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Gaza children return to rubble-strewn schools
Published Saturday 24/11/2012 (updated) 29/11/2012 02:24
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Palestinian school girls inspect their school, damaged in an Israeli
airstrike, in Gaza City Nov. 24, 2012. (Reuters/Ahmed Zakot)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Pupils returning to schools in the Gaza Strip on Saturday found many had been reduced to rubble after Israel's eight-day bombardment of the coastal enclave.

Gaza's ministry of education said 52 schools had sustained moderate to severe damage during the Israeli bombing campaign.

Ministry director Mahmoud Matar said after visiting schools on Saturday that the scale of the wreckage was close to that of Israel's 2008-9 war on the Gaza Strip.

He said reconstruction of Gaza's schools would cost approximately $4 million. Some were hit directly by Israeli airstrikes, while others were damaged by hits on nearby buildings, Matar said.

Aid group Oxfam said earlier this week that an Israeli airstrike had destroyed one kindergarten it has funded in Gaza City, and left another damaged.

The UN Mine Action Service is surveying damaged schools and found one unexploded F16 missile next to a severely damaged school in Tal El-Rabee on Thursday, the UN humanitarian affairs office said.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on Thursday expressed "deep concern at the devastating and lasting impact the crisis in Gaza and Israel is having on children." At least 33 Palestinian children were killed in Israel's aerial bombardment.

"Destruction of homes and damage to schools, streets and other public facilities gravely affect children and deprive them of their basic rights," the committee added.

Gaza ministry official Matar said the first day back to school on Saturday was dedicated to psychological support and voluntary work to clean the schools and remove rubble.

Meanwhile, pupils in schools that have been destroyed will take afternoon classes in other school buildings until their facilities are repaired or rebuilt, Matar said.

Headmistress of UN-sponsored al-Bureij girls preparatory school, Hanan Abu Yousif, was stunned when she found her school in pieces on Saturday morning.

"The school that used to win competitions has been turned into rubble," she said.
1 ) Amira / Canada
24/11/2012 22:19
of course, there is no photos of these crimes in the western media.

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/11/2012 22:28
Yep, war sucks. Bigtime. Makes you wonder why Hamas and Jihad want to create more martyrs and at the same time want to educate them ... waste of resources, no? And those UN toadies whining and moaning. We all know it's just part of them doing whatever they can to keep their unique and overpaid jobs. Here in Israel we'll also repair the damaged schools, but at least we invest in civil defense to protect our kids, while Hamas invests only in missiles to kill.

3 ) schools that stored / rockets
24/11/2012 23:17
not nice

4 ) Tibi / Tubas
24/11/2012 23:19
THE HAMAS GOVERNEMNT is responsible for providing good books, teachers, and schools, but Gaza government PROVIDES ONLY "RUBBLE", and we should NOT ACCEPT THEIR LIES, or their blaming of Israel, for what Hamas is totally responsible !!!

5 ) Joseph / Russia
25/11/2012 00:28
Stupid hasbara followers. Anyone believe to you. The people know the truth. And the Jews know that Israel is the cause of these crimes. We are for justice for Palestinians and jail for Isreli Zionists. Hebraism isn't Zionism.

6 ) Robert / US
25/11/2012 00:40
To Brian Cohen Answer one thing and id like a list of 5 Things ISRAEL does to have PEACE in Palestine ?. For REAL not SMOKE.

7 ) gabi / australia
25/11/2012 01:17
Brian Cohen - every time Gaza tries to rebuild what Israel has destroyed in yet another "defensive" war, Israel bombs it again. Is it an accident that they bomb schools, tv stations, mosques, apartment buildings? And I note that Israel has again broken the truce by killing a kid who went too close to HIS SIDE of the border fence - yet Hamas has not retaliated. #3 - did you see rockets in schools? No - another lie. Remember Goebels? He said if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/11/2012 02:22
To Brian Cohen #2: 'but at least we invest in civil defense to protect our kids, while Hamas invests only in missiles to kill.' Show 'em up! Offer to sell them some 'Iron Dome' systems and see what they say.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/11/2012 02:26
To Robert #6: 'To Brian Cohen Answer one thing and id like a list of 5 Things ISRAEL does to have PEACE in Palestine ?' Don't be silly. Israel has to have an enemy, and the Palestinians are the ideal choice. Why would she want peace? For one, if she was at peace, there would go half her fan base.

10 ) @ Joseph-5 / FOOL or LIAR
25/11/2012 05:04
With (1) Iran and (2) Sudan collaborating to provide the Fajr-5 rockets, and (3) Egypt facilitating the their delivery, and (4) Hamas aiming them at Israeli civilians again, you are either a FOOL or a LIAR, to believe that (5) "Israel is the cause of these crimes", or even most of Gaza's problems. Instead as Tibi-4 writes, after becoming the elected government, "Hamas is totally responsible" for Gaza's welfare, and Hamas should help the people of Gaza, by NOT reimporting Fajr-5 rockets !!!

11 ) shirley / australia
25/11/2012 09:13
hitting children and kindergartens gunning down children with machine gun fire and attcking sports staduims well guess waht ISreal hides rockets and and nuke weapons in its schoolsa and under them in fact Isreal is nothing but arabbit warren of illegal weaponswhite phosphorous bombs and US experimental weapons to be used onIsreal perceived pal gunea pigs in GAZA and pals have right to resist and self defense just like warsaw jew terrorists did

12 ) Samira / Germany
25/11/2012 14:54
No, Israel is not responsible for this!
Its the terrorists of Hamas, who want to show the world their lies.
Israel wants peace, always, but how to have peace with terrorgroups who kill their own people if they came out for the true.
Look at the 6 Palestinian men who were killed only because they were not agree with Hamas.
And that was not the first time Hamas did this to their own people.

13 ) Johan / Belgium
25/11/2012 15:01
How is it possible that so many people believe in the lies of the terrorists of Hamas.
Maybe because the Bible is true?
It was already told in it.

14 ) Robert / US
26/11/2012 05:27
@ 12 are you for real ?.what do they do for PEACE ?. Anyone ?. Johan the Terrorist are the ones who worship the golden calf ?.No ?

15 ) Mohammed Zaid / Palestine
26/11/2012 06:08
Why we go in to too much argue. The whole problem is one word "occupation" End the Israeli occupation and it will be piece. And don't tell are withdrawn from gaza. They still control sky, sea and boarders. Same for west bank

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/11/2012 07:34
Notice how an article like this really sets the Zionists off. Their whole cause depends on not recognizing that those they torment are PEOPLE. Anything that reminds them of the fact drives 'em wild. It's like the holocaust -- it all has to be done far away, to abstractions. Never, never remind them that their victims are children -- and for God's sake, don't show them pictures.

17 ) Carol Scheller / s
26/11/2012 19:45
This article can be forwarded to French speakers from http://carol.blog.tdg.ch
The indifferent world needs to know.
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