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5 injured in clashes after Israel kills teenager in Hebron
Published Thursday 13/12/2012 (updated) 14/12/2012 16:14
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HEBRON (Ma’an) -- Clashes erupted in Hebron early Thursday with Israeli soldiers in the southern area of the city, injuring five Palestinians, medics reported.

Israeli forces fired tear gas directly at Palestinians and five were hospitalized.

Forces also detained four teenagers. They were identified as Sadam Mazen Idres, Fares Shehdeh Dawood, Yazan Rabee Ghaieth, and Hussein Majdi Banat, all between 8 and 14 years old.

An army spokesman confirmed the clashes since early Thursday.

The angry confrontations began overnight between residents and Israeli soldiers, who deployed to the area in large numbers after killing a Palestinian teenager.

An Israeli border guard officer on Wednesday shot dead 16-year-old Muhammad Ziad Awad Salaymah, in Hebron's Old City.

Israeli police said the victim appeared to be carrying a fake pistol.

"Initial findings are that he had a fake pistol that he pointed at the officers at the time of the incident," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an late Wednesday.

Two other Palestinians have been killed in Hebron in clashes with Israelis in the past month.
1 ) sonal / usa
13/12/2012 13:07
The zionist occupation of palestine is illegal The PALESTIAN people have every right to resist The crimes and inhuman treatment directed at them

2 ) Mia / Norway
13/12/2012 13:30
This is terrible. But Maan, since when are 8 year old children defined as teenagers?

3 ) LOL the Arab SHABAB think / they can toy with the
13/12/2012 15:26
IMASCULATED IDF then one day the IDF will get angry and they will die who is to blame then???

4 ) FREE I / USA
13/12/2012 15:56
sonal/usa said it all

5 ) Jessica / UK
13/12/2012 16:08
One would think Mr Salaymah would know better than to wave fake weapons around in front of security officers of any nationality, much less an Israeli officer.

6 ) Mel / USA
13/12/2012 16:16
#1:Bravo! Palestinians DO HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO RESIST an illegal military occupation by a racist,bigotted,militarist state which aims to turn ALL Palestine into a "Jewish"(Zionist)theocracy,on a par with Wahhabi-led Saudi.Israel's policy for 64yrs =MASSIVE ARMED AGGRESSION chem/fissile weps(illegal)-versus relatively unarmed,T-shirted children(no bullet-proofing)! BUT,64 yrs shows,these brave Palestinian civilian men,women,children WILL PREVAIL over Zionist might.Because the kids are RIGHT!!!

7 ) Julie / USA
13/12/2012 18:10
#5 one would think you had a working cerebrum. one would also think the sophisticated IDF would have video or photographic PROOF of the incident and said fake gun IDF claim he had, especially since IDF have surveillance equipment at every checkpoint. but NOPE, they have NO PROOF. their story is just that, another lie which they provide ZERO PROOF. no witnesses saw any fake weapon, there's not ONE piece of evidence he even had one...just their word & hasbara. EVERYONE knows izrahell LIES.

8 ) @ Julie-7 / USA too
13/12/2012 19:07
Neither side has any proof, but the IDF side has orders NOT to kill, to shoot over rioters heads 1st if threatened, and only as last resort to kill, while
the Pal side has orders to kill, terrorized, abduct, and murder if possible !!

9 ) Garry / Israel
13/12/2012 19:22
If he took the gun and aimed it at the police Do you think that the police do?

10 ) Deborah / USA
13/12/2012 19:22
One would think people are familiar enough with policing methods to know that in any civilized country the police or army do not fire at people whether they have a toy gun or not, because they are professionally trained not to. This is Policing 101, but apparently some people are unaware of this. Thus, they don't comprehend that the decision to shoot in this case had nothing to do with anyone waving fake weapons and everything to do with a policy of shooting and asking questions later.

11 ) Julie: there are photos / USA
13/12/2012 21:13
To Julie: There are photos of the weapon all over the web- it was made of metal and was very realistic. It was pointed at a border guards head, and used in a threatening manner. You need only look and you'll see eye witness accounts of what happened, all over the web

12 ) Julie / USA
14/12/2012 07:40
#11 - LOLLLLLLLLL wow! are you seriously that obtuse?? no, no, i didn't mean fabricated photoshopped pics, i meant RELEASE THE UNEDITED, UNADULTERATED, UNMANIPULATED RAW FILM FOOTAGE FROM VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS WHICH IZRAEL HAS AT EVERY CHECKPOINT!!!!! but guess what? izraHELL has not done that and they won't because THERE WAS NO FAKE GUN!

13 ) Reader / from Edmonton
16/12/2012 03:52
...but there was cake. It's terribly embarrassing killing someone because you feared their birthday cake. So Julie, it has to morph into a gun. And it's so handy that they just took a toy gun off some kid. Cake is the new symbol of the third intifada: take every border guard a cake.

14 ) ian / australia
17/12/2012 05:40
#13 "And it's so handy that they just took a toy gun off some kid." It would be interesting to find the kid and ask him what happened to his gun. He might say the soldiers took it. But it seems likely they just got the IDEA from him and there IS no gun. The gun on the internet doesn't look like a children's toy, more the sort of cheap, plastic replica a demented "military" collector would add to his "collection" of nunchucks and star-knives. Either way, I don't buy for a nanosecond that Muhammad

15 ) ian / australia
17/12/2012 05:43
(contd.) Salaymah ever saw it in his life let alone used it in an insane attack an armed guard...on his birthday! It's interesting. Also, reassuring how quickly the official story is unravelling. "Cake is the new symbol of the third intifada: take every border guard a cake." Funny!

16 ) Reader / from Edmonton
17/12/2012 16:59
If cake becomes the symbol of Palestinian peace, if everyone passing an IDF checkpoint brings the invading forces cake, perhaps peace will prevail in Palestine. But please, no bombe cakes! These clowns are nervous enough. Can you imagine 500,000 cakes at the Allenby Bridge from returning refugees?

17 ) ian / australia
17/12/2012 23:01
#5 "One would think Mr Salaymah would know better than to wave fake weapons around in front of security officers of any nationality, much less an Israeli officer." Yes Jessica, one WOULD think. And there's every indication Muhammad Salaymah DID "know better", having grown up in nightmarish H2 where EVERYONE knows that even carrying a plastic bag is treated as suspicious and checked out by Israeli guards. And in light of THAT, one would think it highly unlikely he actually DID what the

18 ) ian / australia
17/12/2012 23:02
(contd.) guards allege he did...because he wasn't deranged, just an apparently very sweet teenager. (And a little deaf it has been reported.) So along with the other stuff about the kid with the ACTUAL toy gun detained earlier, things aren't looking good for the official story or for the credibility of guard "N": 20-year-old trigger-happy glamour-girl, Nofar Mizrahi, cold-blooded killer and liar.

19 ) ian / australia
17/12/2012 23:20
#11 "To Julie: There are photos of the weapon all over the web- it was made of metal and was very realistic." This is one for the uncle with all the "local knowledge". If toy guns are popular with VERY small children, as he says, is the gun "all over the web" the KIND of toy gun small children would like...or would they prefer something more "colourful" and toylike? The uncle would know, just from living there. (The gun on "the web" looks more a plastic replica for the macho, gun-nut, collector

20 ) ian / australia
17/12/2012 23:21
(contd.) and too drab to appeal to children.) And if the IDF are capable of an elaborate cover-up to protect the guard they're calling "N" (ie. 20-year-old, raven-tressed hottie, cold-blooded killer and liar Nofar Mizrahi, see Google images) then faking up a crappy blurred image for Google isn't at all far-fetched. This is assuming that the "toy gun" story is a fabrication to cover up a police debacle, and that the idea came from a REAL kid with a REAL toy gun detained at the checkpoint when

21 ) ian / australia
17/12/2012 23:21
(contd.) Muhammad arrived with the birthday cake...which is certainly how it's all panning out. (Another mystery: where is the cake? Did the guards eat it...to destroy the evidence? Like a macabre party? With Muhammad lying dead on guard house floor?)

22 ) Reader / from Edmonton
18/12/2012 16:31
"Did the guards eat it...to destroy the evidence?" No, they just like cake and they want it all.
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