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Ashrawi says PLO has submitted UN bid
Published Tuesday 27/11/2012 (updated) 28/11/2012 18:30
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The PLO has submitted a final draft resolution to the UN General Assembly, PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi said Tuesday.

Ashrawi told Ma'an the final resolution was submitted on Monday afternoon to the UN in New York, requesting an upgrade of Palestine's UN status to an "observer state." The UN General Assembly is expected to pass the resolution on Thursday.

The submission puts an end to attempts to pressure the PA to amend the wording of the resolution.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported Tuesday that Israel was negotiating with the US to seek additional clauses to the resolution, following warnings by US officials that President Mahmoud Abbas would not back down from the bid.

Haaretz reported that Israel wanted the resolution to include a clause stating that Palestine would reject membership of the International Criminal Court, where it could charge Israeli leaders with war crimes.

Israel was also seeking a clause stating that the decision grants the PLO no sovereignty over occupied Palestinian land and a commitment to renew negotiations without preconditions.

Britain had indicated that it would support Abbas' UN bid but wanted assurances that the resolution would not be used to join the ICC or other UN bodies, the Financial Times reported Monday.

Asked whether Palestine would file complaints with the International Criminal Court, Ashrawi told Ma'an that it would be left to the Palestinian leadership to decide.

She reiterated that the Palestinian Authority would not abandon any of the inalienable Palestinian rights guaranteed by international law.

Ashrawi said efforts to recruit support for the status upgrade were ongoing, but said Palestine had enough support to pass the resolution.

France said on Tuesday it would vote in favor of Palestinian non-member status at the United Nations.

"This Thursday or Friday, when the question is asked, France will vote yes," Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced in the lower house of parliament.

Portugal is also supporting the resolution, Foreign Minister Paulo Portas said last week in Brussels.

"If we say to the Palestinians that the right way is not violence but rather political negotiations, when the Palestinian Authority goes to UNGA, asking not to be Member-State but rather an Observer State, if Europe then closes the door to the Palestinians it will lose its credibility and relevance," Portas said.

"For Portugal the main message is this: if we consider that Palestine has the right to its own state one day, how can we close the door if they chose the way of peace, by going to UNGA, the most multilateral institution in the world, where they ask to become an Observer State?" the minister added.

Meanwhile the Palestinian Authority emphasized the significance of the UN step as a step toward the realization of Palestinians' inalienable national and political rights.

In a statement, the PA cabinet also welcomed with appreciation the international support, both official and popular, for the UN bid.
1 ) mohamed / somalia
27/11/2012 17:06
you will given a seat of honor at the table of nations god willing insha?allah .you deserved bravo aleik YA ABBAS and those who work hard for this issue.
long live palestine , long live palestine. aamiin

27/11/2012 17:52

3 ) Paul / USA
27/11/2012 19:17
to Mohamed & Mohammed Abu Rish: As believers in Allah & Covenant of Promise from Ibrahim our father, we must realize all of this move by Abbas is only secondary to the pressure put upon Israel to repent and cry unto Allah for the right government, which is not a democracy patterned after Rome, but rather a true monarchy under the King of Allah's choice of The Book, Deuteronomy 17:14-20 & Holy Koran, Surah 54:54-55 The Son of David. Peace upon all the Prophets & the Israel and Ishmael of Allah.

4 ) @3)paul/usa / m.a-r
27/11/2012 20:03
1 is not 2 ..i'm not religious.. whatever the hell you are talkin about..;p

5 ) Tibi / Tubas
27/11/2012 21:52
With the UN Bid submitted, and certain to pass, Palestine will be a state, and:
1- Palestine has sovereignty in Gaza and Area A, and largely Area B, and
2- Israel has NO reason to offer addtional sovereignty over additional areas,
unless it is beneficial to Israel, which essentially means that
3- PALESTINE WILL HAVE TO SURRENDER to Israeli border demands
( keeping E. Jerusalem, Areas C, E, etc.) and also ethnic demands too
( refugee return into areas that are in Palestine) !!!

6 ) shirley / australia
27/11/2012 23:00
what afarce the whole idea of this vte was to lock in borders and make pals a country under occupation not apeople any demnas making them loose any rights by getting upgrade must be rejected palas have been reduced to voiceless people now is the time to give them astrong diplomatic voice and seat at UN no conditions and GOD ordained UNESCO vote and pals have enough votes to carry vote without US/ISREAL and even EUlesson to all cowards not voting IN GOD AND TRUTH WE TRUST

7 ) Haghal Jaqul / Iran
27/11/2012 23:12
These are steps not only towards peace, but also towards justice. The goal must be joining the ICC and bringing Israeli criminals to justice. This is what Israel is trying to avoid.

8 ) shirley / AUSTRALIA
27/11/2012 23:52
PA and staements by SHAATH woorying and EU will not support pal state against US and thiseu some saying they support pal state iswell cunning amonouver by US EU to trick pals into believing they have support and may make small nations who were afraid but going to vote YES to abstain this is stupid of PA at this stage they know better than to trust EU and only the vote will prove just like UNESCO who said yes many EU but voted NO this is same game palyed as always right to last Minute PA /PLO MUS

9 ) Hussam / Palestine
28/11/2012 06:10
Is it just me or people here don't know how to write comments ?! Spelling mistakes, syntax errors, capitalization where it doesn't belong, makes it nearly impossible to comprehend ideas. Please people !!! Put more effort in writing coherent, articulated comments.

10 ) Julie / USA
28/11/2012 07:59
i think it's absolutely hilarious that izrahell has been completely thwarted by the submission of the bid. nasty little demons couldn't stop or change the inalienable rights of Pals and their determination to live in a FREE PALESTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 ) Majority of democracies suppor / Ireland
28/11/2012 11:56
A very large majority of countries with democratically contested parliaments will vote in favour of Palestine joining the United Nations led by the world's largest democracies India and Indonesia, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, France, Denmark, Lebanon, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Portugal, Switzerland, Malaysia, Malta, Serbia, Albania, Nicaragua, Cyprus, Czech, Slovakia, Nambia, Mongolia, Hungary, Bosnia, Georgia, Paraguay, Montenegro, Costa Rica, Dominician Republic, Uruguay, Peru

12 ) Lynx / Ps
28/11/2012 16:11
Tibi, you rhetorical fool. All of the West Bank belongs to Palestine. Thats the whole point of the resolution. We might be generous to negotiate your withdrawal terms and timetable and land swaps 1:1. Drag feet and we drag your sorry asses to the Hague.
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