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Israel 'approves 1,200 housing units' in Gilo
Published Tuesday 25/12/2012 (updated) 27/12/2012 14:28
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TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Israel's interior ministry has decided to allow the construction of 1,200 settlement units in the Gilo area in the Bethlehem district, Israeli media reported Tuesday.

Israel's Ynet news agency reported that the interior and housing ministries decided Monday that once the final approval was given, construction tenders for the area will be issued.

The expansion spans some 66 acres, according to the report.

In a separate report by Ynet's print version Yedioth Ahronoth a senior official is quoted as saying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "discounts the entire world."

"He is not interested in the Palestinians, but this will all blow up in our faces. The Netanyahu government is leading Israel towards a disaster," the unnamed official said.

"You can't go wild and announce construction in east Jerusalem every other day at a time when peace talks are stalled," the official continued, expressing concerns about boycotts and the economy.
1 ) Mel / USA
25/12/2012 17:24
This is the only 'peaceful' Christmas message belligerent Zionism is capable of!!MORE OFFENSE &INSULT!Self-serving,suicidal egoists.Thank goodness Zionism is drowning in its own arrogance! Judaism will be BETTER for it in the long-term, & Israel too! Ulltimate shame on you Zionists, & your barbarian political/ideological war criminals/mongers,corupters &Pharisees! Merry Christmas,& courage,PALESTINE! Peace,Salam,Shalom!

2 ) Arnold / Canada
25/12/2012 17:29
"you can't go wild .....when peace talks are stalled" Well sorry Mr. reporter the Israelis have never shown themselves to sit back and while away their lives. Palestinian leadership refuses to negotiate while Israel builds yet did no negotiating when Bibi called for a 10 month moratorium of such before. Now Abbas is sitting back after his UN speech and letting the world come to his beckon call. We Jews know the rules. Rule number one. Do not let it happen again. NEVER AGAIN.

3 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
25/12/2012 23:28
An "unnamed official" says "announce construction in east Jerusalem every other day" ? Really? Every other day when peace talks are stalled? That would mean over 4 years of every other day...or 750 announcements. Not even close. Everybody knows that Gilo is part of west Jerusalem. Nobody is moving its Jewish residents out to be replaced by Arabs. Too bad Hamas murdered a few hundred Fatah guys and then Abbas walked out of the peace talks. He won't sign any peace treaty ever. The truth sux.

4 ) ian / australia
25/12/2012 23:37
Bibi is certainly on a roll but I agree with the "unnamed official": "He is not interested in the Palestinians, but this will all blow up in our faces. The Netanyahu government is leading Israel towards a disaster"! It's certainly MY Christmas wish this year!

5 ) gabi / australia
26/12/2012 01:44
Another great decision - to make the world realise how Israel treats international law, and, eventually, the world will say "enough." Then Israel will regret their unilateral actions and justice will prevail.

6 ) ian / australia
26/12/2012 08:48
#2 "Ulltimate shame on you Zionists, & your barbarian political/ideological war criminals/mongers, corupters &Pharisees!" You forgot serpents, vipers and hypocrites Mel, or my favourite..."For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness." Ouch! (Merry Christmas.)

7 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
26/12/2012 10:20
The people who run Israel seem to be testing just how far they can go.
How far ?

8 ) ian / australia
26/12/2012 11:38
#2 "We Jews know the rules. Rule number one. Do not let it happen again. NEVER AGAIN." Extra points for shameless, gratuitous (and incoherent) invoking of the Holocaust. Quite revealing of the chaotic mess your thought proceses are in, courtesy of years of brainwashing, paranoia, triumphalism and other baloney. No offense. But never let WHAT happen again...in relation to Pres. Abbas and temporary freezes in illegal building in someone else's country? Jeezaloo Arnold. How about a reality check?

9 ) ian / australia
26/12/2012 11:42
(contd.) Refusing to negotiate is not a crime whereas building settlements on occupied land is. And the Palestinian request for a modest (demilitarised) state on less than a quarter of their historic land, land the WHOLE world recognises is legally theirs, hardly amounts to letting "IT happen again"!

10 ) ian / australia
26/12/2012 22:59
#3 "Everybody knows that Gilo is part of west Jerusalem." A bizarre statement Brian. Firstly because it's obviously not true: the ICJ ruling is that it's OPT. UNSC Res 478 (unanimous) says the "Basic Law" (1980) that annexed it is "null and void", "must be rescinded" and that "all member states to accept this decision". So much for "everybody knows". But it's a very "jewish" statement too, in the way ONLY the people who agree with it (which must be at most a portion of Jewry, say half, perhaps

11 ) ian / australia
26/12/2012 23:00
(contd.) a few million) are deemed worthy of an opinion. (This group you bizarrely call "everbody", ie. everybody that matters.) The great mass of goyim, literally billions of people, who disagree, are simply held, by a kind of magical thinking, to not count, presumably because they (we) are not Jews and hold the wrong view. Pretty bizarre and kind of Yeshiva-like in its contortion of logic. Coz Brian, the status of Gilo (and there is really NO debate about it internationally) is not up to

12 ) ian / australia
26/12/2012 23:00
(contd.) the tiny minority of people who accept it was annexed into Greater Jerusalem. Don't you see? It's an international issue, because an indigenous people are getting screwed out of what's legally theirs by a lawless, alien invader. "The truth sux." Not really. To me it's just the truth.

13 ) linda arthurs / canada
27/12/2012 13:19
I get really frustrated. I support the Palestinian cause and in Canada pay a dear price for this. I fail to understand what is so clear to me is not understood. I am not prejudiced at all. The Gilo settlement proposal has been condemned by many countries when in fact the whole settlement movement is illegal. Wake up and take off the sun glasses and have an honest look at this situation. it has nothing to so with hatred. I am so insulted when accused of this.
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