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Hamas, Jihad leaders welcome UN recognition of Palestine
Published Friday 30/11/2012 (updated) 03/12/2012 19:12
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Palestinians hold Fatah flags and posters of President Mahmoud Abbas
in Gaza City, guarded by Hamas security forces, as they celebrate the
UN vote for Palestine, Nov. 30, 2012. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Top Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials on Friday welcomed the recognition of Palestine as a non-member state at the United Nations, the signature move of their political rival Fatah.

Since Israel's eight-day war on Gaza ended last week, the long-warring factions have made a number of concessions, raising hopes they might reconcile their separate governments in the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas, which rules Gaza, had rejected the UN bid, which is a key part of the diplomatic strategy of Fatah leader President Mahmoud Abbas.

Along with fellow Islamists Islamic Jihad, Hamas softened its stance after the Gaza war, which was regarded locally as a success for the parties' military wings.

Hamas Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh said Friday that the vote was a culmination of Gaza's victory and an affirmation of Palestinian steadfastness.

Addressing a rally in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners in Gaza City, Haniyeh said he had been following the progress of the bid, and thanked the 138 countries that voted in favor on Thursday night.

He said the movement welcomed the bid, while continuing its policy of not recognizing Israel and "not giving up an inch of Palestinian land."

The Secretary-General of Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Shalah, echoed Haniyeh's comments, calling the vote a "historic moment."

The acceptance of Palestine as non-member state in the UN will return Palestine to its real people, he said.

But the movement also added its caveat, with Shalah saying that the bid should not "remove a large part of Palestinians' rights under the banner of negotiations and international legitimacy."

Islamic Jihad and Hamas accuse the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in the West Bank of giving up on the right of Palestinian refugees to return to homes they were expelled from in Israel's 1948 war for independence.

Both parties refer to Israel as part of Palestine, although senior Hamas officials including politburo chief Khalid Mashaal say they seek a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, in line with Abbas' policy.

Mashaal said the UN vote would "unify Palestinian national efforts" as part of the reconciliation process with Abbas's Fatah movement.

"I told Abu Mazen (Abbas) we want this move to be part of a national Palestinian strategy," Mashaal said in an interview with Reuters.
1 ) @ Hamas & Jihad leaders / Welcome Negotiations
30/11/2012 16:13
Neither a UN resolution, nor an international court ruling, can give Palestine the borders that it claims today, but never had in 1948 or 1967, so Palestine can negotiate borders unconditionally, or it's sovereignty will NOT expand beyond West Bank Areas A/B and Gaza, and until then, if as Abu Mazen says, "Palestine wants to live in peace and security alongside the state of Israel", then Palestine must stop the bombing and abduction attempts, and the aiming of Fajr-5 rockets at Israeli cities !!

2 ) southparkbear / usa
30/11/2012 16:19
whyli whyli, every palestinian got 2 BMW $10K a month

3 ) The Watcher / ME
30/11/2012 16:55
"I told Abu Mazen (Abbas) we want this move to be part of a national Palestinian strategy," Mashaal said in an interview with Reuters."

I think you'll find the support was for the Pal people, and not for some bunch of Islamofascist gangsters whose only contribution has been to bring misery upon them.

4 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/11/2012 20:09
The U.N. Palestinian upgrade has only boosted Palestinian patriotic unity. Yes, in the eyes of 138 nations, the "nation" of Palestine has been "born." It was truly (at least historically) a significant day--Nov. 29, 2012--exactly 65 years to the day after the U.N. Partition Plan vote to birth Israel. As I've always said, the only true vision of complete and total Palestinian unity and reconciliation lies east of the Jordan River, where Palestinians already have their actual nation on (cont.)

5 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/11/2012 20:20
approx. 80% of historic (Ottoman Empire), whole Palestine. The train of Palestinian unity, nonetheless, appears to be moving in the right direction but it's moving on completely the wrong track. So let the Palestinians have their joy and celebration; let Hamas, Fatah and the other dozen or so factions have their mutual hugs, kisses and handshake-pumping; let the Palestinian flags fly sky-high. The Palestinians will now see whether their efforts of making their "nation" will bear real fruit.

6 ) Robert / US
30/11/2012 23:02
Blue skies heading your way !!!. Viva Palestina !!Long live Palestine .

7 ) uri ben lardarse / isreal
01/12/2012 00:02
islamic jihad -hamas's military wing

8 ) carine / UK
01/12/2012 17:25
#1 - "Then Palestine must stop the bombing bla bla bla...." Remind me sonny, how many rockets have been fired into Israeli cities since the ceasefire? How many Israelis have been killed or injured by Palestinians since the ceasefire? How many Palestinians have been killed or injured by IOF since the ceasefire? Now tell me - who is it wants peace??

9 ) @ Carine-8 / USA
02/12/2012 00:39
Answer for yourself 3 Question about "who wants peace?": 1- who where those "Palestinians killed or injured, since the ceasefire," 2- what were they doing in the area, where so many bombs have been planted, and so many abductions have been attempted, and 3- why did Islamic militants groups say that these young men died as martyrs fighting for the cause ???

10 ) ABE / USA
02/12/2012 01:02
T0 #8, I am glad that there this a ceasefire. But you must be questioning if what you say is true, then why hasn't the powerful Hamas military hit back? could it be that they are"afraid" to start again. That they have been warned by Egypt to stop!!

11 ) Debra Bowser / Canada
02/12/2012 02:02
The reason why this recognition has come to pass is that the world has seen the truth about the apartheid in Israel, the ceaseless lies have been uncovered about Hamas being a terrorist organization and other than a few radical leaders in the west and Israel itself we all want Palestinians to be treated like human beings again. It is a shame that some Israelis continue to spread their hate mantra but there are many Jews worldwide and in Israel that support this.

12 ) carine / UK
02/12/2012 22:45
#10 - Unknown/USA - 1- Unarmed youths chanting and waving Palestinian flags. 2- Demonstrating (as is their right) against the Gaza blockade and the occupation. 3- You're confusing the issue - yes, an Islamic militant spokesman did say that a young man died as a martyr for the cause - he died yesterday from injuries sustained during the bombardment of Gaza a couple of weeks ago...

13 ) carine / UK
02/12/2012 23:48
#10 - Israel had hoped by now to be in on the ground for it's war with Hamas, but despite the many provocations from Israel ie, shooting at and killing of demonstrators, drones still in the skies of Gaza, Hamas is at least keeping their end of the bargain. Whatever their reasons, we should all be glad that there are no more bombs wiping out whole families and devastating whole communities. If only IOF could learn to control their twitchy trigger-fingers...sigh.
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