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Israeli bus segregation plans 'blatant racism'
Published Tuesday 27/11/2012 (updated) 28/11/2012 21:11
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem on Tuesday condemned the Israeli transport ministry's plans for segregated bus lines for Palestinians and Israelis.

Israeli police have begun removing Palestinian passengers from buses at the request of Jewish settlers, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported Tuesday.

An army reservist told Haaretz that Israeli police stationed near Salfit had ordered Palestinians off buses multiple times, leaving them to walk several miles and then catch taxis home.

"The attempt at bus segregation is appalling, and the current arguments about 'security needs' and 'overcrowding' must not be allowed to camouflage the blatant racism of the demand to remove Palestinians from buses," B'Tselem executive director Jessica Montell said in a statement.

Settlement mayor Ron Nachman is working with the Israeli army, police and transport ministry to stop Palestinians boarding buses that go to Ariel, he wrote on his Facebook page.

"All of them are working on this problem, and we hope that they will soon find a solution to the reality that is bothering our people," he wrote.

Responding to the post, one commenter wrote "finally you remembered that we have buses filled with Arabs?" while others commented that Palestinians were "terrorists" and "monkeys."
1 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/11/2012 20:14
Perhaps other nations should inaugurate 'gentiles only' transportation. Actually, that's been done. Who was it again?

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
27/11/2012 20:20
And bus bombings are blatant war crimes.

3 ) ronen / israel
27/11/2012 20:23
they blew up a bus just last week

27/11/2012 22:21

5 ) Emile / Palestine
27/11/2012 22:25
A country set up as a Jewish nation, for Jews only, is not racism. But a bus that only allows Jews is? Wake up Israeli left. Zionism is racism. Wake up western countries. ZIONISM IS RACISM!

6 ) shirley / australia
27/11/2012 23:26
rhe true face of these so called settlers paid infiltrators by Isreali gov despicable low lifes that are full of hate just like most Isrealis it is them that are the illegal ones and this act must be told in UN these people are NAZIS they are no different to HITLERS brown shirts thugs and bullies as for religion give us abreak any one who worships amosque wall and knows it is not part of their religion is acunning fake and only has hate and greed in his heartnot GOD

7 ) matt / usa
28/11/2012 00:28
Only in a trully democratic society can the cries of racism be heard and challenged

8 ) gabi / australia
28/11/2012 01:12
WHAT????? Does this remind you of certain times in Europe in the early part of the 20th century? And how did all that end? Is that what Israel wants to happen to the Palestinians? This is absolutely outrageous. The settlers are the true terrorists and the lame IDF and police fall into line to do their bidding. 400000 settlers hold the rest of Israel captive to their vile actions. What a joke that country has become. A real pariah in the eyes of the rest of the world, courtesy of the settlers

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/11/2012 01:44
matt #7 'Only in a trully democratic society can the cries of racism be heard and challenged' Only if you're Jewish, of course. If you're Palestinian, you're likely to be shot.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/11/2012 01:46
To Brian Cohen #2 'And bus bombings are blatant war crimes.' You might want to think about that carefully. How can you stage a 'Palestinian bus bombing' if you never let Palestinians on the bus?

11 ) Emile / Palestine
28/11/2012 10:25
#2 &3, Yes blowing up buses is wrong. So is not allowing refugees to go back to their homes. Palestinians refugees have the right to return to their homes under international law. Stop being racists and let them go home. Then there will be no more bus bombings or rockets.

12 ) Cloud Cuckoo / Land
28/11/2012 16:49
11) "Stop being racists and let them go home. Then there will be no more bus bombings or rockets."

Oh really! Do you mean like when the rockets and bombs stopped after they Gave them Gaza?

13 ) AT Jr. / Japan
28/11/2012 16:56
No wonder. For those who never acknowledge that all the settlements are illegal in accord with the international law, any action implemented based on the racism imposed on Palestinians would be justifiable. What's next?

14 ) e.thorn / usa
28/11/2012 21:34
at cloud> they? Israel did not give them Gaza.....the Palestinians already lived in Gaza for generations, they? Israel took the rest of Palestine, including the 500 villages they destroyed.

15 ) maria da concei??a / brasil
28/11/2012 21:41
S? ? racismo quando voc?s judeus sionistas s?o ofendidos ? Me poupem , saiam das terras que invadiram ,n?o lhes pertencem ! Onde est? a ONISSA ,quer dizer , a ONU OMISSA????????

16 ) maria da concei??o / brasil
28/11/2012 21:55
Por que meu coment?rio n?o foi publicado ? ABSURDOOOOOOOOOOO ! E a mat?ria de vcs fala em discrimina??o !!!!

17 ) shayneo / Australia
30/11/2012 10:29
Rosa Parks must be rolling in her grave. Shameful

18 ) Stephan / Canada
01/12/2012 18:22
"After January 1933, the Jews became the "Untermenschen" - the sub-humans...on buses, trains and park benches, Jews had to sit on seats marked for them. Children at schools were taught specifically anti-Semitic ideas.." When you pick up the stones and arrows thrown at you, so you can throw them at someone else, you lose whatever sympathy and credibility that came with the first stone.

19 ) Shawn / Canada
01/12/2012 18:58
Clearly, israel isnt interested in peace. And they are deservedly losing support from allies for it.

20 ) doddi / iceland
01/12/2012 19:14
Crimes against humanity! Those who are involved will now be brought to justice for this genocide!

21 ) Francesca / Italy
01/12/2012 19:16
What about the yellow star? Did they forgot?

22 ) Irony / Germany
01/12/2012 19:20
Once we were the nazis, now you ARE the nazis. What an irony

23 ) Daniel / Australia
01/12/2012 19:48
The Jewish people who were once persecuted by the Nazis have, instead of turning to love and compassion for their fellow humans, embraced hatred, and now persecute the Palestinians with the same vigor once reserved for themselves. Hamas are not without fault and they are not necessarily representative of their people but who can blame a group of individuals for defending their country from a people who have invaded their country without claim.

24 ) Johnny / Netherlands
01/12/2012 19:52
This is really unacceptable, i wonder if this Transport Minister actually knows what happened to his people in ' 40-' 45. After that he should know better

25 ) Marek Warsaw / Poland
02/12/2012 00:29
shit. In my country once there was once "nur fur Deutch" plates on buses. Why they are doing the same stuff to other people since they and we experienced it on ourselves?

26 ) Jew in the US / US
02/12/2012 01:59
Don't confuse the acts of the horrible Israeli government with the thoughts and wishes of the Jews of the world. I'm an American Jew, and I can't stand Israel's government.

27 ) Szymon / Poland
02/12/2012 09:37
a Nazi is some kinde of nation?

28 ) Slawek / Poland
02/12/2012 14:47
I agree with Irony. Seems history likes to repeat itself. WWII first, then apartheid in South Africa. What you people would do next? Mark palestinians with some sort of sign to distinguish them from yourself?

29 ) Joe Rizoli / USA
02/12/2012 20:29
I guess when the Israelis stop shooting Palestinian children as target practice and killing whole families maybe the bus bombings will stop. When you treat people like animals and they loose family and places to live they have nothing to live for except revenge. The Jews practice one set of rules for themselves in Israel and another here in America

30 ) Edward / Poland
02/12/2012 21:37
A victim becomes an aggressor. The only solution is forgivness. Other options are illusive.

31 ) buntyboy / usa
02/12/2012 22:14
we americans are ashamed of our corrupt goverment for supporting the terrorist nation of israel, our goverment and senators are all traitors and its time to bring out the firing squads, the usa has been hijacked by the zionists..shame on the usa..
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