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Report: EU developing 2013 Mideast peace plan
Published Sunday 13/01/2013 (updated) 14/01/2013 16:56
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EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton addresses the European
Parliament in Strasbourg (Reuters/File)
TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- The European Union is developing a proposal to restart peace talks between Israel and Palestine that it will put forward in March, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

The plan will set out the principles of a future peace accord, and a timetable for negotiating all the key issues during 2013, Israeli diplomatic sources told newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

It has been championed by British and French foreign ministers, is supported by Germany, and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is trying to get the rest of the union on board.

According to the report, the plan poses a regional Middle Eastern committee to oversee the process, and Palestinian officials have already said they will join the body.

"The Europeans can't force Israel to enter into an agreement, but they can certainly put us in an awkward position," a senior Israeli official told the newspaper.

"They are drafting a document which will present the principles of the future peace accord, putting it on the table as a challenge," the official said.

"It is likely the Palestinians will accept it and that Israel will have some difficulty. It will drive us into the corner."
1 ) marijke / holland
13/01/2013 16:38
I really hope that my country will finally stand up for Palestine...I wrote the government different letters asking them to inform themselves from good sources, like Ma'an, B'tselem and others, so that we, Dutch citizens, do not need to be ashamed...

2 ) James H / New Zealand
13/01/2013 18:50
It's the fellow Moslem countries that should be ashamed for leaving these Arab refugees to fester and not prosper for 64 years.

3 ) Sami, the bedouin / Palestine
13/01/2013 19:41
zionist deception of "peace" !! in 1993, the zionist settlers number was 120,000 only ... while the whole world was busy making peace, the zionists were faking the "peace" process of Oslo while busy in doubling the number of their settlers every couple of years to reach some 700,000 now ... why do we need another "deception process"? to help the zionists and give them time to complete their occupation for the rest of the remnants of Palestine? ... stop it please, i am not in a mood to laugh !!

4 ) JoeUSA / USA
13/01/2013 20:46
Israel's idea of peace is " QUIET". Israelis to a certain degrees wish to "give up" land for a future Palestinian enity where Palestinians will run their day affairs. Israel will not set them free totaly. Of course Israel knows that this is unacceptable not only to the Palestinians , but also to the international community , with some reservations ,the USA. Israel says it wants a two state solution , so what is the opposition here..It is clear that Israel is the reluctant party in peacemaking.

5 ) Mel / USA
13/01/2013 20:56
Boring!!Notice all 'champions"are the same ole "usual suspects"(controlled by the USG)who've colluded with Judeo-Fascism's occupation of Palestine after beating FASCISM in WW2! AMAZING HYPOCRISY!To"champion"Israel's RRR(RadicalRightRabbi's)&neo-KKK Zionists,who'Lord it'over Palestinians lives,spit at,attack,Arab children!? And our"CIVIL RIGHTS"USG sponsors that!??No!ENUF!Scrap the "RoadMap"to nowhere&"Peace"ponzi crap! Broker it thru' the ICC,ICJ,UNGA,A/L.International LAW is "champion"!

6 ) Colin Wright (I) / USA
13/01/2013 21:56
Lol. Oooh...peace plan! "Report: EU developing 2013 Mideast peace plan" Which follows the 2012 peace plan, which follows the... You can have any peace plan you like. Until you are prepared to force Israel to implement it, you're not going to get anywhere. Among other things, Israel accepted the original 'peace plan' back in 1947, and accepted the 'Road Map' back in 2004. However, she then invariably proceeds to simply ignore the provisions. So what's the point?

7 ) Colin Wright (II) / USA
13/01/2013 21:58
The only relevant 'peace plan' would be a plan on how to asphyxiate Israel. Whilst she is suffocating, you can work out what terms you wish to impose.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
13/01/2013 22:01
James H #2 'It's the fellow Moslem countries that should be ashamed for leaving these Arab refugees to fester and not prosper for 64 years.' That's an interesting theory of guilt. So, for example, Germany needn't feel bad about the Holocaust -- it was all the fault of those countries that wouldn't freely accept Jewish immigration. Why, if France and Britain had just willingly signed on to the Madagascar Plan, not one Jew need have died!

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
13/01/2013 23:02
To Mel #5 '...who've colluded with Judeo-Fascism's occupation of Palestine after beating FASCISM in WW2! ' Tut tut. There's another logical error here. Obviously, if we had 'beaten fascism' in World War Two, it wouldn't be alive and kicking in Israel today.

10 ) Giacomo / USA
14/01/2013 00:19
What is the name of the Palestinian with a mandate from the Paletinian people, or their own Legislative Council, to negotiate and implement a peace plan with Israel? That's correct, there isn't one. If the Palestinians can implement a peace agreement among themselves, perhaps peace is then possible between them and the Israelis, who are still fighting a 65-year-old defensive war. First things first.

11 ) ian / australia
14/01/2013 00:22
"EU developing 2013 Mideast peace plan" Promising start. It looked like the two-state solution Israel feared a pissed off Europe might devise (without Israeli input) and impose with force (of some kind). But no, it's (another) bold EU initiative to "restart peace talks". Sheesh. I actually think Abu Mazen SHOULD resume negotiations...high profile, mano-a-mano talks and make public, blow by blow, the pointlessness of it, the impossibility of agreement, the intractable refusal of Israel to offer

12 ) ian / australia
14/01/2013 00:24
(contd.) anything serious and the deadlock they quickly reach. Better that than suffer each new pitiful attempt to "restart" the entirely futile.

13 ) LegalEagle to Mel / USA
14/01/2013 03:40
A little ranting and raving there Mel, but good for you,... you ended it up with the right formula. Negotiations, Roadmaps, etc. are all Z ploys to talk while they keep building. International law is the only way. Zs know that & are scared, trying everything they can to steer the world away from that. However, it is up to the Pals to get their officials to plod on in the UN,ICC, etc. direction for eventual success. Wheels of justice turn slow but they do turn. Pals needs to stay the course.

14 ) JoeUSA / USA
14/01/2013 03:48
Cause and effect @2 . You cannot absolve Zionism role in creating the Palestinan refugee problem. Even though the Arabs and the Muslim world at large could have done more to ease the suffering ot the Palestinian refugees , but any amount of easeing of suffering would not deter the Palestinains from asserting their rights of return.
Secondly , Israel controls many refugee camps on the West Bank. What had Israel done to ease the suffering of said refugees.? On the contrary , Israel harrassed them

15 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/01/2013 05:22
@ 6), "So what's the point ?" ... damn GOOD question. The answer: Nothing. Absolutely no damn point whatsoever (so I actually agree with you, though it's not for your objectives). @ 7), Followed by an equally (in opposite magnitude, that is) damn BAD conjecture. Nobody is ever GOING to asphyxiate us ... so you can forget about that crap as a premise for forcing us to make peace on Palestinian terms. @ 8), Actually, 2) is 100% right. Your analogy is 100% sucks. Any nation that (cont.)

16 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/01/2013 05:38
could have accepted Jewish refugees out of Nazi Gemany would have done so without any real obligation (setting aside moral considerations which, if considered, would have been a factor). Obviously, the Jewish Germans (other European Jews) never historically settled in Germany or other European nations with the goal of taking land and founding a nation of themselves based on historical claims that (unfortunately, had that happened) would have made refugees out of the other segments of (cont.)

17 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/01/2013 05:59
native populations. What the hell are you talking about ??? ... You're blaming us for taking the Arab rap on Palestinian refugees because of a head-up-your-ass comparison of the failure of Germany, Great Britain and France to advance the Madagascar Plan to harbor the planned expulsion of German/Euro Jews to some damn island off the African coast ??? Maybe it would have prevented our Holocaust by such relocation and then we'd all be labelled dumped European garbage and no guilt. Great thinking.

18 ) ian / australia
14/01/2013 08:38
A bit more: Negotiations are fruitless and maddening because they seem strangely tentative. Why not ask the hardest question first? Ground zero is the Haram/Temple Mount. If two states is the goal, where is it? Israel or Palestine? This surely is the first deadlock in any talks. Neither side can conceive of giving it up. Palestinians say it was never legally part of Israel, simply seized in 1967 and with structures dating to the very beginning of Islam, clearly the spiritual heart of Palestine.

19 ) ian / australia
14/01/2013 08:38
(contd.) And realistically, what Palestinian leader could go to the people (indeed, the Ummah) and say, "We have a state! ALL we have to do is give up the Aqsa mosque"? It's inconceivable. Israel says: Jerusalem is the eternal, undivided captial of the Jewish people, Solomon's Temple, Divine Presence yadda, yadda, yadda. If agreement is impossible there's a problem. But there are two possible solutions: that's it's decided impartially by legal ruling by an international

20 ) ian / australia
14/01/2013 08:41
(contd.) body like the ICJ (which has ALREADY ruled) and BOTH parties ACCEPT it OR it's shared, like the Holy Sepulchre Church, where a "staus quo" is maintained by making ANY changes or initiatives dependent on mutual agreement. (One's hunch is that the Palestinians, being sane and realistic, would accept either and that Israel, a crazy cult/state, not big on law, or sharing, would reject both.) No conclusions. Just thoughts.

21 ) LegalEagle to ian / USA
14/01/2013 16:23
Yes, you hit the nail on the head. Z is a religious movement. What person living in Miami makes aliyah, unless for religious purposes? Yet Torah/TaNaK or Old Testament says this must come only with the Great Trumpet of Isaiah 27:13. Being out of time, without Messiah & all other conditions relative to bible rules, Z has caused death, world unrest, drained coffers of US & others to transfer a people doing just fine in the nations to a land where they're not welcome. International law must prevail
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