Jewish majority state of Israel. That is the crux of it. Everyone knows it. No peace is possible.

9 ) talk about what? / jerusalem?
24/01/2013 07:17
right of return?

10 ) gabi / australia
24/01/2013 07:28
more like Obama calling him and telling him that it is his intransigence which lost him so many seats! and losing respect , if he ever had any, from the rest of the world.

11 ) Nizar / Tanzania
24/01/2013 11:53
Bibi has already declared what type of Palestine state he envisages. It is a truncated state akin to bantustan. Has he changed his mind? Then what is the talk going to serve?

12 ) Check-It / USA
25/01/2013 02:04
Israel has nothing even remotely viable to offer to persuade the Palestinians back to the negotiating 'table' < if that's what you wanna call it. Palestinian leaders made their demands & requests very clear on the conditions- which are the true conditions for peace & so forth.

13 ) LegalEagle/Legal precedent set / USA
25/01/2013 12:50
Bosnia, Kosovo etc. situation years back had the same problem. We are an international community. Israel can not nor the USA for that matter dictate in the face of I-Law. They may whine around and stall but eventually I-Law must prevail even to point of UN/Nato troops or DMZs at certain crucial areas. Once this is done and solidified, people, regardless of their hatred and prejudice can begin to adjust. Without I-law prevaling then many comments here are right. It is war to the death sadly!

14 ) Andy / UK
25/01/2013 16:30
Yehuda Solomon: The US has every right to try to compel Israel into restarting negotiations with the Palestinians. They donate 3 billion dollars a year (at the very least) to make sure that Israel maintains it's overwhelming military superiority . Defy the US as much as you like but eventually (and hopefully) they will wake up to the obvious fact that Israel doesn't want a peace settlement because then they won't be able to steal any more Palestinian land.

15 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
25/01/2013 18:18
@ 14), You raise a hell of a good point. Look, we in Israel are very aware of all U.S. aid to us. We get the most of any nation. We are very grateful (remember, it's of mutual benefit; much of that money goes right back to pay U.S. defense contractors, for example, thus "freeing" more domestic funds for settlements, etc.). On the other hand, we are not going to back down. We damn well KNOW--and the U.S. knows-- the day might come when the U.S. might say, "DO as we tell you or NO (cont.)

16 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
25/01/2013 18:26
MORE MONEY !!!" So believe me, if that day should ever happen, we'll be prepared for it. Our goal--and it may not be apparent but it's true and we are beginning to make progress--is to no longer accept U.S. aid because we don't want this "carrot-and-stick" hanging over our heads. It's bad for us, bad for the U.S. and bad for our relations. If all U.S. aid were to stop right now, we would never complain or denigrate the U.S., never. We would still stay close to the U.S. and cope with it.

17 ) LegalEagle/Will US Be Honest B / USA
25/01/2013 19:18
I-Law & accomplishing that law being established, by UN majority, is agenda. Has US been honest broker in process with regard to Z & P States? Z lobby controls much of what US does with regard to "2 states". Zs talk "2" as does US but so far it appears a ploy to keep from finality so Zs can keep building. Will US honor I-Law/borders & broker accordingly? If not, its a scam in fear of unity, Arab financing & creation of a "PDF" army protecting UN recognized borders to which P-State has rights.

18 ) @ USA-8 & Andy-14 / USA too
25/01/2013 21:04
8- You may be right, that:
- "the Arabs want to end the Jewish majority state of Israel,
- the Jews wish to continue the Jewish majority state of Israel, &
- No peace is possible", and if so:
- I suggest that Israel should seal-off Areas A/B and Gaza,
from all Israeli controlled lands, and end all cooperation too.

14- Israel prioritizes national survival above "$3 billion dollars" !!

19 ) carlos / usa
26/01/2013 17:55
israel is a joke with nuclear arms. Dont worry about Iran because they are rational and considerate compared to israel.

20 ) nour / argentina
26/01/2013 23:14
'those stupid gringos understand the p.a. talked 20years to theirs zios ,for what??

21 ) Rami / Palestine
27/01/2013 09:52
#6 The Israelis are already stepping on us, so we should literally be under their feet like sub-humans?

22 ) Pro Pal / UK
27/01/2013 11:12
Thus spake UN. Say a big"Yes" to State of Palestine on 67 borders.That is the talk.
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