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Abbas: E-1 settlement plan crosses 'red line'
Published Wednesday 05/12/2012 (updated) 07/12/2012 15:28
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RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – Israeli settlement activity in the Palestinian territory, especially the newly announced projects in the E-1 area, is a red line which cannot go unanswered because it divides the Palestinian land, President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters at his office in Ramallah, Abbas said the PA contacted international sides to try and stop the settlement project Israel announced in response to Palestine's upgraded status at the UN.

“If that project is implemented, we will use all legal and legitimate means to stop it, and we have something to say and do about these dangerous decisions,” Abbas said.

He added that Israeli procedures should be reversed because international law prohibits an occupying state from carrying out any procedures on the lands of a state under occupation. Now that Palestine is a non-member state in the UN General Assembly, he added, the Fourth Geneva Convention is applicable.

The president said he instructed Palestine's UN envoy to contact the UN Secretary-General and the president of the UN Security Council.

"We will see their reaction to the Israeli settlement decision, then we will study the next step."

The official Palestinian Authority news agency Wafa quoted Abbas as saying that the Palestinian leadership has already formed a special committee to study "the day after."

The committee encompasses experts in international law and diplomacy, and they will start working on how to address international organizations now Palestine has been accepted in the UN. Abbas said the committee would hold its first meeting Wednesday.

He pointed out that the Arab League's follow-up committee would convene on Dec. 29 to discuss the peace process after Palestine's status upgrade.

EU summons Israeli ambassador

In Brussels, the European Union summoned Israel's ambassador to discuss the bloc's concerns over plans to expand settlements in the occupied West Bank, an EU foreign affairs spokeswoman said.

"The Israeli ambassador has been invited by the Executive Secretary General of the EEAS (European External Action Service) to meet to set out the depth of our concerns," Maja Kocijancic said.

The Executive Secretary General -- the senior diplomat in charge of policy for EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton -- is Pierre Vimont, former French ambassador to Washington.

Several EU countries have already called in Israeli ambassadors for consultations, but EU states have been struggling to agree on a common response to the settlement expansion plans.

The spokeswoman said the EU reaction to Israel's new building plans would depend on the extent to which they threatened the establishment of a viable state of Palestine in the future.

Israel moved forward Wednesday with plans to build some 3,000 settler homes in one of the most sensitive areas of the occupied West Bank, in defiance of international protests.

The European Union has repeatedly spoken out against Israeli settlements on land the Palestinians want for their state. Ashton said on Sunday that she was "extremely concerned" by the plans.
1 ) c.o.palestine / nation
05/12/2012 18:09
get rid of that buffoon..please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 ) GREEN (1949 Armistice) Lines / \ and RED Lines
05/12/2012 18:42
The PLO crossed Israel's 'red line' first, with the
- Abbas UN Bid, leading to Palestine statehood, without the
Oslo promised negotiations of issues, and ending the conflict, so
- Israel stopped delaying it's plan to continue building apartments,
on disputed E-1 lands, and further erasing 1949 Armistice/'green' Line !!

3 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
05/12/2012 19:57
Yes, the E-1 plans will go forward. We have (actually, have had) big plans there for some time for homes, hotels, industry and water development. Abbas, the U.N., ICC, Arab League, EU and others will not stop us. Will this effectively kill any hopes for this Palestinian "nation" to be viable ??? ... Will this effectively kill any hopes for Palestinians to get eastern Jerusalem as theirs ??? ... Answer: Absolutely ... and after E-1, there will be E-2 and E-3 and ... Get the picture ??? ...

4 ) mohamed / somalia
05/12/2012 20:05
there is no surprse that the platform of likud is that the permanent eastern border of israel is the jordan, and that shall be no palestinian state.
and still said israel is commited 2 state solution on his way trip in berlin.
netanyahoo your fooling no one enough is enough.

5 ) Morris Stein / Israel
05/12/2012 20:11
The only thing Israel has to do is to give in to the Palestinian pre-condition to halt construction plans,and put in their own pre-condition to get face to face peace negotiations started up again. That would be to have Abbas agree to demiliterzation of any Palestinian state that will be created.

6 ) LOL maale Adumim is / THE REAL
05/12/2012 20:13

7 ) Anna / Austria
05/12/2012 20:19
Is he using Netanyahu's script writer.

8 ) LegalEagle / USA
05/12/2012 22:42
"The committee encompasses experts in international law and diplomacy, and they will start working on how to address international organizations now Palestine has been accepted in the UN." Yes, examine all avenues and take your own initiative. Do not wait on the EU etc. Likely they will back whatever you do but to expect them and others to levy sanctions etc. is a stretch in that they shake and tremble at the Zionsit roar with US backing, which is but a squeek without US. Hope US will help soon.

9 ) shirley / australia
05/12/2012 23:15
how dare C.o palestine speak like taht ABBASS risked his life to go to UNGA and US /EU wanted apal state even less than Isreal to go against US is no mean feat and do not envy ABBASS one but what he has achieved is to keep pals in palestine forever and hold on land and to hopefully stop US agenda for world warall world should bow down to ABASS for his courage and helps KASHMIR and KURDS and ROMA peopleshame on anyone who does not understand thisdo not understand truthand world today

10 ) the A, B, Cs of / IF & THEN
06/12/2012 06:09
-a- IF one side can refuse to accept a UN resolution (1948), THEN the Other side can refuse to accept a UN resolution (2012), and -b- IF one side can break promses (Negotiations) THEN the Other side can too (Settlements), and -c- IF one side can act unilaterally (UN Bid) THEN the Other side can too (new settlement construction) !!!

11 ) Outlier / USA
06/12/2012 06:10
Unwillingness to negotiate often results unilateral actions by one or both parties. A less for both to consider in the future.

12 ) Lynx / Palestine
06/12/2012 11:15
As I type this Israel is demolishing hundreds of homes in the West Bank to make way for more settlers. This is while Abbas ignores the ICC option and "mulls" a UNSC resolution to condemn Israel - while fully knowing that the US will torpedo it. If this is not insanity I don't know what is.

13 ) Truth & / Reality
06/12/2012 15:15
President Abbas will be laid to rest below West Bank Areas A/B, and Jewish settlements will be built on E. Jerusalem, and West Bank Areas C/E-1, and NO "Palestine red lines", EU calls, or UNGA resolutions can change that !!!

14 ) Lynx / Palestine
06/12/2012 15:37
#3 How cute of you to gloat and boast about genocide and illegal construction. The area between the River and Sea now has roughly 50% Palestinian Arabs, but totally denied their political, human, and historical rights in their own land (Land of Palestine). You are right, none of the organization you named will stop Shitrael. Tomorrow, Fatah partakes in Hamas' founding ceremonies. The day after, Palestinians will unite to make your life a living hell. Colonialism never lasts. Just wait.

15 ) Tibi / Tubas
06/12/2012 17:01
- PALESTINE will continue to disagree that it MUST NEGOTIATE, and so
- NOTHING WILL CHANGE, except more settlements being built !!!

16 ) Hilmi / Malaysia
06/12/2012 17:40
Surely Israel cross the Red line because it is their nature to do it.. They (Israel) government think their so powerful to punish Palestinian to go get statehood with peaceful way other than negotiation with Israel.. I'm so sure, Israel is being big-foot in East Asia.. Step every country the world also..

17 ) Filipe / Portugal
06/12/2012 19:42
OK----- First order of business !!! When will there be a unified elected government for this newly created state whose borders are yet to be defined? 2yrs., 6yrs., .....8.......10? Until then, looks like the Israeli's sill significantly assist the unemployment rate in Judea and Samaria

18 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
06/12/2012 23:12
Palestine crossed the red line decades ago when the PLO said it had the right to kill Israeli civilians. Fatah may have changed its tune for now, but Hamas still sings the same song, and Abbas says Hamas are his brothers in the struggle to liberate Palestine. We're not stupid. If you want a real country called Palestine, Fatah and Hamas together have to make real peace, not fake promises that have no value.

19 ) ffffffffffffffffffffkkkkkkkkkk / ooooooooooffff ffffffff
06/12/2012 23:26
why do zionists coment on here.

20 ) Paul / USA
07/12/2012 14:59
19) Well,... Yes,... Let them comment on here,... so we can watch them eat crow later when the world and even the USA, believe it or not, supports the PA state. It will come and when it does, We who want what is right for all people, and try to love our neighbors as ourselves, will offer to those who arrogantly rub our faces in their current, seemingly apparent, racists victories, a generous portion of the very finest crow, complete with gravy and mashed potatoes. Napkin anyone?

21 ) Aye (from) / RAB
08/12/2012 23:32
Abbas spouting about "red lines" is going to displease Ahmadinajad! What will happen now?
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