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Medics: 5 killed in Gaza airstrikes
Published Saturday 17/11/2012 (updated) 18/11/2012 20:26
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A Palestinian man hugs his mother after his house was damaged in an
Israeli airstrike in Gaza City Nov. 17, 2012. (Reuters/Mohamed Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Israeli warplanes struck sites across the Gaza Strip on Saturday evening with medics saying five Palestinians were killed.

Another man, Tamer al-Hamri, died from wounds sustained in Israeli shelling of Deir al-Balah earlier on Saturday, medics said, bringing the death toll to 48 in four days.

Five Palestinians were killed on Saturday night as Israel's bombardment continued. Samahar Qidih, 30, died after Israeli forces shelled her home east of Khan Younis, south Gaza, medics said.

Ali Bin Saed, 25, and Muhammad Aydat were killed in an airstrike on Juhor al-Dik in central Gaza, medical officials told Ma'an.

Three other Palestinians were injured and evacuated to Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in Deir al-Balah.

Another two Palestinians were killed in an airstrike on Al-Musaddar in central Gaza, medics said. Their identities were not immediately clear. Medics said two others were injured in the strike.

Israeli jets also hit the home of Hamas military leader Izzidin al-Haddad in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City, and seven people were injured.

Israeli military sources said the army had "targeted the vacant residence of Izzadin Hadad, a senior Hamas operative."

Israeli bombed the home of another Qassam leader, Atiyeh Abu Naqira, in the Shaboura district of Rafah shortly after. No injuries were reported.

Six Palestinians -- four children and two women -- were injured in a strike on another home in Rafah, medics said.

Earlier Saturday, Israeli warplanes killed a Palestinian man in Rafah as its military campaign continued for a fourth day. Medics say hundreds of Palestinians have been injured since Wednesday.

Two rockets were fired from Gaza into Tel Aviv on Saturday, without causing damage or injuries, police said. One was intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system.
1 ) gogo3 / Israel
17/11/2012 22:27
soooo sad :(

2 ) Mo / Canada
18/11/2012 02:15
Make sure you don't mention how many Palestinians were in the middle of shooting, or sending rockets, to Israel, or how many where being used as human shields by militants. That would be too fair and non distorting.

3 ) ian / australia
18/11/2012 03:06
How do they know where these "leaders" live? Or that a house is "vacant" (which it wasn't)? Who do they think they're fooling? These (Israeli) claims about precision and accuracy are part of the official myth that Israeli strikes are "surgical" and careful to avoid hitting civilians (who seem to get hit anyway in spite of all the care). Israel is a lying, self-serving and sociopathic entity.

4 ) ian / australia
18/11/2012 03:43
#2 "Make sure you don't mention how many Palestinians were in the middle of shooting, or sending rockets, to Israel..." Yes Mo, there probably was a few, though not the seven people injured in Izzadin Hadad's "vacant" house (or the "four children and two women" in Rafah). "...or how many where being used as human shields..." Given Israel will fire on ANYONE inc. women and children (see above) the myth of Hamas and "human shields" kind of falls apart. If women and children, used as shields,

5 ) ian / australia
18/11/2012 03:45
(contd.) is no deterrent, why would Hamas bother employing them? Hmmm?

6 ) Dingo Dan / Oz
18/11/2012 06:21
Wont mention it Mo because thats a lie...How many "militants" were "hiding" in a civillian game of soccer that a Zionist plane attacked...How many "militants" ran to the injured and murdered childrens aid when the zionist coward returned to strike again? "Militants" ? or "Freedom Fighters" seeking justice and an end to the ilegal occupation. The end is coming for the cult of zionism and it wont be the doomsday return of King David they are hoping for!

7 ) Sue / UK
18/11/2012 06:22
@2Mo/Canada: We won't. The western media carries out THAT distortion. The way THEY put things, you'd think both sides were on an equal footing. No mention of the huge "distortion'/disproportion in ALL AREAS. Human shields?In such a densely populated area it's impossible NOT to be amongst people. Give GAZANS the tanks, F16s, navy gunships, white phosphorus shells etc., then I'm sure they'd come out and show themselves just like those 'brave' Israelis who never see those they've burnt alive

8 ) shirley / australia
18/11/2012 06:23
or lets not mention how many Children Isreal gutless mass murderes gunned dpwn in cold blood to statrt this conflict and and as for human shields it is jews who use palestinian children as human shields to enter buildings etc so dont even start the tired old human shield crap and how many bloody incusions and killing of civillains happens in west abank and GAZA look at all atavcks on unarmedprotesters west bank shot with rubber and live ammunition by the jackboot state of Isreal

9 ) rosemerry / france
18/11/2012 10:01
Why are you so pathetic? rockets are the only response the crowded, imprisoned, illegally besieged Gazans have. Why treat anyone the way the overarmed, belligerent, greedy israelsi do, supported by people like you?

10 ) Providence Poet / USA
18/11/2012 15:48
John Mearsheimer "Israel’s aim in bombing Gaza is not to topple Hamas or eliminate its rockets, both of which are unrealisable goals. Instead, the ongoing attacks in Gaza are part of a long-term strategy to coerce the Palestinians into giving up their pursuit of self-determination and submitting to Israeli rule in an apartheid state."

11 ) Mel / USA
18/11/2012 17:00
#1Mo/Canada? You sound just like the German civilians who swallowed the Nazi propaganda,or were complicit in the slaughter of Jews by their INTENTIONED IGNORANCE! Go back to you Canadian JDL-terrorist offices!Your criminal Goebbelspeak doesn't wash here.It's TOO dirty & blatant,in its ignorance! You take a 1% fact &make it a 99% fact,to feed your complicit delusions!If only U had the courage,dignity,pride of these Gazan/Palestinian CIVILIANS,for the last 70YEARS! Dream on !

12 ) BDS / Canada
18/11/2012 17:04
Richard Falk, the UN Special Envoy to Palestine has a very insightful article on the Israeli attacks on Gaza on the Al Jazeera site. http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2012/11/2012111874429224963.html

13 ) Joanne / Canada
18/11/2012 17:28
@ Mo / Canada: Excuse me while I vomit! You subscribe to Dictator/Harper's point of view...you do not speak in my name and other peace loving canadians!
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