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Fayyad calls for economic boycott of Israel
Published Sunday 16/12/2012 (updated) 19/12/2012 18:54
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PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.(MaanImages/file)
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority prime minister Salam Fayyad on Sunday called for Palestinians to launch an economic boycott of Israel, Ma'an's correspondent said.

Speaking with journalists in Ramallah, the PA premier said Palestinians should boycott Israeli products in response to Israel withholding the PA's tax revenues.

Ex-Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday that his government would withhold the funds, some $100 million a month, until at least March in response to Abbas' statehood campaign at the United Nations.

The boycott should apply to all Israeli products, not just those made in illegal settlements, Fayyad added.

In the long-term it is vital that the PA receives funding, the PA prime minister said, calling for an urgent Arab summit to address the financial crisis. The PA needs $240 million per month, he added, urging Arab governments to fulfill their promises of $100 million in aid per month.

This week, the Arab League began calling in donor pledges to Palestine from its members, but could not confirm the exact date the so-called Arab safety net will be transferred to the government.

Assistant Secretary General of Palestine Affairs in the Arab League Mohammad Sbeih told Ma’an that the group had opened communications with Arab states over the $100 million monthly payment promised.

Last Sunday, Arab states agreed to provide the PA with a monthly "financial safety net" to help President Mahmoud Abbas's government cope with an economic crisis after the United Nations granted de facto statehood to Palestine.
1 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
16/12/2012 19:30
Boycott all Israeli products - a bit difficult to do 100%, but why not give it a try - worldwide ! However, not just as a response to its withholding of the tax revenues, but because of all the wrongs down in order to maintain the occupation, the last of which is the killing of the Hebron teenager on his birthday.

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
16/12/2012 19:47
What we have there is a weak government govern by a strong state. Palestinians will never have their ways as long as there are attached to a strong state. Israel will not pull out from the occupied territories as long as the Palestinians have a weak and divided government. What the Palestinians need to do is unify to a single government run by a single leader and become a strong government. Than it would be a strong government govern by a strong state. A strong government always wins.

3 ) Deborah / USA
16/12/2012 19:59
Too bad he waited until it was primarily a question of P.A. salaries rather than Palestinian rights to call for this.

4 ) Robert / US
17/12/2012 04:48

5 ) E B / USA
17/12/2012 14:40
There should be a world call to boycott Israeli products. Maybe there is alist of what they are, then this could be started. Money talks. Let's do it!

6 ) @ Carol-1 & Joe-2 / USA too
17/12/2012 15:06
1- A "boycott of all Israeli products is a bit IMPOSSIBLE to do 100%",
since the ELECTRICITY AND WATER are also Israeli products, and
2- Without a demonstrated willingness to negotiate and compromise,
the "strong State" of Israel should 100% "pull out" from the "weak governments," in both Gaza and Areas A/B, stop supplying products,
such as electricity, water, and access to the world through Israeli ports !!!

7 ) Terry / Sweden
17/12/2012 15:44
Fayyad is full of it and is part of the Palestinian representation collaborating with the occupiers. He is a traitor to his own people.

8 ) E B / USA
17/12/2012 17:27
to #6 -- I don't understand a word you're saying. Israel is an occupier, a colonialist, and history has taught us that people become free: as did India, Africa from their colonialist rulers. Palestine will be free, sooner or later. And it will be strong as an independent nation. No one under an occupation is strong.

9 ) Bob / Canada
17/12/2012 20:02
Noycott israeli products: stop using food, stop drinking israeli water, dont tuen on the lights, disconnect you phones, dont buy any fuel, do not take any medications, stop cleaning your house, avoid all roads, do not leave Israel, disconnect the internet,

10 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
17/12/2012 21:02
@ 2), No, Israel will never pull out of the W. Bank (actually, we're annexing it, at least geographically, for now ... if you don't realize that, you must be a hermit) and we couldn't care less how "strong" the Palestinians become (by population, politically, diplomatically, economically or any way else). @ 3), No, the PA salaries/wages don't have a damn thing to do with it. Separately, I actually fully SUPPORT Fayyad's position because he is RIGHT. As I've posted elsewhere, it is (cont.)

11 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
17/12/2012 21:03
utterly STUPID of us to withhold Palestinian taxes despite what they owe us and their U.N. upgrade. We are the ones who set up the power distribution arrangements to them in the 1st place; electricity is a necessity. We must work WITH them to settle payments they owe. They need their money and it's THEIRS. It is stupid to punish them for the U.N. upgrade because we don't even recognize it (and never will). It IS bad for them to be dependent on us for ANYTHING. Boycotting us is GOOD !!!

12 ) Emile / Palestine
17/12/2012 21:42
Ma'an Editors: The way you censor comments shows you are trying to shape news rather than report it. You are a disgrace to journalism. I guess my comment, which you did not publish, was to raw and honest. The truth hurts sometimes my friends. But we Palestinians need to hear it.

13 ) @ EB-8 / USA too
18/12/2012 00:11
THE BIBLE, combined with the Archeaology on the Land, and historical records of abroad (Jordan/Moab, Egypt, Aram/Syria, Persia/Iran, and Rome/Italy) PROVES THE LAND BELONGS TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE, and there is nothing wrong with "occupying & colonizing your own lands. Further, Palestine is very unlikely to be free, soon or ever, without seemingly impossible Arab compromises, or even to exist as anything but a "paper-state", on the stationary of the UNGA Assembly !!

14 ) southparkbear / usa
18/12/2012 00:58
this is going to be a huge hit to israeli economy. palestinian import amounts to 1-2% of the total export. 60% of the import is electricity and water. so if palestinian pull the plug and stop drinking water istael export will fall by astounding 1 to 2%

15 ) Robert Haymond / Israel--Gush Etzion
18/12/2012 09:01
Yehuda, by your reasoning, we Israelis should not get our electricity nor water cut off when we don't pay. Of course, the Israeli government agencies responsible do cut off electricity and water. But what you propose is, that we should not have to pay utility bills because utilities are a necessity. Or is my logic somehow confounded?

16 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/12/2012 17:49
@ 15), I respectfully understand your disagreement. The whole point I make is we cannot rank the Palestinians with us as equal consumers to be treated as us in this case. We in Israel are direct customers (for electricity); the Palestinians are not (they are supposed to pay the PA which then pays us). Yes, the Israel Electric Corp. is owed hundreds of millions of shekels from the PA. So now we are transfering all the Palestinian taxes to pay off this mega-debt. From solely a (cont.)

17 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/12/2012 18:00
business angle, this obviously makes sense but there is more at stake here. No doubt our government would have to compensate any losses if the PA never pays (for all who don't know, IEC is state-owned) and so the IEC could already be in dire straits but we, as the superior "partner," are wrong (at least for now) of stoking the fires of hardship on the PA when it's already under great stress. Yes, you may say, "So what the hell else is new with the PA ??? " but we (at least for now) (cont.)

18 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/12/2012 18:10
should take the moral responsibility of giving the Palestinians their money and work out some satisfactory payment arrangements to help them get out of this damn mess. Yes, if and when the other Arab League/other committed nations get their damn butts together and GIVE their damn monies to the PA as promised, maybe this whole damn situation would ease up. The PA is desperately trying to get them to do that but until then we must work with them. If the U.N. upgrade had failed, would (cont.)

19 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/12/2012 18:21
we now be doing this withholding ??? ... Probably not (at least not right away). You know as well as I do the U.N. upgrade means nothing to us, so what's the Big Need for "punishing" them ??? ... Not much. The PA doesn't need to cope with more damn strikes/financial problems right now. It has enough financial crap on its plate and we shouldn't have to add to it. Every damn time we withhold their tax monies it makes us look bad as hell. Humanitarian concerns mean much more right now.

20 ) Bob / Canada
19/12/2012 00:25
From the Pali money israel should deduct all the costs israel incurred in the 8 day conflict

21 ) Malone / Hfx
19/12/2012 03:00
Yehuda Solomon...any responsible citizen pays his/her bills on time.Why should Israel not with hold money until the debts are paid? The problem is,the pals expect a free ride all the time and whine to the world when they don't get it.They are professional victims,masters of propaganda,and deserve nothing until they start to get their act together..imo..

22 ) Emile / Palestine
19/12/2012 12:36
#21 Interesting choice of words "professional victims". I think this more aptly applies to another group of people though. Ask Yehuda and Robert for their professional opinion.

23 ) Outlier / USA
22/12/2012 19:25
Let us review. No electricity. Limited gasoline. Limited fresh food. Rising prices for everything. Greater social and political unrest, but no progress towards a negotiated peace. Huge changes in the Palestinian territories, but little in Israel, which will find other markets. With thinking like this, Fayyad's picture soon will be featured in the dictionary to illustrate "stupid."
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