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Israel 'disappointed' with US stance on UN bid
Published Sunday 25/11/2012 (updated) 26/11/2012 12:41
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TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) -- Israeli leaders are disappointed that the US is not putting more pressure on President Mahmoud Abbas to call off his bid for upgraded UN status this week, Israeli daily Maariv reported Sunday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman have strongly criticized the US for their reticence, the report said.

Israeli leaders expressed their frustration to US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton when she visited Israel earlier this week amid the conflict in Gaza.

The US has stood by Israel in its condemnation of the diplomatic move as unilateral and unhelpful for peace talks.

But according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Clinton urged Israel not to punish Abbas' administration for the bid.

Israeli officials have threatened various punitive actions, including withdrawing Palestinian tax revenues, supporting more settlement building, and canceling past agreements.

Fatah official Abbas Zaki said Sunday that Clinton had successfully persuaded Israel to call off punitive measures.

Maariv said Israeli officials, knowing they could no longer avert the bid, were trying to pick off supporters to prevent a landslide vote in favor.
1 ) AKeenReader / UK
25/11/2012 10:53
I would urge Palestinians & Fatah officials not to trust the US. They should know that US has never favoured Palestinians evens in the Gaza war & are two faced. The US knows that the bid will succeed in UNGA thus can't do anything to change other govts minds so are now sitting on the fence.

2 ) abu mazen SALAH A DIN / of the PALESTINIANS
25/11/2012 11:52
they will have a state with a name they cannot even PRONUNCE!! KUDOS

3 ) shirley / australia
25/11/2012 12:36
what do they want it is garbagew US has done everything to halt UN BID threats even death threats to ABBASS and PA and thretas against PLO wars and schemes against Syria the US wants pal state less than Isreal and maan shoukld stip trying to hide this with this fake news US is probably at this minute trying to sway UNGA vote for it to fail US also backed Isreals murderous assault on GAZA encouraging it with EU bar starting another war there is little US can do except trap pals with another OSLO

4 ) shirley / australia
25/11/2012 12:44
and pals should be extremly careful letting US writew UNGA resolution on vote CARTER trapped and totally supressed Isreal soverignty over SINAI and so called peace advocates can give far too much grounfd all PAL factions should have say ion what is written it is about ending occupation not yrs more of talks about nothing and much of OSlo shouyld be abandonded after vote PA were to balme signing OSLO without LEGAL advice and were warnedof its TRAPS but ignored advice do not lat this happenagain

5 ) Julie / USA
25/11/2012 14:40
to izrahell: punishing Pals for their LEGAL universal human right to seek self determiniation via statehood is unethical, immoral and criminal. any punishment will only isolate izrael more and invite greatly increased condemnation, disgust and loathing upon themselves by the world community. amazes me how blind izrael is. and they think they're intelligent? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 ) Paul / USA
25/11/2012 15:37
"punitive actions???" Israel has one move left, the only move that is correct according to Deuteronomy17:14-20, the one move the believers of all three faith stems to Abraham know is the right one. It is time for the believers to prevail through Allah and the Son of David, the legimate owner of the Holy Mount according to I Chronicle 21:24-26, II Chronicles 3:1. May he soon appear to convert Israel and rally the believers to a monarchy of Allah's choice (Holy Koran 54:54-55) Long live the King!!

7 ) Elisheva / U.S.A.
25/11/2012 16:18
Do the Palestinians have anything else to lose?

8 ) N / GER
25/11/2012 16:47
PA bid at UN more dangerous to the Zionist than missiles. Abbas will get the recognition. He will fight the vermin destroy it slowly but surely, even without weapons

9 ) Mel / USA
25/11/2012 17:54
Mr.Abbas! For over 1/2 A CENTURY,the 3 PRIMARY forces blocking Palestine's legal,rightful freedom,have been(colonial)Zionism,(client)Israel &(host)US Govt,&their cowardly Euro-politicians,who also IGNORE the voice of their respective Vox Pox!The UN global CONSENSUS knows the right thing to do! Even USG,& its client states,really WANT drop the regressive burden of Zionism.IT'S TIME!So,Palestinian factions MUST unite as nationals & IGNORE USG&Israeli threats &dictates.Never kneel B4 bullies! EVER!

10 ) Amin / The Netherlands
25/11/2012 19:19
Mr. Abbas ; Go for it ! First step after a succesfull UN-upgrade status for Palestine must be Palestinian reconcilliation. pls. don't wait longer to achieve this important goal.

11 ) Edithann / USA
26/11/2012 00:05
Abbas has to go to the UN 'NOW'! No turning back, not even a thought to turn back...Hamas made him look like the jackass he is..but he's all they have at the moment to represent themselves at the UN.
I hope the Palestinians petition to the ICC is ready to be presented...after all, Abbas has a habit for waiting ....look how long he's made the Palestinians wait and how much they've suffered...

Viva Palestine and especially the brave Palestinians Freedom Fighters...


12 ) Pakinpastor / USA
26/11/2012 00:16
I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I pray that the True King would come and take His reign. I pray that all the non-belivers would have their eyes opened to the Truth. He is Yeshua, the Son of David, the soon coming King of Israel. All the hatred for the true heirs of the land, by covenant in the Holy scriptures, is unwarranted and unjustified. Their roots are there in the land and can be prooven to anyone that is willing to listen to the Truth. It is so sad that there are so many who hate......

13 ) gabi / australia
26/11/2012 00:40
Go for it, Abbas! # 2 - don't understand the point you are making - who can't pronounce what? And is your mis-spelling intentional? I have missed your point completely. Pity, because it may have been a good point.

14 ) Reader / from Edmonton
26/11/2012 06:13
1948, Israel unilaterally declares statehood within defined borders. 2012, Palestine unilaterally declares statehood within defined borders. Question, what is to be done with the balance of the undeclared territory illegally claimed by Israel?

15 ) Paul / USA
27/11/2012 15:30
#14) It is supposed to become the new Palestinian State. Obama has suggested land swaps between the two states to try and satisfy security concerns for Israel. Another problem that exists is that there is no current land corridor for people to travel to and from Gaza all within a PA State. So there we can see a desirable land swap for the Pals as well to acquire said corridor. The question is still Jerusalem and Holy Mount. A third party claim there is pending which can be the real surprise.

16 ) Rachid / The Netherlands
27/11/2012 19:21
I've never understood that Abbas was waiting on approval from the US and the EU. Everybody knows theu speak and act in different tongs! The US is ruled by the Zionazi's: look at congress (no, you don't have to be a jew to be a Zionazi). The same is in Europe: all these so called Socilaists are - in differenet measurement - Zionazi sympethizers.
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