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Medics: Israeli army kills teen in Budrus clashes
Published Tuesday 15/01/2013 (updated) 18/01/2013 10:23
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People carry the body of Samir Awad during his funeral in the West
Bank village of Budrus near Ramallah January 15, 2013.
(Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager on Tuesday during clashes in Budrus near Ramallah, medics said.

Samir Ahmad Abdul-Rahim, 17, sustained four bullet wounds to his head, chest and leg and died shortly after arriving at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah.

The head of Budrus village council, Mohammad Murrar, said Israeli military jeeps approached the village high school during a raid. Students were leaving the school after taking final exams and threw stones at Israeli forces, Murrar told Ma'an.

Israeli soldiers responded with live ammunition, fatally wounding Abdul-Rahim, Marar said.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said several Palestinians had damaged Israel's wall in Budrus "attempting to infiltrate Israel."

Israeli soldiers at the scene "responded immediately to secure the area and prevent infiltration," the army official told Ma'an.

She could not say whether Israeli soldiers used live fire and said the incident was under investigation.

The killing of Abdul-Rahim is the latest in a spate of fatal shootings by Israel's army.

A Palestinian medic lifts a youth at a hospital in the West Bank
city of Ramallah January 15, 2013. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)

Mustafa Abu Jarad, 21, was shot in the head on Monday in the town of Beit Lahiya, medics said, and later died from his injuries. Israel's military denied involvement in the incident.

Anwar Muhammad al-Mamlouk, 22, was killed by Israeli fire east of Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza on Friday, and another man was seriously wounded and taken to the Kamal Udwan hospital by paramedics.

Israeli military sources said that a group of Palestinians tried to damage the border fence and soldiers opened fire and hit a man in the leg.

Al-Mamlouk's brother Hani said he was in an outdoor area studying for an exam when he was killed.
1 ) Charlie / USA
15/01/2013 13:28
What's new? Israel's is just keeping the peace killing more children. Driving up on high schools and shooting defenseless teenagers. I know the killer will be treated like some hero for killing another child. Israelis lived dead Palestinian children.

2 ) Charlie / USA
15/01/2013 13:31
Another day another dead Palestinian child. "PA security forces" where the ell are you. You damn cowards. Your weapons are collecting dust while Palestinian children are getting hurled into the earth on a daily basis.

3 ) southparkbear / usa
15/01/2013 13:38
don't touch the fense. how many times we should repeat that?

4 ) carine / UK
15/01/2013 16:04
#3 - You're bursting with humanity eh? GFY! Whether he touched the fence or not, doesn't give your IOF heroes carte blanche to pump FOUR (4) bullets into him. Imagine if it was one of your's - oh I almost forgot, you can't - you've been programmed to look upon the Palestinians as less than human, there to be shot and killed for pleasure!! You and your ilk make me sick. RIP young man. One day the tide will turn...

5 ) @southparkpussy / USA
15/01/2013 17:17
I know you're nothing but a little punk. You couldn't match the courage in a Palestinian new born. You talk tough but you and your Zionist ilk are nothing but cowards. Being from brooklyn where you don't have weapons I know that.

6 ) @south yahooodi / USA
15/01/2013 18:12
take you fence and shove it all the way back to poland ass wipe

7 ) Mel / USA
15/01/2013 18:25
P.S. to Israels' army! U.S.military suicides in 2012 reached a record 349 active-duty suicides in 2012.More than killed in battle!Not including non-active Vets!When standing army personnel commit suicide at more than 1 per day,that means their moral,ethical,CONSCIENCE is at conflict with the GOVT POLICY,that doesn't CARE about them,or MORALS!How is Israel's army suicide rate,by comparsion?Thru' sharing this"special bond"of exceptionalist colonialism that puts BULLETS into INNOCENT civilians?

8 ) Rosa / USA
15/01/2013 18:59
The idea that the students were trying to "infiltrate Israel", as claimed by the IDF spokeswoman is laughable. I have been to Budrus and its school, which the village surrounded by a wall to protect students from constant IDF raids. The area outside the school wall (hundreds of yards from the apartheid fence) was littered with cartridges from rubber bullets. The IDF is in its election season campaign of killing Palestinians --- both in Gaza and in the West Bank.

9 ) BDS / Canada
15/01/2013 20:20
Break down the illegal wall and free Palestine! The horror and deliberate killing of innocent children must stop. Israel will be held accountable for all these crimes.

10 ) Steve T / UK
16/01/2013 11:58
Only a matter of time before Israel causes the 3rd World War, I can tell you now I wont fight to save the murderers.

11 ) read by isreal / before maan
16/01/2013 22:20
they have ur i/p addresses

12 ) oooooooooo / iiiiiiiii
17/01/2013 12:58
why the saudi flag..

13 ) James - please post / UK
17/01/2013 21:42
#4 carine, why so offensive? one bullet instead would have made u happier? of course not. The point is that he was throwinng rocks/stones with the intention to harm. A rock can cause serious damage (permanent brain damage or even death). If someone was about to throw a rock at your head, would you have let him or would you have defended yourself? Exactly, the soldier defended himself. Salam

14 ) Mahmood / SA
17/01/2013 22:58
#12 " why the saudi flag.. ???" why not? never be ashamed of your origin. Remember: denying your roots is denying your grandparents which is a crime in our religion - you must never forget where you came from to serve your people in Saudi Arabia.

15 ) carine / UK
17/01/2013 23:18
#13 - If you think the truth is offensive, that's your problem. We'll never know what really happened because yet another Palestinian boy is dead from multiple bullet wounds, (how many's that in the last 2 weeks) and we only have the IOF's version of events which should be taken with a pinch of salt(they've been caught out in their lies on previous occasions). You have no idea if he threw a stone or not, so don't lecture me with your " soldier defended himself" mantra! Educate yourself,see#8.

16 ) ian / australia
18/01/2013 01:07
#8 "I have been to Budrus and its school, which the village surrounded by a wall to protect students from constant IDF raids." The idea of Palestinians building walls for their OWN protection is interesting and a bit surreal. I mean they could build ON the Green Line, a UN recognised "border" Israel has been ordered to withdraw behind (242) which would result in the surreal situation of TWO walls (the Israeli "fence" being well EAST of the GL, INSIDE the West Bank) both claiming to separate

17 ) ian / australia
18/01/2013 01:08
(contd.) the WB from Israel proper. Or the Palestinians could follow the Israeli example and build THEIR fence well INSIDE Israel...something they're as entitled as Israel is to do...which would be even weirder.

18 ) ian / australia
18/01/2013 01:16
#11 "read by isreal / before maan they have ur i/p addresses" Uh-oh.

19 ) gabi / australia
18/01/2013 01:36
James # 13 - when was the last time (first time?) a member of th IDF was killed or suffered permanent brain damage from a stone thrown at him/her? Well, when? You must know something, otherwise why write such crap. And we are told how the IDF are such brilliant soldiers, members of the most moral army in the world, so why not aim for his legs only, and not his head and chest? After all, he did get his legs - so it couldn't be that hard, could it? #11 - they also have our passports!

20 ) ian / australia
18/01/2013 02:23
#13 "#4 carine, why so offensive?" Coz Israel's behaviour is so offensve? Truth is James, stories like this drive a lot of us crazy. "The point is that he was throwinng rocks/stones with the intention to harm." Not according to the brother he wasn't. He said Samir was in "an outdoor area studying for an exam". Seems the IDF killed the wrong kid...the quiet studious one, not one of the stone-throwing JDs who "damaged Israel's wall...attempting to infiltrate Israel." (Also, there's no evidence

21 ) ian / australia
18/01/2013 02:24
(contd.) the kids throwing stones damaged the fence.) "A rock can cause serious damage (permanent brain damage or even death)" Not to a soldier in riot gear with a perspex visor on his/her helmet and besides, just how many cases of death by rock have there been? "If someone was about to throw a rock at your head would you have let him or would you have defended yourself?" Well, there are laws covering this stuff. First, self defense has to be proportionate which a lethal shot in response

22 ) ian / australia
18/01/2013 02:25
(contd.) to a rock that bounced off your visor (or MIGHT have injured you had it not missed) is not. Second, the behaviour of soldiers, as occupiers, is carefuly defined in GCIV as well as the rights of the occupied people, breaches being war crimes. "Exactly, the soldier defended himself." Well, not really James, in that he killed the wrong person for an unproved offence in what is arguably a war crime. Salaam.

23 ) uri ben lardarse/Poland/Maroc/ / rusia/ukraine/usa/france/fkoff
18/01/2013 15:04
14@"why not? never be ashamed of your origin. Remember: denying your roots is denying your grandparents which is a crime in our religion - you must never forget where you came from to serve your people in Saudi Arabia" orlike the tunisia flag..?

24 ) ian / australia
19/01/2013 00:03
"Samir Ahmad Abdul-Rahim, 17, sustained four bullet wounds to his head, chest and leg..." A bit perplexing if IDF rules of engagement require non-lethal shots to the legs. What happened? Did the soldier miss the boy's legs, hitting his chest and head, and kept firing until he hit the target? Or did he hit Samir's leg and just kept firing anyway? (Was he aiming at the other one?) Guess we'll never know. (I see I misread the article and thought Samir Ahmad Abdul-Rahim was the student "studying for

25 ) ian / australia
19/01/2013 00:03
(contd.) an exam" when killed in Budrus when it was actually Anwar Muhammad al-Mamlouk, 22, from Gaza. Silly me. Apologies to the soldier who killed Samir with lethal hits "to his head, chest and leg", quite possibly for throwing a stone (after finishing his final exams) for besmirching his professionalism and integrity. Also to #13 James / UK.)

26 ) gabi / australia
19/01/2013 07:41
# 23 and 14 - what the hell are you on about????? Posts are meant to discuss issues in a manner that people can understand. Get it? Palestinians did not come from Saudi Arabia. They came from Palestine. And don't give me that old "there was no such state as Palestine" BS - because it appears on old maps and in old history. (Not hasbara history, but real history.)
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