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Israel strikes Gaza after assassinating Hamas commander
Published Wednesday 14/11/2012 (updated) 15/11/2012 16:10
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Wounded children at a hospital after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City
Nov. 14, 2012. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel's army launched multiple airstrikes across the Gaza Strip after killing the head of Hamas' military wing on Wednesday.

Palestinian officials identified six people killed in Wednesday's strikes, including 7-year-old Ranan Arafat in the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza City.

An 11-month-old, Ahmad Masharawi, was killed by a tank shell on his family home in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City, a Ma'an reporter said.

Medics identified the other casualties as 20-year-old Hamas fighter Issam Abu Miza and 19-year-old Hani al-Kaseeh.

Gaza's health ministry said ten people had died, including three children and a woman pregnant with twins, while about 40 were wounded.

Amid the airstrikes, army tanks shelled border areas of Gaza in south and the Israeli navy shelled a Hamas security position from the sea.

Earlier, an Israeli jet hit a vehicle in Gaza City, killing al-Qassam Brigades leader Ahmad al-Jaabari, and his aide Muhammad Al-Hums.

The assassination was followed by strikes on Hamas police and security forces headquarters across the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army said it was targeting long range rockets sites and said Gaza "has turned it into a frontal base for Iran firing rockets and carrying out terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens."

Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip (Reuters)

Israeli military sources said many of the munition depots were within civilian, residential buildings, but they blamed Hamas for using civilians as human shields.

The attack came despite signs that Egypt had managed to broker a truce between Israel and Gaza militants after five days of violence which left seven Palestinians dead and at least 50 injured.

Following the assassination of al-Jaabari, immediate calls for revenge were broadcast over Hamas radio and the al-Qassam brigades vowed to strike back. "The occupation has opened the doors of hell," Hamas' armed wing said in a statement.

"Israel has declared war on Gaza and they will bear the responsibility for the consequences," Islamic Jihad said.

The spokesman of the Popular Resistance Committees said with al-Jaabari's assassination, "Israel has opened the gates of hell."

Israel's Shin Bet domestic intelligence service said it had killed al-Jaabari because of his "decade-long terrorist activity".

"The purpose of this operation was to severely impair the command and control chain of the Hamas leadership, as well as its terrorist infrastructure," Israeli military sources said.

"The days we face in the south will, in my estimation, prove protracted," Brigadier-General Yoav Mordechai told Channel 2 TV.

Israeli news site Ynet said Israeli troops were being moved to the south ahead of a possible ground offensive in Gaza.
1 ) matt / usa
14/11/2012 19:31
If israeli military is a legitimate target for hamas, then why isnt hamas a legitimate target for israel??

2 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
14/11/2012 22:16
1) matt/usa: because, you idiot, israel is occupying Palestine, israel is the aggressor, israel is the occupier, israel is the criminal, israel is the land thief. hamas is a resistance movement, hamas is fighting the occupation, hamas wants to liberate Palestine from the israeli occupation and the aggression. fighting an occupation is legitimate for people under occupation!! so, it is our legitimate right to fight the israelis!! read international law!!!

3 ) for matt the idiot / USA
14/11/2012 22:26
the jews invaded and stole the land and continue to do so,,,the palestiniians have no choice but to resist

4 ) Nim / Israel
14/11/2012 22:52
In contrast to Hamas, the people of Israel call you for peace. This is our land, the land of our ancestors, though we recognize your rights. As soon as you will acknowledge this simple fact, you will find out that we ready to have true peace, while seperating our beloved and historical land into an independent Palestinian state and independent Jewish state. We do not want to continue this blood shed, the ball is in your court ever since the first partition program back at 1937.

5 ) ABE / USA
14/11/2012 22:55
To #1 Matt You are certainly no idiot! You see on this website anything ISRAEL does is wrong! It is a WAR!! THESE ONE SIDED MORONS don't get it!!

6 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
14/11/2012 23:09
Hamas lives for war, preaches war, worships war, teaches war. Now they have war. They should be happy. Israel calls for peace, Hamas calls for war. Israel withdraws from Gaza, Hamas fires thousands of rockets and says they will destroy us all. So, take your phony talk of "invaded and stole the land" blah blah blah because we all know that Jews come from Palestine. So we returned to our land. We're even willing to share it. Hamas isn't interested. They want war, and war is what they got.

7 ) Sami / Palestine
14/11/2012 23:25
@Matt and ABE .. you have a fair point .. yes it is war and we are enemies, and of course will fight each other .. and we are ready to pay the price from our lives to get our freedom and land back .. but you have to consider the background of the whole issue, who invaded whom? .. why we are fighting each other? who attacks whom? who uses illegal weapons ? who kills children ? who commits war crimes? who uses F16 and all modern US weapons against civilians? ..

8 ) shirley / australia
14/11/2012 23:27
to ABE is killing and shelling civillians in afootball field fair it is war crime is killing 7 yr old children considered fair by the eternal victoms jews who wine about pogroms and as for Isreal sharing palestinelook at your gov manifesto you could have had peace decades ago you invaded in 1948 you invaded in 1967 and settlers were moved in to stop viable pal state decades ago and just as HITLER used the term terrorist against warsaw jews so does Isreal coviently use it against pal resistence

9 ) Sami / Palestine
14/11/2012 23:29
@Matt and ABE, yes Hamas and other resistance orgs fire rockets against Israel, but these are hand-made rockets and they hardly hit anyone .. Just imagine that me or my grandparents kicked your grandparents from their land more than 60 years ago and I now still occupy your grandparents land and torture you with all kind of modern legal and illegal weapons! .. will give me hugs and kisses or you will use anything possible for you to get your land back ???!!!

10 ) Sami / Palestine
14/11/2012 23:35
@Nim .. Excuse me but you are telling lies .. who brought Lieberman to the government? Isn't it the people of Israel who you claim that they want peace?! don't you read Lieberman's comments when he says he want to transfer all the Palestinians?! .. how do you call for peace? by stealing land everyday and building settlements in west bank and Jerusalem? or by putting people in prisons for years without even accusing them with anything? or by building an apartheid wall around west bank ? or or ??!

11 ) Arnold / Canada
14/11/2012 23:42
Palestinian #2. Jerusalem 1920, Jaffa 1921, Hebron 1929. Palestinian Arabs massacred Palestinian Jews under the watchful eye of the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Mufti of Cairo. There was no occupation. You are the idiot.

12 ) carine / UK
14/11/2012 23:52
Abe- talking of ONE SIDED MORONS... this is not a war, this is the slaughter of trapped civilians with nowhere to run. Israel is using it's navy, air force and tanks on un-armed Palestinians (again). Still, it's easier than confronting Iran cos they've got the weapons to retaliate. Oh and I believe there is an election on the horizon. Netanyahu has guaranteed himself a second term - he went to 'war' with Gaza. What a hero!!

13 ) matt / usa
14/11/2012 23:52
@ 2 and 3, withour going back years and years, Israel withdrew from gaza. Israel isnt occupying it anymore. Yet recieves daily rocket fire from it. hamas is NOT a resistance movement. Not anymore. They are an ELECTED government.
on a side note. hamas and the military wing are one and the same. It is a stupid distinction. if hamas has a right to defend itself then so does israel.
If hamaas would put HATE aside, they would find a partner in peace. But hamas depends on hate and war to exist

14 ) howard / usa
14/11/2012 23:57
no country should be expected to commit suicide. the 67 borders are completely indefensible. Compensation?? palestinian refugees?? what about the jewish refugees that were expelled from arab lands??
ask your self honestly this question. Israel withdrew from gaza years ago. and no sooner did they leave that rockets started to fly into israel. Now israel goes back to 67. do you think honestly that the rockets will stop???

15 ) APJ / Palestine
14/11/2012 23:58
Your and my ancestors were Jewish from various countries including Palestine, Iraq, Yemen and Morroco. The majority of Palestinians in Palestine were originally Jews who converted to Christianity and Islam. This is what since has found from testing the DNA of many imigrJews and Palestinians. Palestinian migrant Jews still exist in Palestinian and have lived safely and happily all their life's. their national identity is clear, they are Palestinians who follow the Jewish relrgion,

16 ) APJ / Palestine
15/11/2012 00:07
Palestinians of all religions did not discriminate against and kill Jews in Europe! But now they have to pay the price for it. Discrimination was learned by all Jews in Europe and now they show it back to the Palestinians. A European Jew is always superior than any other...Arab Jews are 2nd class so as many! Untill now there hasn't been a real war and let's hope there won't be one since the way Israel is acting will eventually drag every1 and everything into complete destruction.

17 ) Sami / Palestine
15/11/2012 00:12
@Nim, In fact our leaders have offered to share the land and accepted the "land for peace" idea for more than 20 years !! there was no result except more settlements .. more discrimination and more killing!! .. and by the way it was never your land ever, even Israeli historians could not find any evidence for that and some have admitted this .. I know my and my ancestor's roots coming from Beer-Sheva, could you please tell me where your grandparents came from or where their ancestors came from!

18 ) Outlier / USA
15/11/2012 01:43
The consequences of Hamas' terror policy against Israel. Don't like the consequences? Force Hamas to change its terror policy.

19 ) myra / canada
15/11/2012 01:50
Israel just push and push.don't give up occupied Palestine.

20 ) Josh / UK
15/11/2012 01:57
The international community needs to intervene immediately to protect the Palestinian civilians.

21 ) al / canada
15/11/2012 02:16
The vast majority of palestinians want peace and stability for themselves and their children but as long as foolish dreamers control gaza there will be only misery and death. Wake up palestine and make peace.

22 ) ABE / USA
15/11/2012 02:25
Alas Nim#4 You are much to rational for these people! All they know is violence. Hamas and the people of Gaza were not impressed with ISRAEL when you gave Gaza back and left. They saw ISRAEL as weak! You and I know that is not the case. What they don't know and should never experience is the full wrath of the modern military might of ISRAEL!!!

23 ) southparkbear / usa
15/11/2012 02:55
most important the palestinians today had another big victory defeating the zionist enemiez. soon we are going to hear how militias are discussing if to accept israel begging foe a cease fire

24 ) marie / norway
15/11/2012 03:20
I can not see what is peaceful by Israel, that doesn't follow up any agreements, continue illigal settlement, have an apartheid state and killing more than 1400, mainly civilians, in Lebanon war more than 1000, and no consequences... The time is running out for the Israelis, not the palestinians.. Palestinians have the legal right to the land, Isreal has to fight for it everyday and convince everyone about it... Palestinians know they have the right

25 ) @ "No CHoice" #3 / USA too
15/11/2012 03:32
The choice was simple, either: 1- NOW the PA urging UNSC action over Israel self-defense strikes on Hamas long-range rockets, supplied by Iran, and aimed at Israeli cities, or 2- LATER Israel urging UNSC action over Hamas' war-crime strikes on Israeli cities !!

26 ) Julie / USA
15/11/2012 04:03
#4 how can you sleep with saying such lies????? oh wait, that's right, you're a zionist pig, lying is all you know. israel violated the Egypt-brokered peace truce ONE day after the truce went into effect. izrahell's full of criminal murdering thugs

27 ) Reader / from Edmonton
15/11/2012 04:22
This is what happens when/if the PA continues to seek statehood. It's not about the election: the election was called early after Abbas pursued his 'diplomatic' tact. Hamas can be counted on to play the fool and respond to Israeli provocations because they have their own reasons to sideline Abbas. But why should Hamas care about Palestinian pawns when no one else does, no Arab state, no Western state, and certainly not Israel. Let them bleed to death: that's what they do best.

28 ) Faller / Australia
15/11/2012 05:16
I'm afraid This just the beginning of a real Holocaust on both sides.

29 ) ian / australia
15/11/2012 05:37
It would appear Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu likes things JUST the way they are: HE is in charge, there's NO Palestinian state, Hamas and Fatah are irreconcilably divided and violent factions in Gaza are firing "barages" of rockets into Israel. Just how he likes it. Also clear, from his transparent and cynical instigation of the nightmare about to descend on Gaza, is the fact that he is prepared to do anything, ANYTHING...to keep it that way.

30 ) Mattisright / USA
15/11/2012 05:59
Israel is not the invader. Read the Bible. Who was there first?! Hamas is a terrorist orginization (acc. to EVERYONE...so READ INTERNATIONAL LAW!). I stayed in Israel for 2 years back in my youth and I can say quite honestly that the hatred which one feels walking through Hamas controlled areas is unbearable. People there are subject to hateful rhetoric which is preached to them from so called Imams...Israel is here to stay so get used to it

31 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
15/11/2012 07:49
4) Nim, you come from russia, moldovia, france, the US or ethiopia and claim the land is yours? you want truce?? is that why you have been committing massacres since 1920's against the Palestinians??? the world is waking up to the reality of the zionist entity and maybe the governments of today will support you and keep silent over the crimes you commit, but the governments of tomorrow will not tolerate your "we are above the law" attitude!!!

32 ) Nim / Israel
15/11/2012 09:05
to #Sami Unfortunately for you, I am a M.A history student, and yep, apperantly i can exposs you to some facts: 1. Every Arab village from the "River to the Sea" as you say, is named after an ancient Jewish village, which is mentioned in the Talmud, Mishna or the Bible. Claiming there wasn't a Jewish kingdom in here is simply false. 2. Lieberman speaks of 2 states. 3. In EVERY survey since 1937 majority of arround 70% of Israelis vote in favor of partition. 4. Rest your arms and lets talk peace

33 ) Plain / Truth
15/11/2012 11:48
7) As long as you keep spouting lies like that, there can be no peace. Go read about the San Rhemo agreement on Wikipedia. You will see that the allied powers who liberated the Levant, agreed with Arabs and Jews on the borders. Neither side had control of the region for 400 years prior to then, so you have no right to claim Jews invaded your land. Arabs broke the agreement and invaded land they had agreed was for the Jews. You say you want freedom. Only the truth will set you free!
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