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Medics: Man killed by Israeli fire near Gaza border
Published Friday 23/11/2012 (updated) 24/11/2012 13:45
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An Israeli tank withdraws from northern Gaza near Kubbutz Mefalsim.
(MaanImages/Moti Milrod, File)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces killed a 20-year-old Palestinian man near the Israeli border in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday morning, medical officials said.

Medics said Anwar Abdul Hadi Qudaih, 20, was hit in the head with a live bullet east of Khan Younis.

Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said 19 others were wounded by Israeli fire in the border area.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri accused Israel of violating the Egypt-mediated truce and said the group would complain to Cairo. "We will contact the Egyptian mediator to discuss the incident," he said.

Witnesses told Ma'an a group of citizens were gathering to perform Friday prayer on their land near the border.

A relative of the dead man, who was at the scene, told Reuters that Qudaih had been trying to place a Hamas flag on the fence. He added that an Israeli soldier had fired into the air three times before Qdeih was hit in the head by a bullet.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said that soldiers fired warning shots into the air to push back some 300 Palestinians who had gathered at different locations along the fence and who were attempting to breach the border.

"After the rioters did not comply, the soldiers responded by firing toward the legs of the rioters," she said.

Footage uploaded to YouTube showed people running as gunfire was heard.

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad Malki, speaking in Rome, called Friday's shooting "a clear violation of the agreement and should not be repeated".

Medics said four Palestinians were wounded by Israeli fire on Thursday near the fence. An army spokesman said 200 Palestinians approached the fence and "began rioting" before causing damage to the fence.

Wednesday's ceasefire deal ended eight days of fierce fighting that left some 170 Palestinians and six Israelis dead.

According to the terms of the accord, both Israelis and Palestinians agreed to stop their hostilities. However, the brief document left details on access to the tense border zone to be worked out in the days ahead.

Reuters contributed to this report.
1 ) Abu Alifa / Indonesia
23/11/2012 12:51
Israel La'natullah would never have goodwill. They are born for occupied,killing,and violating. don't ever trust to Zionist IsraHell!!
Indonesian Muslims always supporting Palertine..anytime,anycondition..ALLAHU AKBAR...!

2 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
23/11/2012 13:27
IDF story doesn't pass a smell test.

3 ) Arnold / Canada
23/11/2012 14:25
The ceasefire deal clearly stated that access to the border would be worked out in the days ahead. Till those details are worked out approaching the fence is still not allowed by the IDF. All reports are that the people would warned with shots into the air to keep away.

4 ) Mel / USA
23/11/2012 14:31
You f**king paranoid jerks Israel! Your rabid Jewish-only colonists stick their S of D flags,ALL the time,on STOLEN Palestinian land,on balconies of occupied Arab homes,from roofs of outpost shanties on Arab land that you turn into "military zones"on a pretext of "defense".You trigger-happy fools,Israel! Your sociopathy will DROWN Israel.You're your OWN worst enemy.There is NO "border".Only a military(occupation)zone,& Arab kids cannot ESCAPE that,even on their way to PRAY,U stand iin THEIR way!

5 ) Ross Moore / USA
23/11/2012 15:13
Yes. I'm sure that a group of 20 year old men were sitting around peacefully singing songs and praying and passing flowers around when the heartless IDF coldly opened fire on them. It's just not a likely scenario. If a family member of the dead guy admits that he was "placing a flag" on the border fence, I'm sure that is a vast understatement of the scene.

6 ) BS, Ross Moore. BS. / USA
23/11/2012 16:27
Wait, what side of the border were they on? Oh yeah, the Gaza side. "Oh no, a flag? What if it's one of those nuclear warhead tipped flags?"

7 ) issy / usa
23/11/2012 16:44
Funny. Cnn reports that one of the wounded said they were there to collect peices of a destroyed jeep. I love how hamas right away say they were farmers.

23/11/2012 16:57

give them time

9 ) Mel / USA
23/11/2012 17:15
#5:Ross Moore/USA:Here is you 'vast understatement' arsehole! This is your'dead guy'! The boys name was ANWAR! SHAME ON YOU! Go to Gaza,help pick up the body parts,&come back,in 3 months,&APOLOGIZE !
God Bless you Anwar&Palestine!

10 ) Matthew / Canada
23/11/2012 17:34
Ross Moore, clearly you are not aware of the IsraelI propaganda machine and how it works. I suggest you look up Peace, Propaganda and the Promised land. Watch it and learn the truth.

11 ) @ Mel-4 & Ross-5 / USA too
23/11/2012 17:44
4- It is NOT being "rabid, paranoid jerks," if they are out to kill you, and
it is STUPID going into a "military zones on a pretext of Praying", and

5- The group of 20-year-olds probably were "PRAYING", NOT TO BE SHOT,
while planting bombs and gathering intel for the next abduction attempt,
and these worshipper have every right to be in the 100 meter "no-go" zone, near the fense, as the young men doing other such recent activities, like "fishing" or "gathering aggregates" !!

12 ) @ Alifa-1, Mark-2, & Arnold-3 / USA too
23/11/2012 17:54
1- "Israel will have goodwill" when there is a signed peace deal,
or even a Hamas Intent of Peace. (When do you think that will be?).

2- Honestly, it is the "Praying story that doesn't pass a smell test." And,

3- Certainly "access to the border to be worked out in the days ahead will NOT include approaching the fence," except at existing crossings !!!

13 ) carine / UK
23/11/2012 18:04
#5 - So what if he was placing a flag on the fence - he was doing it from his own side, on his own land - and no, they weren't sitting around singing songs etc., they were chanting in protest (a human right in civilised countries) but to the IOF a group of more than 3 Palestinians together is either a "terror cell" or a "rioting mob" to be coldly shot at and killed. Why didn't they use the usual means of dispersal, why live bullets on this occasion?

14 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
23/11/2012 18:12
@ 3), @ 5), Very-well SAID !!! If this latest ceasefire is to hold up, Palestinians, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE BORDER AND FENCE AREA !!!!!!! Do NOT assemble there for ANY reason !!!!! We are NOT going to tolerate any provocation, real OR perceived !!!!!! ... Don't tell me you have the "right" to go there because it's your land. You can go there LATER, NOT NOW !!!!!! For the sake of giving this fragile ceasefire a decent chance, STAY THE HELL AWAY !!!!!!!!

15 ) wahyu / indonesia
23/11/2012 18:29
To my brothers in Palestine: We the people of Indonesia ask Sorry my brother, our government, was less concerned and supportive at you, brother, but we (the people), we were quite disappointed with the president, because we are not able to help you, do it for the fight
with you, israel occupation refusal to give a statement against you alone, our government is not firm.
But know is my brother, we on behalf of the people of Indonesia, our 1000% support you brother.
We always pray for my bro

16 ) NeedForPeace / Canada
23/11/2012 18:42
^Irrespective of what he was doing. Until he hadn't crossed the border... they shouldn't have shot at him. He was within the boundary of Gaza. - Israel has LIED way too many times for me to start believing them now. Interestingly that's why it's losing global support bit by bit.... which is clear if the war of 2008 and this last war are compared...You can't oppress a nation and expect them to comply to your demands.They are responsible for breeding a whole new generation of hatred in Palestine

17 ) Alexander MacDonald / UK london
25/11/2012 19:43
The IDF' need no reason to kill Palestinians on their own land , ie' Palestine , for they get away with it on a daily basis, only difference here is that it will be reported far more widely, due to the so called truce, murder is murder in any language, but hey' will it stop Israeli gun totin murderer's, NAH' for America gives them cover to continue at will, so I continue to despair for the Palestinians.
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