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Egyptian official says Gaza tunnels flooded, collapsed
Published Thursday 10/01/2013 (updated) 11/01/2013 14:35
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A Palestinian woman reacts as floodwaters flow into her house after
heavy rain in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip Jan. 9, 2013.
(Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
EL ARISH, Egypt (Ma'an) -- After three days of intense rainfall, many of the tunnels under Gaza's border with Egypt are flooded or collapsed, an Egyptian security official told Ma'an.

The underground trade has halted during the stormy weather due to concerns that many tunnels remain unstable, the official in Egyptian Rafah said.

The tunnel network developed as a vital source of goods under Israel's blockade of the coastal strip and Egyptian restrictions on the official Rafah crossing point.
1 ) Mel / USA
10/01/2013 17:31
Any reported casualties from these industrious smugglers?

2 ) susan fishman / United States
10/01/2013 19:45
Couldn't have happened to a more dishonest, unrecyclable people.

3 ) Abu Daud / USA
10/01/2013 20:07
No love loss for terrorist tunnels.

4 ) Tom / USA
10/01/2013 20:40
It's a shame you guys listen to CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS instead of reading and finding out the truth! Those are Zionist owned networks, palestine deserves to be free and independent. Why should isreal be the one to controls what goes in and out and how they live. Isreal is the real terrorist if you know what really goes on

5 ) Filipe / Portugal
10/01/2013 21:07
Still nwaiting for the first declaration form the arabs or the persians that the foul weather and excessive rainfall has been brought upon the Gazans by the Israelis !!

6 ) Ronaldo Arrais / Brasil
10/01/2013 21:11
"The tunnel network developed as a vital source of goods". Wrong, tunnels were used to smuggle weapons only until Hamas figured they could make $millions by taxing everything.

7 ) David / UK
10/01/2013 22:27
Wonderful. I remember that years ago USA and Egypt were going to construct a moat along the border. Can anyone suggest a link for me - I have been trying to re-discover that news story for a long time.

10/01/2013 22:59
This is Ma'an "News" Agency..... Do you REALLY expect truth here? Of course the tunnels were done to smuggle bombs and missiles. Otherwise, how did the terrorists get them during the last two wars they had with Israel?????????

9 ) Ron S / USA
11/01/2013 01:58
Filipe/Portugal's sarcastic comment that the Arabs will declare that the foul weather and excessive rainfall was caused by the Israelis is sadly not that unrealistic. A decade ago I was in Moscow during an unusual heat wave. Cholera germs were found in the Moscva River downstream of Moscow. The published newspaper headline, stated by a Russian political party leader, was that the heat wave and problems were 'metrological warefare by Israel and the United States. Some Russians believed it!!

10 ) Joe / USA
11/01/2013 08:34
It's unfortunate Gazans must rely on tunnels to enhance their lives. They do have enough for their basic needs, so that's good. Tunnels demonstrate Gaza's industrious nature. Collapse of tunnels points toward not wanting to use some of the might profits from tunneling to protect what is theirs. It's a mindset shown over and over again by Gazans in their search for the quick buck, disregard for infrastructure, and eager payment with suffering we should allow them to experience.

11 ) USA / VICTOR2
11/01/2013 11:18
LOL. Victor(8) is paranoid.

12 ) BrindusaB / Canada
11/01/2013 11:51
Mere existence of tunnels proves that Egypt is maintaining a much more ruthless blockade of Gaza than Israel.On surface Morsi/MB offer support for Gaza.In reality, Egypt, even under MB doesn't want anything to do with the territory.

13 ) Ric / USA
11/01/2013 13:56
Tom, Israel is pro Women, pro Democracy, pro business, multicultural, and civilized. Gaza is Islamofacist, misogynist,anticapitalist, anti western and corrupt, not to mention intolerant. Yes Islamo Facist, like from the Nazis,the Mufti Husseini, Hassan al Banna, Qutb, the Brotherhood. 70 years of Nazi inspired eliminationist propaganda and incitation. Tom you are on the wrong side of civilized society.

14 ) Tom / USA
11/01/2013 17:31
Rie, it's a shame you are so brainwashed by what this country tells you, if you understood what's really going on I'm sure your thoughts would be different. I am very fair but humanitarian resources are being held and blocked by isreal if you ask me I think it's said if the only way to recieve it is by force fighting. Read the truth! Remember America once looked at Britain the same way and said the same thing. Don't believe everything your government says buddy

15 ) Donna McRoy / USA
12/01/2013 17:46
I have been following media clippings on the tunnels for some time now. I hope no one was hurt or any lives lost if they did flood or collapse. None of this would have to be a concern to anyone if people just showed some common decency to those trying to buy and sell goods. Ordinary everyday people shouldn't have to be penalized and charged higher monies to sell their goods, and neither should Israel penalize the goods going into Israel for marketing to consumers.

16 ) dirk / nl
13/01/2013 23:03
good news through bad weather

17 ) Joseph / UK
14/01/2013 02:01
Hooray for the collapse of the tunnels! These tunnels were used to smuggle weapons into gaza that were aimed at innocent women and children in Israel. Hamas' rule in Gaza is one of terror and darkness, hellbent on genocide and death. If there are any moderate, peace seeking Palestinians, they are hiding in in silence, for they know they would be executed in the town square if they made their views known.

18 ) linda / usa
14/01/2013 04:27
Tom needs to know how to spell !!! Israel is the correct spelling of the country he is trying to defame with his foolish words !!!
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