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Baby dies of wounds as strikes pound Gaza
Published Thursday 15/11/2012 (updated) 16/11/2012 17:47
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The brother of Palestinian boy Walid al-Abadlah, who hospital officials
said was killed in an Israeli air strike, kisses his body during his funeral
in Khan Younis, Nov. 15, 2012. (Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A 10-month-old baby died on Thursday evening from wounds sustained in an Israeli airstrike, as fighter jets renewed their assault on the Gaza Strip.

Hanin Tafish died from injuries sustained when her home was struck in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza city on Wednesday, medics said.

Israel's army said it had hit around 70 rocket-launching sites in the course of an hour on Thursday evening, as the death toll rose to 16 since Israel assassinated a Hamas commander on Wednesday.

The aerial bombardment set off earth-shaking thuds and fireballs in the dark sky and were met with screeches of Palestinian rocket fire launched from the outskirts of Gaza City towards southern Israel.

One of the sites targeted was an electricity generator that fed the house of Hamas's prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. It was unclear whether he was at home at the time.

Israeli aircraft also bombed a police station in central Gaza and tunnels on Gaza's border with Egypt through which basic civilian goods and arms destined for militant groups pass into the Strip, which is under a tight blockade by Israel and Egypt.

Earlier Thursday, three people were injured in an Israeli raid on Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, witnesses said. Another two were injured in a strike on Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City. Israeli planes also struck the al-Nasr neighborhood , without reports of injuries.

Near Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza, planes hit an open area and the Abdul Aziz al-Rantisi neighborhood. In Tel al-Zaatar, an airstrike hit a civilian home causing a large fire. Emergency services rushed to the scene.

Brigades claim hits

Hamas' al-Qassam Brigades said on Thursday evening it had downed at an Israeli reconnaissance plane over the eastern Gaza Strip on Thursday.

The brigades fired a surface-to-air missile at the aircraft during a raid on Gaza and claimed a direct hit.

An Israeli military spokeswoman did not immediately respond to request to comment.

Hours earlier, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, another armed party in Gaza, launched two missiles against Tel Aviv -- the first time Israel's commercial capital has come under such attack since the 1991 Gulf War. No injuries or damage was reported.

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) Colin Wright / USA
15/11/2012 22:19
It's so great to be an American, to know that you share responsibility for this.

2 ) Doyle Mclusky / USA
15/11/2012 22:23
I am so ashamed to be American, to know that you share responsibility for this! Killing innocent people who are just defending themselves is never right! Americans who are happy and proud are just ignorant. Free Palestine!

3 ) assad / USA
15/11/2012 22:25
yeah we fund the occupation of our brothers and sisters...so great to be under the illusion of democracy in USA when we are under zionazi occupation

4 ) Liliana / Sweden
15/11/2012 22:25
I simply can't take it anymore ... to much pain.

5 ) ian / australia
15/11/2012 22:34
REAL reasons for Israeli attack on Gaza: 1. Guarantees solid Likud victory in January, 2. Spoils UN upgrade by creating last minute doubt in undecided or wavering states about fitness of Palestinians for statehood, 3. Derails recently floated US/Iran breakthrough deal on Iranian nuclear program. 4. Shows POTUS Obama Israel is a violent, unpredictable player which cannot be cowed or controlled, 5. Generally traumatises, undermines and demoralises Palestinians.

6 ) ian / australia
15/11/2012 22:35
FAKE reasons for attack on Gaza: 1. Israel is in grave danger and has to defend itself from attack (just like Iranian nukes...until yesterday, before cynical escalation, rocket fire had hurt no-one).

7 ) ABE / USA
15/11/2012 22:58
You so called Americans can end this just by telling your Gaza people to renounce terrorism and TALK PEACE!! ISRAEL is not going away GET REAL!

8 ) Julie / USA
15/11/2012 23:24
@izrael - know THIS: you are breaking humanity WORLDWIDE with your wicked, demonic forces. murdering babies is the most diabolical & psychotic intention EVER...and we all know, what you do IS intentional, to say the least!!! that you murdered a pregnant woman carrying twins, an 11 month old baby yesterday & a 10 month old succumbed to your blood-thirsty butchering today is reason enough for the world to hate you & damn you to hellfire eternally. FREE PALESTINE!!!!!!!!!!

9 ) Julie / USA
15/11/2012 23:25
@ #2 - Colin is being sarcastic, he hurts like the rest of us, trust me!

10 ) BDS / Canada
16/11/2012 00:02
This is so tragic - it is so read about these terrible crimes. Imagine if this was your child. We can boycott Israeli products and urge our politicians to work for an end to this brutal occupation and to bring the perpetrators, the criminal zionist regime before the International Court of Justice.

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/11/2012 00:04
To Liliana #4. At least you're from Sweden. Here in America, we bear direct responsibility for this filth. Without us, it couldn't happen. We make it all possible.

12 ) ian / australia
16/11/2012 01:39
Hang in there Liliana, at least you're not in Gaza (or Israel).

13 ) Julie / USA
16/11/2012 05:20
THISSSSSSSSSSSSS is what those bastard ZIONAZIS do to innocent babies!!!!!! WARNING!!!!!!!! - this is a VERY HORRIFIC, SHOCKING, AND GRAPHIC video uploaded today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gebt2iWsyGY

14 ) Julie / USA
16/11/2012 05:23
if the video i referenced gets posted, please know that i am contacting every major human rights org that exists, and i will do what i can to contact the ICC and the ICJ and ANYONE ELSE relevant to STOPPING THE IZRAELI MURDEROUS CRIMINALS. i am sick to my stomach beyond words after seeing that video. AND TO KNOW that IZRAEL started this war by violating the truce and murdering a young boy only makes everything WORSE

15 ) Sherri / USA
16/11/2012 06:16
I am praying for those of you in Gaza. Israel's Zionists are the real criminals - I am so sorry for those who have been killed or injured, especially the little children. Where is the humanity of the world? Evidently not in Gaza tonight.

16 ) ian / australia
18/11/2012 07:43
#13-#14 Tried to watch the video Julie, but it's blocked on YouTube as being TOO horrible, for which I was secretly grateful.
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