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Activists set up new protest village northwest of Jerusalem
Published Friday 18/01/2013 (updated) 19/01/2013 17:41
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Palestinian activists on Friday established a new tented protest village
northwest of Jerusalem. (MaanImages/HO)
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Palestinian activists on Friday established a new tented protest village northwest of Jerusalem, the second such initiative against Israeli settlement building in as many weeks.

Activists set up three tents and a small building in the area near Beit Iksa, naming the village al-Karamah (Dignity).

Locals said around 400 Palestinians performed Friday prayers in the open area.

Saed Yakrina, an activist from nearby village Beit Ijza, said the camp was "a message to Israel and all democratic societies that we are human, and we want peace."

Activists from across the political spectrum, mainly from nearby villages, have gathered and will sleep in the tents overnight, he told Ma'an.

Beit Iksa, surrounded by Israeli settlements, is set to be entirely encircled by Israel's separation wall, cutting it off from Jerusalem.

Israeli authorities ordered the confiscation of 500 dunams of the village's land three weeks ago, and do not permit any new building in the town, Yakrina said, noting that Israeli settlements were still expanding.

"We are looking for a life without checkpoints, walls and settlements," he said.

Israeli forces immediately shut down the military checkpoint at the entrance to Beit Iksa to prevent more activists and supporters from accessing the protest site, witnesses said.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces tore down the tented village Bab al-Shams, set up to protest Israel's plans to build the "E1" settlement on the land, severing the West Bank from Jerusalem.

Palestinian lawmaker Mustafa Barghouthi on Friday said Bab al-Shams and al-Karama were a new dimension in the Palestinian struggle and that more protest villages would be established.

"The spirit of popular resistance which Bab al-Shams disseminated is being strengthened today in other areas including Izbat al-Tabib and Beit Iksa," the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative said in a statement.

A rally was held in Izbat al-Tabib in the Qalqiliya district of the northern West Bank on Friday to protest Israeli plans to demolish a school in the village.

The rally showed that popular resistance against Israel's occupation is spreading, Barghouthi said.
1 ) Bona / Italy
18/01/2013 15:14
The tents would be put to better use housing Syrian children, but the International Solidarity Movement, would rather be clubbing in Ramallah.

2 ) Tibi / Tubas
18/01/2013 15:47
Hurray for another exercise in futility, but as before
1st - the activists will be removed,
2nd - the tents in new protest village will be removed,
though after the last try, a 10-day court "stay" may not be granted,
and the activists and their tents may be removed at the same time !!

3 ) Robert Haymond / Israel-Gush Etzion
18/01/2013 16:08
Walls and checkpoints to secure Israeli citizens, both Jews and Arabs, from Islamist terrorism. Suicide bombers kept out. Arab protesters are forced by Fatah representatives, or else, to engage in these useless activities.

4 ) Mel / USA
18/01/2013 16:21
Bravo!Keep it going! Zionism's radicals rule Israel,scream out"not one inch"&daub"gas the Arabs",while destroying EVERY inch of Palestinian Arab land,water,mobility,to create a colonial,apartheid,Jewish-only'Boer State'on once-pluralistic,multi-cultural,treasured-by-all HOLY Land! ENUF! It's time 4 all Palestinians,& global activists,to prove that Zionism speaks NOT for global Jewry,or peaceful CIVILIZATION.The 70yr Zionist 'Sieg Heil' CRIME in Israel-Palestine,is the CORE issue to peace in M/E!

5 ) Robby / USA
18/01/2013 16:56
1 ) Bona / Italy - Great comment!

6 ) John Limeburner / USA
18/01/2013 17:03
Robert, your comment makes ZERO sensem as they generally tend not to. If the Apartheaid Wall is there to 'protect' Israelis, then why is its actively stealing thousands of dunams of land from Palestinian villages? Why is it dividing neighbors from neighbors, instilling hate, destroying lives and incomes? If a wall stealing land is your idea of 'peace' or 'security', then you really better keep that cowardly Uzi in your hands, because settler trash like you will face nothing but condemnation.

7 ) Mitri I. Musleh / Canada
18/01/2013 17:24
This is just another assertive action by the Palestinian people against an apartheid and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine. It is also a form of civil disobedience that challenges Israel’s role as an oppressive and colonial state in the world. Combine this method with Boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and recreate the Stone throwing youth’s movement of 1987, you will be guaranteed success in ridding yourselves not only from an illegal Israeli occupation, but deliver a strong messag

8 ) Charlie / USA
18/01/2013 17:34
Great job. Keep it up. This land belongs to you, you were born there, your parents were born there, your grandparents were born there, so on and so forth all the way back to the time of Canaan. THERE IS NOT ONE ISRAELI WHO CAN SAY THAT. They are nothing but white European invaders who are nothing more than squatters.

9 ) Amin Odeh / USA
18/01/2013 17:59
These brave young men and women make us feel more proud to be Palestinians! Our people will never give up their right to be free of this brutal Israeli Occupation.

10 ) Mel / USA
18/01/2013 18:11
#6 Try and keep up, Israel's weapons industry has moved on (as you should too) The weapon of choice now is the IMI Tavor TAR-21. #8 Have you never heard of the Children of Israel in your Koran evening classes.

11 ) Miki / Australia
18/01/2013 18:16
Very excited to hear the news of the establishment of Bab Al-Karamah! Solidarity and best wishes from Australia!

12 ) Maria / Spain
18/01/2013 19:43
They wanted non-violent resistance Gandhi-like? Here they have it. What else? These brave people of Palestine attack Israel where it hurts more. They can't fly their drones, F16 and Apatxes and massacre these brave activists that only fight in a nonviolent way for their own land. The world is watching, Israel. You dismantled BabAlShams and maybe you will dismantle BabAlKaramah, but what you should do is to dismantle your own settlements on Palestinian land.

13 ) John / USA
18/01/2013 20:23
I applaud the Palestinians for showing the world that the pressure can be kept on Israel and in a non-violent way. Israel lost me as a supporter with the Flotilla attack...that was my tipping point. Before that, I didn't pay much attention to the region since they are our "ally and friend". Now, I support the Palestinians in their bid for a normal life.

14 ) Reader / from Edmonton
18/01/2013 20:29
More tents for refugees returning from Syria. The UN has an obligation to keep the mercenary insurgents out of the Palestinian refugee camps. These people are are non-combatants under UN protection. Either protect the refugees or repatriate them.

15 ) Julie / USA
18/01/2013 21:22
"The increasingly blatant racism and Islamophobia of Israeli politics, the kafkaesque tyranny of Israel’s checkpoint army in the occupied territories, and Israel’s cruel and unusual collective punishment of Gaza have bred hateful resentment of the Jewish state in its region and throughout the Muslim world. One has to look to north Korea to find another polity so detested and distrusted by its neighbors and with so few supporters among the world’s great powers."-Chas Freeman http://bit.ly/102xMC1

16 ) Robby / USA
18/01/2013 22:13
14 ) Reader / from Edmonton - I doubt either the PA or HAMAS wants them.

17 ) MOGILVY10 / Dreckonia
18/01/2013 22:48
Arabs have a great squatting tradition...They lift themselves all the way from Sudan to come and squat in ...Israel of all places. And they squat on every sand dune they can lay their feet on in the Negev, giving it the general appearance of shanty towns in Bangladesh, Maghreb, or wherever Islam rules...A strong and implacable police force for the protection of the Environment is the first step to eradicate this phenomenon.

18 ) gabriel / Kvellonia
18/01/2013 22:50
Palestinians will eventually come to understand that they are our guests and we are their hosts. Like all hosts we treat our guests graciously but they remain our guests. They do not own our kindness and if they impose we will respond in appropriate fashion.

19 ) @ Mitri-7, Amin-9, 12, & 13 / Futility
19/01/2013 00:50
7- TENTS, that just come down a few days later, do not "guaranteed success in ridding yourselves," of anything, and do not "deliver a strong message", except FUTILITY. 9- THE COST of being "made to feel more proud to be Palestinians" is for Palestine to remain just a non-member UN observer state, and to remain Without expanded sovereignty, beyond Areas A/B and Gaza. 12&13- Israel will meet non-violence tent protests with non-violent tent removal, and donor-states will pay the fines.

20 ) gabi / australia
19/01/2013 01:57
1 and 5 - really stupid comment. I think Mel/USA at # 10 is a fake Mel??? Doesn't much sound like the Mel we all know.

21 ) carine / UK
19/01/2013 03:00
Love it! Some posters here just can't handle peaceful protests. It's out of sync with their brainwashed mindset. So take the tents down, fine, the Palestinian activists will move on to the next bit of land which was stolen from them, and erect them again, and the next, and the next , until the Israelis pack up and go home. BTW #1, how many Syrian refugee children are there in Israel...

22 ) Supporter / USAGES
19/01/2013 05:47
Very proud of the Palestinian People who keep the courage and fight oppression in non violent way! Keep heart.. fight the good fight peacefully. Eventually the rest of the world will see Israel as the bad guys they are.. it is time the UN steps in and insist Israel dismantle their illegal settlements and get off Palestinian land. Also time the USA cut support to Israel and quit aiding them in opressing Palestinians.. Stop Palestinian Holycost now!

23 ) John / USA
19/01/2013 06:41
May the world destroy apartheid once and for all ..amen

24 ) Reader / from Edmonton
19/01/2013 19:11
Robby, we just won't know until Israel stops waving guns in their faces and allows them to cross the Allenby bridge. But that is a floodgate Israel will not open without outside intervention. Why can't Israel live within 52% of the former Palestinian Mandate?

25 ) BDS / Canada
19/01/2013 19:36
Israel cannot dismantle the bravery, just cause and resolve of the Palestinian people. Nor can Israel dismantle the many around the world who stand with you, and weep with you when your children, mothers, fathers are murdered, and who are there with you in solidarity when you claim your land, and who will rejoice with you when you are free from this oppressive and brutal occupation.

26 ) @ BDS-25 / Reality 101
20/01/2013 01:20
Class is in session, so you should take notes, and you will see that ISRAEL CAN JUST do three things: 1- IGNORE Palestinians and their "bravery", and also continue 2- ignoring "the many around the world who stand with them", and 3- simply continue to "dismantle" the tent villages forever, while what lPalestinians ike to "settlements" just continue to expand forever too !!!
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