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Fatah: Abbas will head unity government
Published Friday 18/01/2013 (updated) 22/01/2013 15:39
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas will head a unity government to be formed by Jan. 30, a Fatah official said Friday.

Yahya Rabah told Ma'an the new government would be comprised of technocrats and dignitaries not affiliated to any political party. It will serve for an interim period to supervise parliamentary and presidential elections and oversee administrative procedures, Rabah said.

Abbas and Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal agreed to set a timetable to implement their parties' reconciliation deal during a recent meeting in Cairo, Rabah said, adding that they set a Jan. 30 deadline for forming the unity government.

Fatah leader Azzam al-Ahmad told Ma'an on Thursday that Abbas and Mashaal agreed a set of principles during the meeting, stipulating that the Central Elections Commission, public freedoms committee and social reconciliation committee would resume work by the end of January.

The parties also agreed to stop issuing negative press releases about each other, and to form another committee to oversee implementation of the reconciliation deal, al-Ahmad said.

Hamas and Fatah agreed to form the interim government in May 2010 as part of their unity agreement signed in Cairo, but the deal has yet to be implemented. Factional infighting split Palestine into separate governments in Gaza and the West Bank in 2007. National elections and parliamentary approval of legislation have been on hold ever since.

In February 2011, Abbas and Mashaal met in Doha and agreed the president would head the new cabinet, but the proposal for Abbas' premiership caused uproar in Hamas ranks.

Other political leaders also expressed concern that a dual role for the president would breach the separation of powers, but the high court ruled that the Doha agreement did not fall under its jurisdiction.

1 ) Reader / from Edmonton
18/01/2013 20:15
Look, we're all equal here. Abbas is just more equal and according to him no neutral substitute can be found to head the impartial interim caretaker committee. How much fairer could he be?

2 ) Arnold / Canada
18/01/2013 20:28
When hair grows on the palms of my hand I will believe PA and Hamas can reconcile.

3 ) WAS / UK
18/01/2013 20:36
Of course the iconic legendary most popular man in the Arab world had to lead the unity government. Who would have thought otherwise?

4 ) Sami, the bedouin / Palestine
18/01/2013 21:00
There will never be unity between the American-made project of the PA which coexists and cooperates with the occupier, and the revolutionary project of the Islamic resistance .... I have written of that long time ago (Hamas and Fateh: Hatred Manufacturing) @ http://samibedouin.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/hamas-and-fateh-the-hatred-discourse/

5 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/01/2013 21:04
Someone take this report, put it in archival storage, then retrieve it next year ... then in 2 years ... then in 5 years ... then in 10 years ... then in 20 years ... then in 50 years ... then in 100 years ... then in 1000 years ... then in 10,000 years ... then in a million years ... then in a billion years ... then ... ... and just change the dates. By that time maybe all the galaxies will have stopped moving apart and the hydrogen in the universe will have been used up by the stars.

6 ) @4 / ......
18/01/2013 22:24
are you an israeli??

7 ) Mel / USA
18/01/2013 22:32
The parties also agreed to stop issuing negative press releases about each other, and to form another committee to oversee implementation of the reconciliation deal, al-Ahmad said. LOL!

8 ) Uri The Bedouin / PR
18/01/2013 22:33
Sami is a story teller par excellence.

9 ) Edward / USA
18/01/2013 23:42
To Sami the Bedouin: "revolutionary project of Islamic resistance"?? Utter rubbish. The moment Hamas decided to run for PA parliamentary elections it endorsed the PA/Oslo project absolutely. Just like Fatah, it is just as guilty as trying to be an instrument of occupation (via PA).

10 ) Hairy Palms / Canada
18/01/2013 23:46
Just wait and see, Arnold.

11 ) @ Reader-1 / USA
19/01/2013 00:37
The other readers (#s 2-5, and myself) dwell in the real world, while you seem to prefer a fantasy world, where though yes Fatah says that Abbas will head a unity government, and likely Hamas says Haniyeh will head a unity government, and more likely still is that there will be NO unity government to head, NOT in 5 years, and NOT even in 50 or 500 years, but Israeli sovereignty will remain, in East Jerusalem and Areas C and E1, and Jewish buildig will continue !!

12 ) @Mr sami / .....
19/01/2013 02:15
Please dont spk for palestinians.you are a fraud

13 ) Ever heard about / ELECTIONS????
19/01/2013 07:51
Nah who needs it? The SHABAB is so stupid--they will eat any crow!

14 ) Vacy / Australia
19/01/2013 11:14
An unelected unity government?????

15 ) Nour / One-State
19/01/2013 11:27
We don't want Unity between thuggish factions. We need DEMOCRACY - for Palestinians everywhere, including the refugees. The present PLO and PNA are illegitimate. Fatah and Hamas are both popularly rejected. They have no real agenda, no mandate, and no legitimacy either. Get on with your lives people, this is another round of BS for public consumption. Don't take it, shove it back at the thugs using and abusing what's left of the "Palestinian cause" and innocent Palestiniansl.

16 ) Sami, the bedouin / Palestine
19/01/2013 15:01
# 4 ... are you stupid? cant you read where I am from? I usually use the zionist entity in refering to the occupiers of Palestine .... READ MY LIPS, read my blog to see for yourself @ www.samibedouin.wordpress.com

17 ) Sami the bedouin / Palestine
19/01/2013 15:21
sorry, I was addressing #6 not me for sure ... AND... to # 12.... I am speaking in the name of the simple Palestinians of the street as I am one of them and have lived all my life among them and never left (and will never leave) Palestine .... I live, speak and fight among and with the simple people but never from abroad like most of you !!

18 ) LegalEagle / USA
19/01/2013 22:55
The sticking point on unity remained a factor until Nov 29. With Statehood, that point need not be worded or part of unity package. That point was age old, "must recognized Israel." No need to recognize my neighbor to exercise my rights on my property within internationally recognized borders. As far as Hamas/Fatah, 1754-1763 French were enemies while US was part of Britain. Later, 1775-1783, US unity with France enabled US to gain its independance. Pals have legal borders, so unify & win!

19 ) @17 / abo
19/01/2013 23:11
you are a liar.

20 ) Christian Henderson / Dunlin,CA
19/01/2013 23:19
@nour one state.try one in america

21 ) @ Sami-17 / Two Questions
20/01/2013 00:55
You seem to be one of the few Palestinian readers on the ground, with what seem to be a realsitic perspective (from a Zionist view), so 1- How do feel about Palestinians negotiating, on the Israeli terms of No Preconditions, and then making border/refugee concessions, and 2- If you (like most seem to be) are against it, then how do you ever see things getting any better, for the the "simple Palestinians of the street" ??

22 ) @ Elections-13 / Palestine & the Arab world
20/01/2013 01:01
This part of the World is NOT like the West, where here Elections are allowed when the people in power believe that they will win, and then the election results are just ignored if they lose, which often leads to violence, but has never lead to real democracic government !!

23 ) Sami, the bedouin / Palestine
20/01/2013 13:26
# 19 .... I was raised to be polite and I dont use bad words ... if you think what I write is not true, then it is your problem .... to # 21 ... I am not a leader, I am just an activist who was born a refugee under the occupation, I fight for my own freedom and for my people.... I fight the corrupt PA too !

24 ) Sami, the bedouin / Palestine
20/01/2013 13:35
to # 21 ...Though I know that some zionists gather information from the gullible by asking seemingly innocent question, I will answer your question: 1. the unity will not happen but will face great obstacles and wont last but for sort time. the PA an specially Fateh is a bunch of financial mafias that will collapse in the coming intifada ... 2. the talks with the zionists is fruitless regardless of all the efforts exerted by the international community .. the zionists simply dont want peace !

25 ) @24 / palestine
21/01/2013 01:34
You are a story par exellence..
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