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Abbas orders UN envoy to complain to Security Council over settlements
Published Monday 17/12/2012 (updated) 19/12/2012 15:47
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President Mahmoud Abbas arrives to a meeting with members of the
media in Ramallah on Dec. 5. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas has instructed UN envoy Riyad Mansour to contact representatives of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to stop Israeli settlement plans in East Jerusalem.

Israel on Monday approved plans to build 1,500 more Jewish settler homes in East Jerusalem on Monday, an official said, days after provoking international protests against a project for another 3,000 such homes on land in the city.

An aide to Abbas said the president was furious at the announcement and instructed Mansour to immediately contact the UN envoys of the US, UK, Russia, China and France.

Abbas' spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh said Israel's latest expansion plans were a challenge to the international community and showed total disregard for the sentiments of the Arab world.

Abu Rudaineh told Ma'an such actions would isolate Israel internationally.

Washington had condemned the latest plans, for ultra-Orthodox neighborhood Ramat Shlomo, when they were published during a 2010 visit by US Vice President Joe Biden.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged last week to build at least 3,000 more settler homes on West Bank land as an expression of Israel's objections to a United Nations vote last month recognizing Palestinian statehood.

Those plans led to a string of Israeli diplomats summoned for reprimands internationally.

Israeli Interior Ministry spokeswoman, Efrat Orbach, said on Monday a district planning commission "gave preliminary approval for" the Ramat Shlomo project which must pass a series of bureaucratic decisions before construction may actually begin.

Israeli and Palestinian peace talks have been frozen since late 2010, largely due to a dispute over the settlements, which the International Court of Justice in The Hague has ruled as illegal.
1 ) Emile / Palestine
17/12/2012 21:45
But he's not furious enough to fold the PA, leave his villa and return to struggle in exile. Shame on you Mr. Abbas.

2 ) WAS / UK
17/12/2012 22:55
The President is so furious he continues to engage in security collaboration with the occupier.

3 ) Vacy Vlazna / Australia
17/12/2012 23:30
Palestine now can join the ICC and ICJ instead of going with its customary begging bowl to the Security Council or to Israel.

4 ) Tobias / USA
17/12/2012 23:31
There was terror and complaining before Palestine's "statehood", and There will be more less than useless terror and complaining after, and Even if the UN Security Council could act, which it can't due a USA veto, Israel would just ignore UNSC such settlement related resolutions, much like Iran ignores UNSC resolutions regarding it's Nuclear program !!!

5 ) Tibi / Tubas
17/12/2012 23:58
-a- Abbas called the Israeli decision a “blatant challenge and a disregard for the feelings of the Palestinian people and Arab nation,” which is exactly what the PLO did to Israelis and Jewish nation, and -b- ABBAS knows he IS POWERLESS to do anything more than complain and just watch the "challenge" unfold into thriving Jewish communities !!!

6 ) shirley / australia
18/12/2012 00:11
the Us voted NO the US wants no pal state and these and just like the lasty announcement 3000 nothing will happen from US or EU get real time for ABBASS to stop whinging and do more like join all UN agencies and geneva conventions andstart tackling the walland call for sanctionsNZ pension fund just stopped supporting ALBEIT Isreal for its wall building and settlements

7 ) gabi / australia
18/12/2012 01:24
Oh well, that'll help. Like all the other protests being lodged around the world. But Israel - the "light to all nations" will do just as she pleases,. regardless of who says what. Unless of course the US takes a stand. Which they won't. So same old, same old . . .

8 ) JoeFattal / USA
18/12/2012 01:31
In the US we have an organization that ask on TV for a $25.00 donation for hungry people in Israel. For a country that keeps on building too many settlements probably more than they need, they sure can't feed their own people.

9 ) ian / australia
18/12/2012 02:58
"Abbas...instructed Mansour to immediately contact...the US, UK, Russia, China and France." The US is Israel's only "friend" (like someone being extorted by a gangster is the gangster's "friend"). And their isolation, hurtling in lock-step towards the cliff, is palpable. If that changes, as it might under sheer weight of world opinion, or the perversity of having to protect (and bankroll) an infuriating rogue entity whose behaviour it constantly condemns (or is forced humiliatingly to defend),

10 ) ian / australia
18/12/2012 02:58
(contd.) Israel is finished. Not destroyed. Not wiped off the map. Nothing "existential" like that. Just compelled to behave like everyone else and confine its peculiar, nasty impulses, to its OWN territory, inside its OWN borders.

11 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/12/2012 04:38
These complaints won't be worth the paper they're printed on. Better idea: Record them onto a DVD for archival use. Throw the DVD into long-term storage (say, 50 or more years). After 50 or so years, take out DVD. Play it. Hear it. Laugh like hell. Hit the Delete or Erase command. Repeat. Benefit of complaints: No sense wasting paper.

12 ) Lynx / Palestine
18/12/2012 07:15
"Hurt the Palestinian peoples' feelings"!!! Oh really? We are supposedly a state now and that is the best this ageing Numb head can do or even say? We are doomed. We deserve the worse fate for accepting these clowns as our leaders. The deposition amd overthrow of Fatah and all the factions is now a do or die matter. RESISTANCE is the only way.

13 ) Mel / USA
18/12/2012 13:36
Abbas must shake off the US diplospeak now? When he starts to confidently call'settlements'what they really are i.e. racist,bigotted,VIOLENT,white-Jewish-only COLONIES,then U could say he's grown new gonads & shaken off chains of imperialists like"We are all Zionists"Biden.FACTIONS PROFIT WELL(short-term)from imperialism where international LAWS/human rights are an OBSTACLE to domination.BUT,ALL PALESTINE LOSES(long-term)unless they bypass BIASED USG & take it to THE HAGUE,& continue to RESIST!!

14 ) Truth & / Reality
18/12/2012 15:33
1- PALESTINE is now a state (though on UNGA paper only), and this
"state" NEVER HAD E. JERUSALEM SOVEREIGNTY (but Israel does),
so Israel can approve many 1,000s more settler homes, AND
2- even if the USA did not not use it's veto (which is highly unlikely)
THE UNSC CAN NOT REACT, in more than resolutions, which will not
interfere with internal Israeli policy, any more than the recent UNGA's
resolution interfered, by creating the "paper-state" of Palestine !!

15 ) Viable vs. / Desirable
18/12/2012 18:38
1- The Palestinian Authority took it's own (UN Bid) actions, unilaterally and completely adverse to the continued viability of a two-state solution, so
2- there's no reason that Israel should not undertake unilateral actions too, and
3- since Palestine is viable with Gaza separated from the West Bank,
it also remains viable (though not desirable from a Palestinian perspective,
just like Israel's continued existence) with the separation between Ramallah and Bethlehem !!!

16 ) some one / some where
18/12/2012 20:12
#3 do you really belived they do give themn what ICC or ICJ said you are a fool they do not give a sh.......it

17 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/12/2012 20:37
@ 8), Is that so ??? ... I really CAN'T stop laughing like hell. In that case, PLEASE post the name of this organization so I can tell it to stop making a jackass out of itself begging for money from the Americans to feed us. If a scam, they're DEFINITELY going to prison. @ 9), "If that changes, as it might under sheer weight of world opinion, ... " ... No, it doesn't matter if U.S. policy towards us changes adversely unilaterally or because of world opinion. You can isolate us all you want.

18 ) gabi / australia
19/12/2012 00:52
# 15 - read a bit more history. You'll find that Israel created itself in a unilateral act. Then when the UN was considering it for membership, gave it contingent upon it abiding by the UN resolution demanding the return of the refugees or. pay compensation. Unilaterally, Israel decided to break that promise. Unilaterally Israel has acted since 1948. So get real!#17 - don't worry Yehuda the money doesn't go to feed hungry Israelis, it probably just builds more settlements. And you approve.
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