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Israeli soldiers 'shoot, critically injure' Bethlehem teen
Published Friday 18/01/2013 (updated) 20/01/2013 21:22
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces shot a Palestinian teenager in the head on Friday during clashes in Bethlehem's Aida refugee camp, leaving him critically injured, a Ma'an reporter said.

Salih al-Amarin, 15, was taken to the Arab Society Hospital in Beit Jala, where medics said he was in a critical condition.

An Israeli military spokeswoman did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

On Tuesday, 17-year-old Samir Ahmad Abdul-Rahim was the fourth Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in less than a week.

He was shot four times by Israeli soldiers in Budrus, near Ramallah.
1 ) Mahmoud El-Yousseph / Israeli occupied US
18/01/2013 19:19
Put that trigger happy, war criminal on trial

2 ) Mel / USA
18/01/2013 19:35
Tohar Haneshek,Israel! Atah MeTachat DEGEL SHAHOR! No "Purity"in your standing army,or excuse for "defense" there,Israel! STOP THE ILLEGAL CHECKS to Israel,Obama!Brutal Revisionist Zionism is to Judaism,what al-Qaida is to Islam & Christian fundamentalism is to pluralistic,multicultural,America! DESTRUCTIVE,REGRESSIVE MAYHEM! No "Forward"there Mr POTUS!Just the nemesis of everything D.C.is SUPPOSED to hold highest! Please change the'Client List' Mr.POTUS,to salvage our US Nat.Sec.&IMAGE!

3 ) Reader / from Edmonton
18/01/2013 20:17
Debts must be paid.

4 ) JoeUSA / USA
18/01/2013 22:06
If over the past week , four Israelis were shot by Palestinians ( regardless whether they were soldiers , civilians or armed settlers) , the Obama Administration will be spouting:" No country in the world would tolerate that". Or can you imagine if this happened in country such and such"..etc..etc..

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
18/01/2013 23:09
Creeping intifada... With Israeli oppression more visible than ever, with a PA that cannot afford to lose what legitimacy it has left by acting as Israel's reservation police, with a US president too weak to play the 'hold me back, bro' game with Israel, and with whoever wins the Israeli election needing to demonstrate how 'tough' they are, I think we're heading into it.

6 ) jason / usa
18/01/2013 23:25
I am sorry but i gotta ask. Was this teeen playing chess? Was he sleeping? What was he doing?
Oh, this was during " clashes ", aka throwing rocks maybe other things, maybe he had a weapon.

7 ) Arna / USA
19/01/2013 00:23
Why were there clashes? Did troops enter the camp or were they shooting from the guard tower?

8 ) Robert / US
19/01/2013 03:12
Can anyone justify killing unarmed teenagers or anyone unarmed person under an illegal,apartheid occupation ?. A couple of years ago about 12 to 15 kids from Aida refugee camp came to a church near where I live . I went to see them proform a play in which I filmed and took photos of.. they were such good and smart kids ...I think about them a lot and wonder how they are . I hope and pray that this Evil Occupation ends so Everyone can live in Peace..

9 ) Four women and six female chil / Four women and six female chil
19/01/2013 08:17
http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=557142 Four women and six female children were among the fatalities in the strike on Husseiniyeh

10 ) JoeUSA / USA
19/01/2013 18:23
To Jason #6. A country who is constantly facing public unrest , if it cares an iota about the civilians , it would provide its forces with training on how to qwell disturbances w/o the use of deadly force. The issue here , if it does not , this proves one thing . That it can careless about the value of civilian life. You can research the rules of engagment that the IDF has and see if they are consistent with the bahvior of the troops in the field. In the case of Israel , they aim to kill.

11 ) Aida / Spain
19/01/2013 20:54
Jason and Arna. Everything was quiet yesterday and there was only a small group of kids throwing stones from afar to the Wall and the watchtower. Then suddenly they shot him in the forehead (some say with a dum dum bullet, not sure about that). It was basically retaliation for WEdnesday, when there were big clashes and a solsier was hit in the cheek with a stone, nothing big, but still enough for the IOF to shoot a teenager. Video of the moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0hICg2cnZQ

12 ) Tom / USA
19/01/2013 23:13
Helmets and plexiglass shields are sufficient to protect Israeli soldiers from these kid's rocks. These killings are no accident. They are a studied pattern of incitement undertaken by Israeli forces to gin up Palestinian reprisals. The killings of Palestinian kids won't make the mainstream media, but you can bet that if an Israeli gets a scratch from a reprisal it will be plastered on screens around the world.

13 ) ian / australia
22/01/2013 01:19
Was gonna comment but Tom (#12) said it all. Memos have clearly gone round: Shoot to kill. Some Arab deaths with help at the ballot box. New sound bites (to justify deaths): "in accordance with IDF rules of engagement", "damaging the fence" and "infiltrating Israel". (Remember "cut and run"? Bush era sound bite invoking the idea of "cowardice" in Iraq...like something out of "Leave it to Beaver" with the Beav learning an important life-lesson about the shame of being "chicken"? Same thing.)

14 ) ian / australia
23/01/2013 00:22
"Israeli forces shot a Palestinian teenager...IN Bethlehem's Aida refugee camp..." I never get why demonstrations or disturbances (or anything else that happens) IN refugee camps is any concern of Israel's. They are self-contained ghettos. Poor and miserable. There aren't any Israelis (or Israeli interests) there to be endangered by anything Palestinians do. Don't get it.

15 ) Colin Wright / USA
23/01/2013 11:32
To ian #14 'There aren't any Israelis (or Israeli interests) there to be endangered by anything Palestinians do. Don't get it.' Israel's identity depends on continuously engaging in oppression. If there were no Palestinians to victimize, Israel would fall apart. She needs her Je...Palestinians. She has become the monster she fled.

16 ) Rachel; / England
23/01/2013 17:13
Currently here in Bethlehem and know some of the boy's family. He was not demonstrating or throwing rocks - merely playing football with his friends like children do all over the world without the threat of being shot!

17 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
24/01/2013 17:47
This young man died on 23 January. Israeli soldiers killed 3 boys (the youngest, aged 13, playing in front of his home) playing football in Gaza shortly before Israel attacked Gaza in November 2012. All the young Palestinians killed this month make me feel unsure that I want to return to Israel anymore. I will look at every young person I see and wonder what he or she did during his or her military service.
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