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Erekat: World must stop East Jerusalem eviction
Published Sunday 30/12/2012 (updated) 31/12/2012 17:27
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Jewish settlers stand in a house after evicting a Palestinian family in
Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem in April. (Reuters/Ammar Awad)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- PLO official Saeb Erekat on Sunday called on the international community to prevent the imminent eviction of a Palestinian family from their home in East Jerusalem.

An Israeli court has ordered the Shamasneh family to leave their Sheikh Jarrah home by Dec. 31. The family lost an appeal against the ruling earlier this month.

"The Israeli policy of home evictions is a tool being used to push Palestinian Christians and Muslims outside their capital," Erekat said.

Israel captured East Jerusalem from Jordanian control in a 1967 war and later annexed it, a move never recognized internationally.

Homes owned by Jews before the 1948 war to establish Israel were reverted to their original owners by Israeli law after 1967. Palestinian-owned homes lost in 1948 were not restored.

Erekat said the eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem "are nothing short of War Crimes under international law, and so the international community must recognize and acknowledge this."

"The family – made up of 10 members including two elderly and three children, are victims of the cruel behavior of the Israeli occupation aimed at ethnically cleansing the city of its Palestinian inhabitants."

Settlement watch director at Israel's Peace Now group Hagit Ofran said a settler group aims to use the Shamasneh family home to establish a new settlement in the Palestinian neighborhood, endangering the two state solution.
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/12/2012 22:21
Oh baloney. The only thing threatening the 2 state solution is the Palestinian refusal to negotiate the 2 state solution. Remember the construction freeze? If Abbas wanted peace so much why did he refuse to negotiate back then? It is obvious to anybody with a brain that "settlements" is not the problem. The problem is the Palestinians refusal to negotiate and sign a peace treaty under which the "refugees" will not go to Israel.

2 ) Bemused / New Zealand
30/12/2012 23:05
The problem is Israel's refusal to abide by international law, and stay within its borders. Lebensraum by any other name is still lebensraum - one would think Israelis, of all people, should be both familiar with the concept, and at pains to refrain from practising it, given their own bitter experience as its victims...

3 ) Outlier / USA
30/12/2012 23:41
Looking for another way to avoid negotiations.

4 ) Julie / USA
31/12/2012 02:46
to Erekat: you don't need "the world to recognize this" nearly as much as you need the ICC to recognize and act on it. going to the ICC is well within Pals' power, why do you keep begging others who you know will do nothing...TAKE CONTROL EREKAT, SUE IZRAEL AT THE ICC FOR THEIR DECADES OF CRIMES.

5 ) John S. Hancock / United States
31/12/2012 04:20
Brian Cohen doesn't know what he's talking about as the presence of half a million Israeli colonists in the West Bank including East Jerusalem attests. The phony "Peace Process" has been used by the Israelis to steal ever more Palestinian land Mr. Cohen. The "construction freeze" actually witnessed an increase in illegal settlement development. What's actually obvious is that "Israel" a terrorist state has no interest in resolving the conflict because the status quo serves its continued coloniza

6 ) Kieran / Belfast / Ireland
31/12/2012 05:02
Of course settlements are the problem. Israel is stealing more and more land so where do you expect the Palestinian state to be established Brian? If Israel was more interested in a peaceful settlement with all their arab neighbours rather than their illegal land grab, there would have been peace long ago.

7 ) Debra Bowser / Canada
31/12/2012 05:37
Most Israelis and Jews from around the world are very aware of the genocidal attitude of the settlers towards the people of Palestine. The Zionists do not want "Peace"...they want the "last piece" of Palestine. The war crimes committed by the Israeli government will be settled and there will be Peace for Palestine.

8 ) Julia / Australia
31/12/2012 08:50
Your hasbara is pathetic. It was a partial freeze and didn't include Jerusalem. The Palestinian have been negotiating for nearly 20 years only to have more settlements build on THEIR land and more repression. problem is Israelis like you who totally lack of objectivity.

9 ) joop / holland
31/12/2012 10:39
Israel is not interested in peace,it's all lies we hear day after day! they want the greater Israel and nothing else.Free Palestine!

10 ) Lion of / Zion
31/12/2012 10:46
If we use the PA propaganda machine's logic, homes in the Falklands should be returned to those Argentinians who occupied them before the Brits kicked their asses out. Between '48 and '67 E Jerusalem was illegally occupied by Jordan. During that period it was used as a base for terrorist attacks on Jews in W Jerusalem. The PLO was formed in '64, not to liberate Jerusalem and the WB, but to seize all of Israel. They lost the battle. Israel won. To the victor go the spoils of war. Get over it!

11 ) some one / some where
31/12/2012 12:33
peace no as well as erekat are greate they talk and siphone money to their private acount and then what on the othere hand those people are doing what they want and do not give a demn what internation espacially british idiot say let be it

12 ) Reader / from Edmonton
31/12/2012 13:35
Ethnic cleansing is wrong in Bosnia, Palestine, and everywhere. It is an actionable war crime. You'd better get out, you'd better not cry, the ICC is telling you why.

13 ) johnny benson / usa
31/12/2012 20:23
..jerusalem is the forever capitol of israel......the arabs will have to understand this,sooner or later....the arabs have plenty of room for them to make a good life for them selves, but for horrible selfish leaders they choose to live under delusions,,,,like the world really cares about them...even thrir fellow muslims cant care less,,,like iran it is all lip service used to control their own populations unrest....however the famliy in question should be settled elsewhere in a fair manner

14 ) Rachamim Ben Ami / Mindanao, Ph.
30/05/2013 09:32
The Shamasneh live in a home owned by Israeli Jews. They have only lived in it since 1972 so they aren't entitled to"Protected"status which requires tenancy from at least 1968.They have been playing with the courts for 4 years.This has nothing to do with International Law.It is a simple property rights case.As for critics of Israel,the Govt. has allowed 52 other families to remain in Jewish-owned homes for nearly half a century so give it a rest. THIS family doesn't meet the conditions to do so.
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