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Over 20 hurt in Hebron as soldiers clash with PA police
Published Thursday 06/12/2012 (updated) 08/12/2012 14:08
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Israeli soldiers pictured in Hebron during clashes on Dec. 6, 2012.
HEBRON (Ma'an) -- More than 20 Palestinians were wounded in clashes with Israeli forces in central Hebron on Thursday afternoon, after a skirmish between Israeli troops and Palestinian police.

Locals said Israeli soldiers had tried to detain an on-duty Palestinian police officer in Bab al-Zawiye in the center of the city.

The police officer resisted and several fellow police officers rushed to his aid, they said.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said there was a "clash" between police and the army but did not have further details.

Witnesses told Ma'an that after the incident, Israeli forces deployed extra units and were firing indiscriminately. Local youth threw stones at the troops, and soldiers set off tear gas and fire rubber bullets at the crowd.

Nasser Qabaja, Red Crescent emergency director in the southern West Bank, said three ambulances transferred the wounded to Hebron governmental hospital.

Israeli forces in central Hebron on Thursday (Reuters)

Medics said one man was hit in the head with live fire, and another eight were injured by rubber bullets. Seventeen others were treated for tear gas asphyxiation, they said.

The army spokeswoman said around 250 Palestinians had hurled rocks at the soldiers, and they were responding with riot dispersal means.

Local Hebron group Youth Against settlements released footage of the clashes.
1 ) Khaled / Palestine
06/12/2012 19:07
What Palestinian policy was simple to enforce signed agreements that don't allow Israeli forces to enter areas under Palestinian control. All my respect!

2 ) MATT / USA
06/12/2012 20:45
"Medics said one man was hit in the head with live fire" LIVE FIRE? he was hit in the head with live fire?? and he didnt die? i guess the israelis really have bad aim, or more likely these witnesses are a bit hazy

3 ) Constantly Amazed / DE
06/12/2012 20:45
It is constantly astounding the hypocrisy of Israel. They decry the lack of established borders (which they oppose so they can continually expand, stealing more territory for their fantasy "Greater Israel") and "established and effective gov't" as reasons the PA cannot have a recognised state - YET they interfere in officials (such as police) doing their duties!!

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/12/2012 22:19
Now THIS could put the fat in the fire. If Israel's Quislings rebel... Parenthetically, 'Israeli forces...firing indiscriminately' really is redundant.

5 ) Steve / Scotland
06/12/2012 22:19
Matt, if you do not know that someone can be hit in the head with live fire and survive then best not set about displaying your ignorance in public eh? "Hit" can also mean anything from full impact to a graze.

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/12/2012 22:21
To Khaled #1: 'What Palestinian policy was simple to enforce signed agreements that don't allow Israeli forces to enter areas under Palestinian control. ' What? You think agreements -- signed or unsigned -- are binding on ISRAEL? Where have you been? It's only Israel's OPPONENTS who are obliged to keep their word.

7 ) mohamed / somalia
06/12/2012 22:24
coward soldier with gun confronts brave unarmed palestinian.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/12/2012 23:07
To Matt #2: '"Medics said one man was hit in the head with live fire" LIVE FIRE? he was hit in the head with live fire?? and he didnt die? ' Typical Israe-idiot. You obviously don't know what you are talking about or don't care. I wouldn't recommend it as a health cure, but people frequently get shot in the head and live -- at least for a while. Sometimes they live for for good. Humans are hard to kill. Among others, see James Brady and the German General Student.

9 ) @ Mat-2 / USA too
06/12/2012 23:20
-a- Islamic militants after the recent Eilat attack on civilian buses, fled from the IDF, back across the Egypt border, but that did NOT stop the IDF from strtiking back, and this time, -b- Islamic militants calling themselves "PA Police", again attempted war crimes on Israelis, and fled back across the Area A border after failing, and then even commited further war crimes by using Hebron civilians as human-shields, but still Israel pursued them in self-defense !!

10 ) Abu Sara / Italy
06/12/2012 23:23
Bab al Zawye is the square where so many people welcomes me! and I'm so sad when I receive news like today! Hurrya la Falastin

11 ) Abdallah / Sweden
07/12/2012 00:18
Zionist idiots.They should realise that they are only fooling themselves...

12 ) shirley / australia
07/12/2012 00:27
Isreal civillians they should not be protected as civiallians as they are nothing more tah Isreal armed merceneries these settlers continually carry out attacks shootings killings and throwing rocks at palestinain children they can not be classed as civiallians cewrtinly unarmed and are there illegallyand they know itand Isreal gov pays for them to be there and encourages it EVEN LIEBERMAN LIVES IN WEST BANK ILLEGAL

13 ) @ #9 Mat-2 / Palestine
07/12/2012 01:38
come on man, don't you ever get bored of repeating the same things that the israeli propaganda machine's brain wash you with?? i mean obviously you don't know what you're talking about... 1- PA police are NOT islamic militants, they are part of Fatah. 2- Palestinian police never cross the area A borders to launch attacks on israelis, on the other hand, israelis do all sorts of war crimes against palestinian civilians, until now israel has broken 65 international laws (talk about terrorism)

14 ) @ #9 Mat-2 / Palestine
07/12/2012 01:45
3- civilians in hebron are not used as human shields by the police or any other militants... they face all sorts of violence discrimination everyday by israeli soldiers and israeli ILLEGAL settlers, there are streets in hebron they cannot walk in, neighbourhoods they cannot live in, garbage is thrown at them and at their houses by these settlers.. i can tell that you have no idea, you are ignorant, and brainwashed.. you say exactly what is said to you by american and israeli mainstream media..

15 ) @ #s 1 - 10 / USA too
07/12/2012 06:00
If Arab leaders got away with murdering 1,000s, then everyone should know that Jewish leaders get away with "hurting 20" every now & then, basically forever, and demolishing a few building too, and it will continue forever, while Palestinians refuse to Negotiate an end to the conflict !!!

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/12/2012 07:53
According to Haaretz, one of the untermenschen actually STRUCK an Israeli. I'd say radical measures are called for. 'No more Mr Nice Guy.'

17 ) Hashek / France
07/12/2012 08:28
Too many people do not know what passed to the UNO from November 1st until November 29th, 1947 Too many activists saying himself pro-Palestinian have read never either the resolution 181, or Henry Cattan And you who read that??

18 ) Outsider / EU
07/12/2012 09:20
9) "Pursuing in self-defence"; you have to love it.

19 ) Jaap Hamburger / Netherlands
07/12/2012 10:31
# 9. USA too, You're so damn'd right: 'PA Police' is just a nickname for Palestinian terrorists; Israeli soldiers are true heroes, whether operating near Eilat or in Hebron, just trying to sustain law&order, in the interest of al. An ungrateful task! Let us support them. Make a donation to the IOF!

20 ) jerry / usa
07/12/2012 16:10
the comments here are a bit over the top arent they? 16,17,18,19 seem like they were written by 6,7,8,9 year olds and the cute little parade of flags represented is such a nice touch, usa, france,eu and the netherlands, the zionist bigot nationalist whores hard at work for their paychecks, great ascertainment though, keep of the dismal lacklusterous performance, it makes Palestinians look good, duuaaaagh pa police is terroris, daauugh did I do it right boooosss, slobber drool knuckle drag, nice,

21 ) Anne / Canada
07/12/2012 21:29
My Rand - McNally atlas still calls this city Al-Khalil, and so should those who do not wish to normalize the occupation, apart from all else which is being said and done.

22 ) Caroline Marie / Norway
09/12/2012 00:32
Why doesn't this atricle tell us anything about WHY the Israeli soldates were trying to attack this police officer? Bullshit news, one-sided story.
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