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Israeli media: soldier stabbed in head in a Qalqiliya checkpoint
Report: Israel expects more EU pressure in 2013
Published Wednesday 26/12/2012 (updated) 28/12/2012 21:24
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A protester holds the Palestinian flag with the settlement Halamish
in the background during clashes between protesters and Israeli
soldiers in Nabi Saleh on Dec. 21. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)
TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Israel fears the European Union will step up efforts to pressure it and the Palestinians into an agreement in 2013, according to a government document quoted Wednesday in Israeli media.

Israel's Haaretz newspaper said the report states that the Europeans may try to promote the establishment of an actual Palestinian state independent of negotiations with Israel.

The document was compiled following last month's UN vote to recognize Palestine as a non-member observer state and European protests over settlement construction, the newspaper reported.

"A growing understanding can be seen in the EU of the ineffectiveness of the current process," the report is quoted as saying. "This understanding is accompanied by repeated calls to find new channels of progress ... The emphasis from their perspective is not on actual direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, but rather on the essential need to move ahead quickly to a permanent-status solution, because the EU recognizes that without a solution, things could go downhill on the ground."

Haaretz also quoted a senior European diplomat as confirming that "The EU thinks there needs to be a peace process in a new format to lead to progress in 2013. We think international parameters should be formulated for the end of the conflict. We will no longer agree that the two sides should sit alone in a room and we should say yes to everything they do."

Stung by the de facto recognition of Palestinian sovereignty by the UN, Israel announced it would expand settlements in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem.

On Friday the EU and Russia, which together with the United States and the United Nations make up the Quartet of Middle East mediators, said the settlements were illegal under international law and were an obstacle to peace.

"The EU and the Russian Federation will not recognize any changes to the pre-1967 borders, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties," they said.

It was time to take "bold and concrete steps towards peace between Palestinians and Israelis", they said, calling for "direct and substantial negotiations without preconditions".
26/12/2012 15:36

2 ) Jordan / Palestine
26/12/2012 19:55
Let me guess Israel's response - the EU is anti-semitic?

3 ) PA (fr) / Pa
26/12/2012 20:11
The pursuit of your UN "nonmember state observer status" you wilfully, cancelled out all prior accords/treaty's. Every action you take has consequences. Didn't you calculate what that action would cost you? Now live within your means. You made your bed? Now sleep in it. Without whining or complaining.

4 ) Jordan / Palestine
26/12/2012 22:40
No - the settlements, home demolitions, torture, illegal arrests, and 45 year occupation effectively cancelled all prior agreements and systematically violated intl'l law, the Geneva Conventions, UN Security Council Resolutions, etc. in the process. Israel must be accountable to the rule of law. I will say that all day, every day, it's not whining and complaining it is reality. There is no exception to the rule of law for Zionist thugs.

5 ) Isaac Herman / Israel
27/12/2012 00:23
Hello Jordon,We will maintain,and increase the strongest military,and air force in the mid-east. In the long run when everything else fails, might still makes right.

6 ) Peter Hindrup / australia
27/12/2012 04:04
No Isaac: following the principals laid down at the Nuremberg Trials we hanged various Germans for crimes no worse than those inflicted by Israel on the Palestinians. The day is coming when we will have our hangings and across the world there will be street parties of wild celebration!

7 ) gabi / australia
27/12/2012 08:09
#3 - so that's the excuse for these new buildings? What's the excuse for the buildings over the past umpteen years? and what's the excuse for Israel not abiding to past accords/treaties? what's the excuse for reneging on their promise to abide by UN resolution 194, which gave them UN status because of that promise? UN Res. 273 - (suggest you read it because clearly you know very little about Israel's history of broken accords/promises.) BTW it's difficult to sleep with all the building noise

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/12/2012 10:01
To PA #3 'The pursuit of your UN "nonmember state observer status" you wilfully, cancelled out all prior accords/treaty's...' This is a FASCINATING legal doctrine. So, say, if you and I have a lease agreement, and you sign up for a cell phone plan, the lease is void?

9 ) Colin Wright / Colin
27/12/2012 10:05
To Isaac #5 'We will maintain,and increase the strongest military,and air force in the mid-east. In the long run when everything else fails, might still makes right.' That's right. Hang tough. Go it on your own. You can do it! I'm behind you all the way. Please...trust me. That light at the end of the tunnel is NOT an oncoming train. Full speed ahead!

10 ) Jordan / Palestine
27/12/2012 13:14
Isaac - how did that work out for the Jim Crow South, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, South African apartheid, etc.? That's right - they all failed with that approach. Israel is no different. Zionism has been exposed for what it is - just look at some of the absolute thugs in the Israeli government. They make Sheriff Bull Conner and Governor Wallace from the Jim Crow era look good. It's only a matter of time before Israel collapses under the light of truth.

11 ) Robert Haymond / Israel-Gush Etzion
27/12/2012 13:16
Reported by "Haaretz", a notorious leftwing news outlet owned by Germans. Maan might do better to quote YNET, JPost, Israel National News or the Times of Israel. Fact is, we are making our stand! No more relinquishing our ancient lands in hopes of appeasing Islamic doctrine and ideology.

12 ) gabi / australia
29/12/2012 01:09
# 11 - "no more relinquishing out ancient lands in hopes of appeasing Islamic doctrine and ideology." Funny, that's what the Palestinians say - exactly that, except they substitute the words "Zionist doctrine and ideology" for "Islamic doctrine and ideology."

13 ) ian / australia
29/12/2012 21:01
#5 "We will maintain,and increase the strongest military,and air force in the mid-east. In the long run when everything else fails, might still makes right." Can you hear yourself Isaac? Change "the mid-east" to "Europe" and it's like something Hitler would have said. The swaggering braggadocio. The absurd hubris. The ominous, fascist sloganeering."Might Makes Right". It's eerie. What is it with this weird, symbiotic kinship you feel with Nazism?

14 ) gabi / australia
30/12/2012 02:01
ian/australia - LOVE your terminology!!! But look out - some idiot without any sense of originality will steal your name (like they did mine -and also to shirley/australia) and start sending posts in your name that are the opposite of what you would say. Clever little things - they can't get enough support themselves so they fabricate some.

15 ) pete / sake
30/12/2012 16:50
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