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Israeli forces shoot, kill Hebron teenager
Published Wednesday 12/12/2012 (updated) 14/12/2012 14:23
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- An Israeli border guard officer on Wednesday shot dead a Palestinian teenager in Hebron's Old City in the southern West Bank.

Locals identified the victim as 16-year-old Muhammad Ziad Awad Salaymah.

A local doctor, hearing shots fired, rushed to the Salaymah neighborhood, near the Ibrahimi Mosque, but was unable to revive the teenager.

The doctor told Ma'an that local women were arguing with Israeli forces who were preventing them from reaching Salaymah.

"I followed the women, and when I felt his pulse, I found that he was dead," the doctor said.

Israeli police said the victim appeared to be carrying a fake pistol.

"Initial findings are that he had a fake pistol that he pointed at the officers at the time of the incident," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an.

He said the shooting was under investigation, but initial indications were that Salaymah pointed the object at border police who "responded by firing a number of shots at the Palestinian who was critically injured and pronounced dead at a hospital in Hebron a short while after."

Palestinian medics said the body had not been transferred to hospital late Wednesday.

The shooting led to angry confrontations between residents and Israeli soldiers, who deployed to the area in large numbers firing tear gas and stun grenades.

Salaymah's brother was detained and his father was hospitalized with moderate injuries, witnesses told Ma'an.

Two other Palestinians have been killed in Hebron in clashes with Israelis in the past month.

Salaymah pictured near the Ibrahimi
mosque where he was killed.
1 ) Charlie / USA
12/12/2012 21:41
Zionist dogs doing what they do best. Being cowards.

2 ) Julie / USA
12/12/2012 22:18
izrahell MURDERS innocent civilians...AGAIN and AGAIN!! this evil crime continues NON-STOP!!!! Pals MUST join ICC and bring these zionazi murderers to justice. there will NEVER be peace with evil demons like zionazis on this planet.

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/12/2012 22:41
For kicks, get the body first. Then ask the Israelis for the supposed 'fake gun.' Then -- when they do produce a toy gun -- dust it for prints. I can guarantee the results. I know my Israel.

4 ) Terri Knoll / US
12/12/2012 22:55
bull crap. not letting anyone get to the body allows them time to plant a fake gun. it was his birthday you monsters!

5 ) Sad / Truths
12/12/2012 23:12
Actions have consequences, and it is a sad truth, that Muhammad Ziad Awad Salaymah was killed in self-defense, just like the "two other Palestinians killed in Hebron clashes with Israelis in the past month".

6 ) ian / australia
13/12/2012 00:10
It's dangerous being Palestinian in "The Friend"...esp. teenage, male and walking around in a black T-shirt carrying an "object" which trigger-happy border guards might construe at a distance as "a fake pistol". Israel has created this nightmare world of H2 just to insert, like dynamite, a few unhinged, crackpots (from Brooklyn) into Palestinian Al-Khalil. It's called "slow transfer"...gradual, inexorable takeover...it's illegal, evil and it won't succeed.

7 ) was he UNARMED?? / WHY
13/12/2012 01:02

8 ) Julie / USA
13/12/2012 03:26
izrahell is purposely inciting a 3rd intifada so it can blame Pals and annihilate them with another massive genocidal massacre. this is how izrahell thrives: MURDER, MURDER, MURDER.

9 ) Tibi / Tubas
13/12/2012 05:23
A Hebron teenager pointed a pistol at Israeli forces, and every police and military force, the world over, would have responded the same !!

10 ) Reality and / Perspective
13/12/2012 05:28
If someone jumps off a cliff, you don't say the ground killed them, and this young man definitely "jumped, carrying a fake pistol".

11 ) Ziyad Zaitoun / USA/El-Khalil
13/12/2012 05:57
لاحول ولا قوة الا باللة.

12 ) Melamud / Peru
13/12/2012 07:34
Stupid kid points a fake metal pistol at border guard's head and gets wasted by a another female police officer. I hope the kid's parents do the prison time for failing to supervise their child. Idiots! What a waste of life!

13 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Gush Etzion
13/12/2012 08:08
Ynet reports that the boy was seventeen, not sixteen. When asked for identification, he pulled out a gun and held it to the soldier's head. A female IDF soldier, witnessing the proceedings, shot the boy. It turned out that the boy (17) was holding a toy gun. Of course the story, as told in Maan, is written to draw the maximum sympathy from the Arab crowd and its audience, mostly haters (Talkbackers) of Israel and Jews.

14 ) Rami / Palestine
13/12/2012 08:23
I'm curious as to what "border" was the "border guard" guarding? As he is clearly not inside Israel nor is Al Khalil an Israeli city. So what the hell was he doing there?

13/12/2012 08:32
said he POINTED A GUN TO THE TEMPLE OF ONE OF HER SOLDIERS AND SHE HAD TO DEFEND HER PLATOON SHE IS A HERO next time you point a gun to a head of a jew--- think about the woman with the gun who is GUARDING THAT JEW!!!!

16 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Gush Etzion
13/12/2012 08:35
Israel National News reports that the boy started beating the soldier with his fists when asked for identification, then proceeded to pull out a gun. It was then that he was shot. It turned out that the gun was not real but was made of metal. A photo shows the gun lying on the ground. Hamas is reported to have praised the boy. It was known that he comes from a Jihadist family. As is often said, when Islamists learn to love their children more than they love death, there may be peace.

17 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Gush Etzion
13/12/2012 08:42
JPost reports that the boy was seventeen years old, the brother of a prisoner released in the Gilad Shalit exchange. IDF soldiers are preparing for a riot in the environs of Hebron as a result of the boy's death. Just last week, a riot took place in which IDF soldiers backed off in order to avoid further injuries. This time, the IDF is required to respond. Hebron is the ancient Jewish city which contains the Cave of Patriarchs, burial site of Abraham and his family.

18 ) Mo / Canada
13/12/2012 08:44
When will the Israelis stop brutalizing our terrorists?! All this boy wanted to do was kill some Israelis, BIG DEAL! So what, he had a gun that looked real and looked like he intended to kill an Israeli, SO WHAT! Israel should be held accountable for having the nerve to try and defend itself. Disgusting.

19 ) Rita / Australia
13/12/2012 10:11
Another Martyr to the cause, another tragedy that will earn his family a cash windfall which will help console them with their grief.

20 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
13/12/2012 12:28
to all those monsters defending israeli criminal acts: some israeli newspapers in hebrew actually reported that the gun story is fake to cover up what the soldier did. in a tense area like Hebron, where palestinians get killed just for being palestinians, you really believe a teenager would reach the soldier and be close enough to him to struggle with him & place a gun to his head??? if u believe the lie, then u live on another planet. just another lie to cover up murder in cold blood!

21 ) Ali / Russia
13/12/2012 15:05
Was he an idiot? Pointing a fake gun to a soldier on duty? Definitely, he was shot, there was not time to look if it is fake or real gun!

22 ) rodri / Spain
13/12/2012 16:05
Zionists craps and killers.Delete the nazizionist dictature on Occupy lands,Judaism isn?t zionism.Zionism is terrorism,.

23 ) @ Rami-14 / "Curious"
13/12/2012 17:55
The border between Area A (Hebron) and Area B (surrounding villages), where as agreed in the Oslo Accords, between Israel and the PLO:
- on the Area A side, the PLO has full civil/military control, and
- on the Area B side, the PLO has civil control only, and Israel retains military control until a peace agreement is concluded !!

24 ) Broigas / Spain
13/12/2012 18:34
He is a Martyr, give the family the cash reward.

25 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
13/12/2012 19:40
The Israeli Border Police aka MAGAV are not guarding borders. By the way, the State of Israel has no borders, they are extensible according to Zionist greed..... Look up on wikipedia 'Israeli Border Police'. Ziad Jilani was killedin East Jerusalem by a trigger-happy Border Police officer too. PS. I simply don't understand why MA'AN News let settler thugs like Robert Haymond express their racist crap here.

26 ) shocks/ / uk
13/12/2012 19:57
Another life taken by the murdering ZIONIST they don't care,to them it is only a PALESTINIAN my thoughts and prayers are with them long live the AL QUDS

27 ) ian / australia
13/12/2012 22:28
Looks like it boils down to he said/she said except that he's dead and she (along with all her army buddies with plenty of time to get their story straight) is completely untrustworthy. The wagons are circling and the official story is being put out. But suicide by "border guard"? "Jihadist" family? At 17? By holding a (realistic) replica gun to the head of an armed soldier? With other soldiers around? After posing with birthday cake? Really?

28 ) ian / australia
13/12/2012 23:07
#14 "I'm curious as to what "border" was the "border guard" guarding? As he is clearly not inside Israel nor is Al Khalil an Israeli city. So what the hell was he doing there?" Protecting the tiny community of ultra-extremists in H2 and making life hell for the Palestinians stuck there. The "border" they're guarding is that eerie perimeter where vibrant Al-Khalil suddenly turns into a surreal ghost town with shops welded shut and deserted streets...like a war zone. Surreal too, is how oblivious

29 ) ian / australia
13/12/2012 23:08
(contd.) the settlers LIVING in the neighbourhood from hell they have created seem to what their presence has done. Would dissolving Oslo render H2 null and void? I wonder (though obviously academic given the amorality and fanaticism of the occupiers.)

30 ) ian / australia
13/12/2012 23:38
#23 "- on the Area B side, the PLO has civil control only, and Israel retains military control until a peace agreement is concluded !!" Scheduled, as I recall, to commence in 1996! Oslo is clearly dead as a dodo, null and void, not worth invoking. But who/what are you? With your anonymous, mechanical posts and official Likud bullet points. Are you a bot? (I just learnt what a "bot" is.) Or Danny Ayalon? That's the real question.

31 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
14/12/2012 00:21
"Israeli forces shoot" ? Is it not so that just one border policewoman was the person who killed him ? Will she ever have to face legal consequences for her act ? Why do these law officers shoot to kill ? Are they not trained to shoot to wound ?

32 ) gabi / australia
14/12/2012 01:05
Ian/Australia - He sounds more like Mark Regev. Same old same old . . . .

33 ) ian / australia
14/12/2012 02:13
#25 "I simply don't understand why MA'AN News let settler thugs like Robert Haymond express their racist crap here." But Jihane, it's good to hear "settler thugs like Robert Haymond express their racist crap". It's freedom of speech which is a good principle and it shows the mentality you're up against. It ain't pretty, but it's higly informative. (A young Yasser Arafat hung out in the Jewish Quarter in Cairo, even attending Synagogue to fully understand the "Jewish mentality"...and was beaten

34 ) ian / australia
14/12/2012 02:15
(contd.) savagely by his conservative father for doing so!) So, can't hear enough from settler thug Robert Haymond / Israel-Gush Etzion (IMHO). (BTW Gush Etzion is in Palestine not Israel, so he's a font of information even in how he chooses to name himself!) Robert? Thoughts?

35 ) @ Ian-30 / USA
14/12/2012 02:56
"As I recall, talks did NOT commence in 1996", because THEN AS NOW, THE PLO REFUSED TO SHOW-UP FOR TALKS, which is the reason "Oslo is clearly dead as a dodo, null and void". And now, unless Oslo is either revived or replaced with something else real "on the ground" (as opposed to on the paper of UN resolutions), the situation will remain unchanged, with: - the PLO controling Area A (Area B shared control), - the Hamas controling Gaza, and - Israel controling all the rest !!!

36 ) Rafael / Greece
14/12/2012 15:33
Israel and the majority of it's Jews have become today's ultarightist Nazis... So sorry for that, for my people used to be normal human beings.. I dont know what have they become... May they be forgiven for their sins..

37 ) ian / australia
15/12/2012 01:22
#32 "He sounds more like Mark Regev. Same old same old..." Mark Regev! (Almost lost my lunch.) Yes, you're right, he does. Likud apologists all have the same braindead, "Manchurian Candidate" zombie quality. (Brian Cohen is a good eg.) Nothing they say really makes sense, but that doesn't register as a problem. Points are tortuous, to the point of surreal, and delivered with steely, pitiless, brazen blankness. I guess it's chutzpah...but whatever it is, it's definitely creepy.

38 ) Robert / US
17/12/2012 20:39
#36 noteworthy words,but some need to be Executed for their Evil War Crimes,and alot need to be put away in prison for a long time.

39 ) Colin Wright / USA
18/12/2012 01:51
Robert #38 '#36 noteworthy words,but some need to be Executed for their Evil War Crimes,and alot need to be put away in prison for a long time.' It's not really for me to say, but I'd forgive 'em all. Just so long as they leave.

40 ) Colin Wright / USA
18/12/2012 01:53
To Robert Haymond #17: ' Hebron is the ancient Jewish city which contains the Cave of Patriarchs, burial site of Abraham and his family.' Yes -- and the ruins of Camelot are in my back yard, and I want everybody to respect that. Actually, they're in your back yard, and I want you out of there.

41 ) Robert Haymond / Israel-Gush Etzion
18/12/2012 02:55
Ynet just put up a video of the incident. Aside from those of you who always dismiss the perspective from the Israeli side (most Maan Talkbackers), the video is very convincing as it clearly shows the seventeen-year-old returning to the checkpoint after having been let through when the mayhem begins. Of course, we Israeli Jews are going to protect ourselves. We are not going to die in the name of political correctness or because the nations of the world wish to destroy us.

42 ) Sariel Al Khalil / UK
18/12/2012 05:47
So were any of the cctv cameras at the checkpoint working? You know like to show what actually happened? If course not these Zionist cowards have been provoking the Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank 24/7 since they got Statehood, it obvious to see ... easy answer to all this, get theiIllegal settlers and their illegal settlements out of Al Khaili and per Geneva convention IV ...

43 ) Robert / US
19/12/2012 04:57
#39.No Colin what I said is the Law ,cant deal with it tuff S**t .
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