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Palestinians deserve more than non-member status
Published Saturday 01/12/2012 (updated) 02/12/2012 14:27
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Pro-Palestinian demonstrators protest outside Israel's embassy in
central London Nov. 15, 2012. (Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)

Up until the last moment, the United States and Israel were doing their utmost to change the positions of other countries, and to dilute the significance of the Palestinian step to upgrade the status of Palestine to non-member state observer status.

Since the Palestinians announced their intention to go to the UN, many Western countries, including the US, did everything possible to convince Palestinian leaders to drop the move, or at least postpone such a step.

In their contacts with the Palestinian leadership, European ministers, in particular the British, acted against the values and traditions to which Europe subscribes, values that call for freedom and human rights for all human beings around the globe.

It is obvious that some European politicians have not overcome what happened during and after World War II.

It is also clear that the Europeans have different attitudes to their governments.

This contradiction in the relationship between the peoples and governments in Europe is due to the absence or lack of statesmen like Churchill and Charles de Gaulle.

It is hard for Palestinians to understand why America, the UK and Germany were trying to frustrate the Palestinian move.

Palestinians consider the positions of these countries shameful, especially the UK, whom they judge not only responsible for the tragedy of the Palestinian people but revealing its immoral, inhuman and even hostile attitudes to Arabs and Muslims in general.

In 1947, Palestine was under the British Mandate when it was decided to divide Palestine into two states through the unfair Resolution 181, when 33 states encouraged, incited and in some cases threatened by the US and the UK, voted for the partition of Palestine, with 13 against and 10 abstentions.

Sixty-four years ago, part of the resolution was implemented: this part was the establishment of the State of Israel, while the other part which concerns the establishment of the Palestinian state was and still never has been put into practice.

Now, Britain, which the Palestinians consider the power behind their catastrophe, was against the idea of Palestine going to the UN to seek new status.

According to the BBC, the official position of the UK was that it would abstain from the vote unless the Palestinians promised to meet its condition which was "to seek public assurance by the Palestinians" that they will not use the new status to go to The Hague.

All peoples of the world who are suffering oppression and treated in an inhuman way, or are the victims of war crimes or crimes against humanity have the right to go to The Hague.

Such rights cannot be divisible or ignored because of color, origin, religion, race or any other reason, it can't be granted to the Jews or to the Serbians and banned for the Palestinians.

Equal rights for the people of the world is the core principle of democracy; demanding that anybody not to practice his rights is immoral and smacks of hypocrisy.

Imagine that it was Israel who demanded to go to The Hague for any reason? It would be difficult to see any of these politicians daring to ask her not to go.

Since Israel is a democratic state and allegedly never commits a war crime or crime against humanity, why are the Israeli leaders worried that Palestine will be part of the International Criminal Court-ICC-.

It is not easy for the Palestinians to understand the hostile attitude of the UK, especially when the UK and other Western countries keep demanding Palestinians abandon violence and respect international laws and conventions.

Palestinians wonder how they can trust the Western countries when they speak about a real independent state with full sovereignty, while opposing the symbolic step to have observer status.

William Hague, the British foreign secretary, who joined the Friends of Israel Society when he was only 16, will not understand the words of an old Palestinian man who was among thousands of Palestinians celebrating the event in the yard of the Nativity Church where Jesus was born.

The old Palestinian was saying, "Zionist leaders were betting on the fact that old Palestinians would die and new generations would forget."

The old man added, "Palestine will never be another Andalusia, there is much difference between here and there; here it is our land, it is the land of our ancestors, but there it was the land of others, we were the invaders, that is why the Arabs left.

"Palestine is not Andalusia; we were born here and we die here."

The author is a Palestinian journalist based in Bethlehem.
1 ) Zainab / UK
01/12/2012 18:23
Most people in the UK also find the British governments stance on Palestine shameful. People of Palestine, please do not think that the successive British governments attitudes reflect those of us here in Britain, they don't. Many people in Britain love Palestine, and want nothing more than an end to your suffering & a return of your land to you. The succesive British governments are self serving & never listen to the people who elect them. There is no real 'democracy' in the UK & we all suffer.

2 ) Fred / UK
02/12/2012 00:30
The average person in UK does not know what the government all about,well informed people in the UK want Palestine to be a state recognised by the whole world,it is not a secret William Hague is a friend of Israel and he will do his utmost to protect his friends.I am for one is very disappointed when William Hague tried to pressurise the Palestinian leaders before thursday vote in the UN,I am glad they did not succumb to any of this pressure this time. Palestine must join the ICC at the Hague !

3 ) Tibi / Tubas
02/12/2012 00:51
1- PALESTINIANS deserve to Negotiate Unconditionally, for borders that were never previously part of a Palestinian state, and 2- until Palestinians reach a negotiated agreement with the state, that they have tried to destroy for decades, and are still commited to destroying now, 3- they DO NOT EVEN DESERVE THE "OBSERVER" STATUS, that was preiously theirs !!!

4 ) gabi / australia
02/12/2012 01:11
Zainab - same as here in Australia.

5 ) Outlier / USA
03/12/2012 03:15
Palestine has to SHOW it deserves it.

6 ) Elisheva / USA
03/12/2012 17:56
Palestine has forgiven too much already: I've seen the refugee camps from 1948, so much patience have these amazing and special people had, so much tolerance for all the world where they have been forced to flee, so much peace and hospitality ... If there truly is a "God's chosen people" we must rethink who it is, and who the true inhabitants and inheritors of the Holy Land called Palestine really are.

7 ) Henri / France
05/12/2012 19:58
Silly questions!! 20 Million refugee fled their homeland after WW2. None of them is anymore a refugee. ~half a million Arabs fled after a war they declared and lost, and 65 years later they have a permanent refugee status, and so do their children and grandchildren, all payed by the UN. From 47 up to 67 nobody spoke about a state named Palestine. Why didn't King Hussein or Nasser create such a state? Who demands that Russia give back Koenigsberg's area to Germany?

8 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
06/12/2012 17:12
The old (Palestinian) man added, " ... here it is our land, it is the land of our ancestors ... " and that is exactly why this whole, damn conflict has existed: Whose land IS it ??? ... The Palestinians reference their ancestors; we reference our ancestors. (So, Rashid, we'll just have to leave it up to All_h and see whose side HE is on.) ... and 1 MORE point for that old Palestinian if you ever see him again: No, our Zionist leaders never did bet that old Palestinians would die and (cont.)

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
06/12/2012 17:12
new generations would forget. It was the exact OPPOSITE. How do I know this ??? ... because that's why after the U.N. Partition Plan passed and even after when we declared independence and got more land we always said at every step of the conflict let the (other Arabs) and Palestinians remain in place where they are in PEACE with us. David Ben-Gurion (and other Zionists) knew full-blast the Arabs'/Palestinians' attachment for the land would never be forgotten. So, back then, as much (cont.)

10 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
06/12/2012 17:13
as our Zionist forebears wanted to expel the Palestinians once war began, they were always realistic enough to know first try and give peaceful co-existence a chance, war or no war. Unfortunately, war happened and we're not going back to those hopes and conditions of 64 or 65 damn years ago. Too much has CHANGED. @ 6), Don't ever reference "G_d's chosen people" to us by implying that's our excuse for how we behave towards the Palestinians. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

11 ) @ the Author / USA
08/12/2012 23:18
"PALESTINIANS can trust the Western countries when they speak about a real Palestinain independent state with full sovereignty", but since the their new state state never had borders, it MUST NEGOTIATE FOR BORDERS, with the state that controls the lands they claim !! And, PALESTINIANS MUST COMPROMISE TO REACH AN AGREEMENT, OR PALESTINE WILL REMAIN JUST A "PAPER STATE", that essentially exists only on UN stattionary, rather than ever become a "real independent state with any sovereignty" !!!
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