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Presidential aide: France, Britain proposing talks initiative
Published Wednesday 19/12/2012 (updated) 24/12/2012 10:41
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Britain and France are proposing a new initiative to resume peace
talks, an aide to Abbas said. (Reuters/File)
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Britain and France are proposing a new initiative to resume negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, an adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday.

The joint proposal will be presented to the US to help push for new talks, presidential legal aide Nimir Hamad told Ma'an.

He said the initiative did not have a specific time frame but would have a concrete terms of reference, without elaborating.

Britain has been pressing the Palestinian leadership to return to talks with Israel since before the UN vote to admit Palestine as a non-member state last month, Hamad said.

He reiterated Abbas' position that he will not return to talks without a freeze on expansion of illegal settlements, and Israel's acceptance of the 1967 borders as the starting point for talks.

The last peace talks collapsed in 2010 after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to extend a 10-month partial settlement construction freeze.

This week, Israeli officials said they would press on with plans to build 6,000 new settler homes on Palestinian land.

Hamad said that the Palestinian government will go to the UN Security Council in order to prevent Israel from implementing its new settlement plans. If this does not work, the leadership will head to the International Criminal Court to put an end to settlement expansion, he said.
1 ) some one / some where
19/12/2012 14:55
Mr.Hamad will you please tell us how SC will force israel to stop building i am not talking a jock you said i am talking about reality

2 ) Paul / USA
19/12/2012 15:19
Security Council??? The only thing that body has ever done is pass resolotuions like 242, 338 etc. to just let them lay without enforcement. What makes anyone think that they will respond now? Oh yeah, hmmm,... maybe statehood is the difference. Well maybe, but I doubt it. Frankly I will be surprised if the ICC will do anything either. It would not surprise me if the whole UN thing is a designed maze by Zionists to get their desires will holding out false hope to the pals. Sad indeed!

3 ) Mel / USA
19/12/2012 16:15
USG-lap-dogs across the 'pond' are so docile it's embarrassing,&contra to the Nat.Sec.of all EUC/UK &USA!One can't "resume"negotiating,when Zionist policies post 1930's are rooted in brutality,land/resource theft in Palestine,& regional persecution of all non-Aryan Zionists thru' to today!Mutually equitable negotiations(myth)have NEVER been'on the table'for Zionism,or host USG,& Euro/UK'subalterns'.Only ONE 'table'of discussion left! The HAGUE/ICC/ICJ with a GLOBAL,pluralistic,unbiased,judiciary

4 ) Daniel / 69 weeks and counting
19/12/2012 18:00
Expect a certain Prince of the realm to take a prominent roll in confirming a peace covenant. Then expect all hell to break loose 1260 days later.

5 ) @ someone #1 / Reality
19/12/2012 18:32
You are totally correct "about reality," because
-a- the UNSC can NOT "force Israel to stop building" in annexed East Jerusalem or on the disputed Areas C/E1 lands, where Israel has sovereignty and control.
-b- The International Criminal Court is unlikely to even accept such a case,
just like previously proposed cases, involving Gaza conflicts. And,
-c- Even if the ICC accepted such a case, Palestine can NOT prove previously ownering the land, and Israel can ignore ICC findings !!!

6 ) Reader / from Edmonton
19/12/2012 21:27
Reality: Israel declared statehood within borders defined by the UN in 1947. Reality: Israel's only legal borders remain unchanged. Reality: What wasn't declared Israel remained Palestine. Reality: Israel has invaded areas outside its legal borders since 1948. Reality: No legal document allows Israel to keep those areas.

7 ) John Hillary / Promised Land
20/12/2012 09:13
6) Reality: That doesn't mean squat to the Zionists. Reality: Nobody in the world will enforce what is legal. Reality: They will just repeat the history of the last 90 years. Reality: The 1947 Partition Resolution and 1993 Oslo Accords were repeats, reinforcements, and extensions of the 1917 consensus of con-artists and cowards. Reality: The UN veto was an integral part of that. Reality: It will sooner or later hit the fan.

8 ) Leagle / Beagle
21/12/2012 13:51
"He reiterated Abbas' position that he will not return to talks without a freeze on expansion of illegal settlements, and Israel's acceptance of the 1967 borders as the starting point for talks."

You lot have changed your tune. Back in '67 you declared it only to be a ceasefire line and not a border. And the war had been with Jordan, of which Israel occupies none. Palestine's recent statehood can't give it retrospective rights, so the 4th Geneva Convention doesn't apply there.

9 ) Tibi / Tubas
21/12/2012 16:56
1- Palestine does not need France or Britain to "propose a talks initiative," and
2- Only after Palestine has seen all other Arab league, EU, UN, and ICC options, fail to halt Israeli construction will it be ready for any "initiative", that does not involve pre-conditions just to talk, since

10 ) Ralph Haglund / Sweden
21/12/2012 18:38
Remember Oslo - Arafat got control over A, B only if he stopped terror and hate incitement - why does not the PA start there, then negotiations could start seriously. Next hinder is the Fatah Constitution, esp. Article 12, 19. As long as they remain Israel is of course unable to make any kind of peace. Up to PA.

11 ) ian / australia
22/12/2012 02:27
#6 Not so sure about all that 'Reader'. Seems to me the "reality" is that Israel has gotten way with its expansion from the state defined in the Partition Plan (56% of Mandate Palestine) to the 78% pre-June '67 state. And yes, it's illegal given the "inadmissibilty of the acquisition of territory by war" (Nuremberg, UN Charter) and extraordinary sleight of hand as Israel was formally declared (by letter to Harry Truman) "within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations"!

12 ) ian / australia
22/12/2012 02:31
(contd.) But subsequent UN resolutions (242, 338) and ICJ rulings (unanimously) recognise FULL Israeli sovereignty in pre '67 territory. Just as they declare everything beyond it Occupied Palestinian Territory. (242 calls for Israeli wihdrawal to the Green Line not the 181 border Israel accepted.) (Israel accepted it, doubtless with nifty contingency plans if the Arabs agreed to it...which they didn't, rendering it null and void, not, as you say, "Israel's only legal borders".)

13 ) ian / australia
22/12/2012 02:32
(contd.) So, I think the Palestinians got screwed (by superior cunning) (like the Lenape Indians in Manhattan and countless others through history) and that's just how it is...in reality. Politically, and Pres. Abbas knows it, claiming a Palestinian state on the Partition Plan borders, rejected (understandably) in 1947, is a NON-starter with NO chance of broad support or success. Palestine on the '67 line is the reasonable solution supported by the WHOLE world (minus USA...and Palao) and the one

14 ) ian / australia
22/12/2012 02:35
(contd.) the only one, with a chance. (And as Pres. Obama's Hanukkah gift to Bibi (for campaigning for Romney etc.) looks like it will be Chuck ("I'm a United States senator, not an Israeli senator") Hagel as SoD...things may start to happen sooner than we might expect.) Merry Christmas.

15 ) ian / australia
22/12/2012 02:36
#7 Your "realities" are kinda gloomy John but nevertheless "reality". Your first one is ALL too true: a given. The second one isn't. Perhaps "what is legal" won't be enforced by military but invisible, behind-the-scenes pressure (such as recently forced Israel to accept the Gaza ceasefire and back-off on Iran) isn't out of the question (esp. in Obama II). The next ones are pretty dour and fatalistic..but my favourite is the last: yes, it WILL all hit the fan...sooner or later.

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
22/12/2012 07:20
Britain and France need to bite the bullet and suspend relations with Israel. You have to know how to talk to the Israelis. No one has ever gotten anywhere with them except by threatening to pull the plug.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
22/12/2012 07:24
To Legal #8 'Back in '67 you declared it only to be a ceasefire line and not a border. ' Legally, you're right. And legally, the borders remain those established by the UN in 1947, which Israel accepted. So legally, the problem remains how to compel Israel to withdraw to her legal borders. I suggest a trade embargo.

18 ) Leagle / Beagle
22/12/2012 16:09
#17) The 1947 borders of Israel were attacked by Jordan that already occupied the land now claimed to be Palestine as the de facto Palestinian state. The '67 war saw Israel take that land from Jordan which no longer makes any claim to it. So Palestinian claims of 'their' land being occupied by Israel has less legal strength than would the Turks if they tried to get their empire back. The fact is there are no 'legal' borders, only resolutions to negotiate and agree them. Embargoes only hurt Pals.

19 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
22/12/2012 17:35
Acutally, Colin, the world should suspend relations with the USA until illegal settlers like you and Mel go back to Europe where you came from and give the USA back to its rightful owners. This will probably mean the breakup of the USA into its original nations (Sioux, Navajo, Mohawk, etc), which could then reestablish a true U.S. of A. Stop preaching to us about the international laws that you broke and refuse to abide by. Every argument of yours is simply a cheap excuse.

20 ) Reader / from Edmonton
23/12/2012 03:09
American colludes with Israel's invasion of Palestine beyond its legal borders: American presidents accept that the Palestinians could be displaced by Israelis. Palestine was the canvass on which legal Israel was painted. Unfortunately the Zionists used blood and the colour ran over parts which were not Israel. But when we bleach out this over-lapping stain, Palestine will re-emerge.

21 ) ian / australia
26/12/2012 11:23
#19 "Stop preaching to us about the international laws that you broke and refuse to abide by." Interesting Brian. Here's a simple request. Could you name a few of these "international laws" the US "broke and refuse to abide by"? Nothing fancy. A couple will do.
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