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Hamas chief announces support for UN bid
Published Monday 26/11/2012 (updated) 28/11/2012 00:41
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Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal and President Abbas pictured in
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Hamas chief-in-exile Khalid Mashaal telephoned President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday to confirm the Islamist movements' support for the upcoming UN bid, the official news agency Wafa reported.

Hamas reiterated Mashaal's call in a statement stressing that the Nov. 29 bid must be based on a nationalistic vision and strategy which upholds the inalienable rights of the Palestinians.

The UN move should also be based on strong Palestinian principles, the most important of which is resistance, the party said.

Hamas has dismissed previous attempts by Abbas to promote the Palestinian cause on the diplomatic stage. "This signals that Hamas is showing greater flexibility towards reconciliation than any time before," said political analyst Hani Habib.

Hamas might struggle to explain its new position to some of its hardline supporters. As recently as Saturday, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar had urged Abbas not to go to New York.

Abbas's UN initiative "represents an ... official concession of the 1948 land," Zahar told reporters.

Speaking to hundreds of supporters in Ramallah on Sunday, Abbas vowed he would speed up unity efforts after he returns from the UN vote.

Mashaal stressed to Abbas that political reconciliation is a necessity and should be achieved "in light of the positive atmosphere following the victory of our people in Gaza."

Reconciliation talks have repeatedly stumbled since Hamas and Fatah signed an Egyptian-brokered reconciliation agreement in May 2011, but Israel's eight-day war on the Gaza Strip which ended Wednesday gave political impetus to ending the division.

In a rare conciliatory move between the rival factions, Hamas announced Friday that it would grant an amnesty to all suspects and prisoners related to its conflict with Fatah in 2006.

The Palestinian Authority responded with a similar gesture, saying it would release all Hamas prisoners held for political reasons in the coming days.

PLO official Nabil Shaath also said that Hamas party representatives in the West Bank would begin to participate in high-level political meetings, including sessions of the executive committee of the PLO.
1 ) Anonymous / Pali
26/11/2012 13:00
It's about time.

2 ) Paul / USA
26/11/2012 16:52
Sounds good,... but we all know the deal breaker here is the same as it always has been. Fatah recognizes Israel and it right to exist. Hamas does not. That is what is written in any agreement between Fatah and Hamas and IS THE EMPASSE. Solution,... change it to read "upon reaching a justifiable land swap AFTER the UN acceptance of PA nonobserver state status, PA will begin fresh negotiations with Israel through which joint recognitions, possible land swaps and agreements will be decided."

3 ) LOL mashaal knows he will / Rule WEST BANK
26/11/2012 17:21
soon he is getting a READY MADE COUNTRY, MEMBER OF UN for his EXPANDING CALIPHATE good move

4 ) Esam / Venezuela
26/11/2012 17:57
Paul, Israeli cabinets have always had former Zionist terrorist members and/or political parties who either were against the creation of a Palestinian state and/or called for the Palestinians to be expelled. The Palestinians never made it a negotiating condition for any Israeli Prime Minister to get its cabinet rid of these anti-Palestine politicians. What this news means is that Hamas is finally secure in itself to get concessions from the Jewish State. In other words, we got you by the balls!!

5 ) Hamas is a home team / Ramallah
26/11/2012 18:52
Mashaal is not a villan He is a palestinian Its his country too Its not a hijacking like the Us did when hamas won legitamate elections Us always Talking about democracy, hahahahahahaha

6 ) Einar Steinn Valgar?sson / Iceland
26/11/2012 20:08
Any comment from Haniyeh or the Hamas leadership in Gaza? Do they concur with Mashaal's statement?

7 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
26/11/2012 22:52
@ 2), Yes, you're correct about Fatah's and Hamas' different positions on recognizing us but I'm afraid your solution will go nowhere. Even after the U.N. Palestinian upgrade not only won't there be any "justifiable" land trades there won't be ANY land trades at all ... NEVER. As I've posted repeatedly, we will NEVER recognize a (second) Palestinian nation west of that Jordan River, despite all the hopes (translation: lies and deceptions) our government says. @ 4), You're also (cont.)

8 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
26/11/2012 23:07
largely correct in your assessment of our cabinets. Your fault lies in believing that because of that Hamas has the high "moral" ground to extract concessions from us (grabbing us "by the balls") in order to make "peace" (to settle on at least some type of mutual, non-aggressive, political status; in Arabic: a Hudna). No-o-o-o-o-o ... that's because if, beyond that, there will ever be a real, authentic peace between us and Fatah, Hamas (and all the Palestinians) we will not make it (cont.)

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
26/11/2012 23:24
with them; they will make it with US (or there will never be a real, authentic peace). I already see the seeds of continuous discord between Fatah/Hamas (and Hamas, internally). Now Mashaal supports the U.N. Palestinian upgrade while al-Zahar still says no, even though Mashaal has greatly moved towards Fatah to enhance Palestinian "unity." Mashaal still says "unity" must be based on inalienable Palestinian rights. Like having "East" Jerusalem ??? ... Right-of-Return ??? R-i-i-i-i-i-i-g-h-t.

10 ) gabi / australia
27/11/2012 00:17
PAUL - And before commencing these fresh negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, add something along the lines "Likud recognises the Palestinians' right to a state, and changes will be made to the Likud Charter to put this into effect."

11 ) Rami / Palestine
27/11/2012 13:30
#7,8,9...the Zionist troll strikes again. He supports peace and justice and yet also wants to push Palestinians into Jordan and refuses to recognize their existence in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem while simultaneously crying waaaahhhhh Hamas doesn't recognize a Jewish state, Palestinians won't refuse to recognize a Jewish state. Cry me a river, Yehuda. You a re bigot, a racist, and supporter of ethnic cleansing and apartheid. Demand recognition but refuse to recognize. Shut up.

12 ) Paul / USA
27/11/2012 18:30
Yehuda and Rami: What do you think of a the third party claim as owner of the Holy/Temple Mount based upon the Covenant and all the Prophets? See http://www.greatprincemichael.com Looks like ONE STATE under this claim with a King or monarchy under the Son of David. Could you two guys live with that?
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