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Israeli forces order Jordan Valley evacuation for training
Published Monday 31/12/2012 (updated) 03/01/2013 18:03
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File photo of a Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley after an Israeli
demolition in March 2012. (MaanImages/Eleonora Vio)
NABLUS (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces have delivered evacuation orders to around 100 Palestinian families in the northern Jordan Valley ahead of a military training exercise, a local official said Monday.

The evacuation affects around 1,000 Palestinians living in rural communities around Wadi al-Maleh, local mayor Arif Daraghma told Ma’an.

They must leave their homes by Wednesday for 48 hours, or they will be subject to penalties, he said.

The orders explain that Israeli troops will be holding military drills in the area.

"To ensure the safety of the local inhabitants, temporary eviction notices were distributed today to the residents of the illegal structures located in a closed military zone to be used in the exercise," Israel's army said in a statement.

The residents will be allowed to return after the military exercises have been completed.

"It should be emphasized that these structures, located in closed military zones actively used by the IDF, are illegal in nature," the statement added.

This week's evacuation follows a similar exercise in November, when hundreds of Palestinians in the Jordan Valley were ordered from their homes ahead of a military exercise in the area, which is designated a closed military zone.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says Israel has designated around 18 percent of the West Bank as closed military zones, an area roughly equal in size to Area A, the 17.7 percent of the West Bank under Palestinian Authority control.

Around 5,000 Palestinians live in Israeli military firing zones in the West Bank, UNOCHA says. Since 2010, Israel has demolished the homes of 820 Palestinians located in firing zones.
1 ) the Jordan valley is part / of ISRAEL
31/12/2012 12:26
and it can do there whatever she wants

2 ) Nour / 1 State
31/12/2012 12:40
PA too busy begging for more money to steal rather than hold free elections and start a real boycott of the apartheid entity. Why would any sane Palestinian expect Izrahell to stop its war crimes when Palestinian themselves are divided, corrupt or apathetic.

3 ) Frederick / US
31/12/2012 14:03
...while the world watched silently. History will not look kindly on us for permitting these atrocities.

4 ) Javier / Spain
31/12/2012 15:06
About COMMENT #1: In your opinion, what are the individuals rights? Have the residents in the Jordan Valley any individual right?

5 ) @4 / Jordan Valley
31/12/2012 16:11
these are military excercises. USA can close area 51 Israel can close whatever area she deems appropriate for DEFENSE Individual rights do not exist when it comes to NATIONAL SECURITY!!! when did you last attend an ariport in the USA????

6 ) WAS / UK
31/12/2012 17:13
2) Couldn't have put it better myself.

7 ) Frederick / US
31/12/2012 18:09
#5 you're going to compare Area 51 which is baren land to an area which is inhabited and where the people are force to leave? I see your point though. It's ok as long as it doesn't happen to you.

8 ) Mel / USA
31/12/2012 19:06
Testimonies of Israeli troops(ALL brigades,incl Jordan V.)tell the truth!More "great wisdom"of the IDF! "..further proof that the IDF's job is to make the Palestinian's lives miserable","theres really no operational need".It's "ridiculous".Just"Separation:Control,Exproriation","annexation"."Demonstrating a presence","searing of the consciousness"AKA "intimidation","punishment",showing that"Jews are boss"("Our Harsh Logic":by members of BreakingTheSilence).BRAVO! http://www.breakingthesilence.org

9 ) Malone / Hfx
31/12/2012 19:39
For one thing,it's a temporary 48 hour eviction,no doubt they will be compensated,which they shouldn't be since they are there ILLEGALLY...what exactly is the problem?????

10 ) deb / uk
31/12/2012 20:04
Israel already conducts military excersies in the Negev, it's main interest in the Jordan Valley is the water and it exploits the spoils of it's occupation while denying Palestinians full excess to their natural resource.

11 ) Arnold / Canada
31/12/2012 20:10
It is a 48 hour field trip. Once they return they can be assured of having a more secured place from outside attack.

12 ) Mo / Canada
31/12/2012 20:25
"atrocities" may be a bit harsh for TEMPORARILY evacuating illegal squatters, something that happens in every country. Taking the time to criticize Israeli temporary maneuvers while not saying much or even equating the hundreds dying daily in Syria, for that you shouldn't be looked kindly upon.

13 ) Reader / from Edmonton
31/12/2012 20:43
The indigenous Palestinians are the representatives of the ancient tribes: they never left. History will not look kindly on us for permitting these atrocities. Nor will the ICC.

14 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
01/01/2013 18:45
No matter how the hasbara spin their propaganda, the Jordan Valley is in the West Bank, thus Palestinian land according to International Law. How can Palestinians be living illegally in their own ancestral homeland ? Why don't the Zionists make their military execises on land they stole in '48 ? Palestinian land has already been declared 'closed military zone' just to be turned into Jewish settlements shortly after and if the world complain, they'll get the "Remember the Holocaust"-stick again

15 ) Robert / Kenya
03/01/2013 10:37
In 48 the Arabs chose to invade Israel and were fought off.If they had succeeded in their quest, we wouldn't even have Israel to talk about.So land was not stolen it was conquered.

16 ) ian / australia
03/01/2013 21:54
Why are Israel's "war games" held in the Jordan Valley? Is it to be ready for imminent invasion by the Hashemite kingdom? Why not have them in the Galilee or around Dimona or south in the desert? Anywhere in Israel. Or do they just want the Jordan Valley? Everything in Israel is dual-purpose, or rather, the real purpose is disguised by a fake one. The wall is for "security" yet is built entirely on Palestinian land (which common sense suggests is guaranteed to create enemies and animosity

17 ) ian / australia
03/01/2013 21:55
(contd.) and WORSEN security) and it twists and turns to cause maximum chaos and purloin more Arab land. (Clearly the real purpose.) War games in the West Bank is the same: a transparent strategy of harrassment/terrorisation of civilians under the guise of miltary training. The claim the farmers are "squatters" in "closed miltary zones" and there illegally is also perverse. SOMETHING illegal is going on but it's not the farmers: rather the defacto annexation (theft) of occupied territory

18 ) ian / australia
03/01/2013 21:56
(contd.) by the occupying power under the cynical guise of national security necessity.

19 ) USAUSA -#3 / USA
05/01/2013 22:10
The United States regularly carried out exercises on West German farmland during the cold war. The farmers were not allowed to interfere and had to evacuate the fields during that time. #3 - was that a US atrocity? Do you think you as an American are guilty of an offense? The Germans had no say in the matter. This was not US land. I was perfectly fine with it, as I am with the Israeli exercise.

20 ) ian / australia
06/01/2013 23:53
#19 Sheesh. You can almost see the brain cells working overtime to come up with this devious little angle. America clearly had no long-term designs on West German territory. It hadn't made up cute new names for it like Judea and Samaria. There was no plan to "cleanse" the region of Germans to make room for the "return" of American settlers. It was a genuine TEMPORARY military occupation, not saintly, but respectful of the laws under Geneva governing the behaviour of the occupying power

21 ) ian / australia
06/01/2013 23:54
(contd.) and the rights of the occupied population. "...was that a US atrocity?" Of course not, though Israel's sustained assault on Palestinians in the occupied Jordan Valley and sinister designs on their rightful home IS...or rather, if not full-blown, certainly one in the making.

10/01/2013 07:07
Those exercises were carried out for about 50 years - longer than Israel has held the WB. And the Germans had no say in the matter so we really dont know what they thought of it. The farmers were temporarilly evacuated - just like in this case. Was that an atrocity?

23 ) ian / australia
13/01/2013 04:07
#22 "Those exercises were carried out for about 50 years - longer than Israel has held the WB." So, you're agreeing with me: they were temporary and are now finished. "And the Germans had no say in the matter..." Well, that's occupation but the onus is still on the occupier to behave lawfully (as laid out in GCIV). "The farmers were temporarilly evacuated..." In the absence of covert designs on the land and evil plans for the Ausrottung of the people living there, I don't doubt the Americans

24 ) ian / australia
13/01/2013 04:10
(contd.) did behave lawfully (and decently) throughout the period and that German farmers, "temporarilly evacuated", were not unduly stressed by it all. "Was that an atrocity?" No, but Israel traumatising Palestinians in the Jordan Valley with pointless, disruptive "war games" is.
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