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Obituary: Ahmad al-Jaabari (1960 - 2012)
Published Wednesday 14/11/2012 (updated) 16/11/2012 23:33
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GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- An Israeli airstrike killed Ahmad Said Khalil al-Jaabari, Hamas' most senior military commander, in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

Al-Jaabari was born in 1960 in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City, where he obtained a bachelors degree in history from the Islamic University.

The military leader survived several Israeli targeted assassination attempts and was lightly injured in one of the attempts in 2004.

His eldest son Muhammad was killed in that attack, along with his brother and three other relatives when Israeli helicopters targeted al-Jaabari’s home in Shujaiyya.

Al-Jaabari gained particular prominence for his role in capturing Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who was seized in a cross-border operation by three Palestinian factions in 2006.

He was known as commander in chief of Hamas' military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, although he was technically second-in-command. The brigades' commander has not been seen since the early 1990s.

His early days with the Palestinian resistance were spent with Fatah, and he served 13 years in Israeli custody after taking part in an operation against Israel in 1982.

While in jail, al-Jaabari became affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood movement before Hamas was established. He was tutored in jail by some of the prominent founders of Hamas, including Sheikh Salah Shahada who became al-Jaabari's close friend after they were released.

After he was freed in 1995, al-Jaabari ran a Hamas-affiliated organization which worked for prisoners and former detainees. In 1997, he worked with the Islamic redemption party, founded by Hamas.

He built the al-Qassam Brigades which he organized as a regular army, and he was in charge of around 10,000 fighters in different divisions.
1 ) Carlos / usa
14/11/2012 19:16
If he had blood on his hands it was from the splatter of innocent Palestinian victims of israeli terror. I hope the israeli terrorist guilty of murdering him is brought to trial by the next Pal who takes his place. May he RIP. Capturing Gilad Shalit was a military operation. Gilad was armed to the teeth and carrying out war crimes against the population of Gaza. Ahmad Said Khalil al-Jaabari succeeded in making israel compromise. My hat is off to him.

2 ) matt / usa
14/11/2012 19:28
israel didnt do this it was israels military wing

3 ) howard / usa
14/11/2012 21:54
Why is israels military a legitimate target but hamas isnt?

4 ) shirley / australia
14/11/2012 22:44
condolences to the people of GAZA and all palestinians this man spent his life to see Palestinains free GIad Shalit was responsible for the murder of a whole palestinain family sitting on abeach in GAZA 12 people were murdered with atank shell Isreals state terror is no longer hidden and wyes wide shut just like nazis these Isreas killers will be bought to justice for trheir crimes against hum,anity and those that support this rouge state No greater gift has aman than his freedom

5 ) Ul Homi / Ecuador
14/11/2012 22:46
Ahmad al-Jaabari is an heroe for the Palestine free... We support Palestine from Ecuador

6 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/11/2012 22:47
@ 1), So you say we were guilty of war crimes 4 damn years ago when we invaded Gaza in Operation Cast Lead (2008-09), which was after sustaining massive rocket attacks for much time before them, which was after Hamas captured Shalit, which was after they crossed INTO Israel (2006), right ??? ... Get your timeline STRAIGHT. Separately, as I've said before, this never-ending cycle of death and destruction on both sides is sickening and must end. We cannot keep killing our brethren (cont.)

7 ) Abdussamad Ilyas / Nigeria
14/11/2012 22:52
may his soul rest in perfect peace, and for the most terrorist country israel they have to know that hamas will soon have another commander that will destroy them and their followers.

8 ) miri ahon / canada
14/11/2012 23:03
the rockets from gaza came first, hundreds of them. i can't think of any country that wouldn't respond just as israel has and with even more force ... after ONE rocket. israel been patient too long! the USA would have obliterated gaza if it were them.

9 ) Someone / leb
14/11/2012 23:04
because Hamas wants Fatah killed - Tatah sees them as terrorists too.

10 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/11/2012 23:07
Gazan Ishmaelites over and over and they must stop their attacks and killings on us. Again as I've said, all Palestinians must be united in Jordan/Palestine. We strike them with targeted killings (which kill even those we didn't target) and they retaliate with more rockets, then it's us with more counter-attacks, and then more rockets/bombings ... and the dying and destruction goes on ... and on ... and on ... and on ... and on ... with no end in sight. The world is sick of it.

11 ) adam / USA
14/11/2012 23:16

12 ) Kongora / Bosnia
14/11/2012 23:46
Extremists thrive in the poorest of places. You don't see extremism in Switzerland , right? Gaza has been poor and isolated for too long. Open it's borders, let them prosper and things will work themselves out. Same goes for the West bank. Of course, the statehood of Palestine will never cease to be an issue, but it will be a political and diplomatic struggle, not an armed one. That's all there is to it.

13 ) matt / usa
14/11/2012 23:54
@ 6- and i hope the new commander will take his rightfull place next to this guy

14 ) Hamid / USA
15/11/2012 00:24
He killed more Palestinians with his Mickey Mouse Rockets attacks then he killed Israeli, Palestinians need to accept peace!!

15 ) Amira / Canada
15/11/2012 01:16
Palestinian resistance is legitimate and based on International Law and Geneva Convention. Israeli terror is a war crime and it should not go on with impunity. Israeli terrorists are cowards. They find it easy to shoot from US-Taxpayer funded sophisticated helicopters at people under siege.
Victory to Palestine!

16 ) Mikhail / USA
15/11/2012 01:36
It's a tragedy when civilians die, which they so often do in this conflict, however the same can't be said when me like this die. He and those under his command have fired countless rockets into civilian areas, with the goal to kill/maim as many Israeli civilians as possible. If Palestinian resistance groups want to have any shred of legitimacy, they'll forgo blatantly immoral tactics like this, which only serve to harm their own cause, by giving Israel all the justification it needs to strike

17 ) ABE / USA
15/11/2012 02:30
Round and round we go! I agree #7 time for ISRAEL to obliterate the vermin!

18 ) there is coming storm yahoodi / USA
15/11/2012 03:52
you aint solomon and it will claim you

19 ) johnny benson / usa
15/11/2012 03:52
...hammas wants this death and desstruction...how else can they stay relevant?........they need world wide atten.

20 ) Palestine Lover / Palestine
15/11/2012 04:04
Allah has rewarded him with heaven..May Allah bless him and guide hin into his new paradise. As for you zionist filth, your days are numbered. As Hassan Nasrallah stated you thuds only understand the language of force. Your nigger president Obama wil not help you , inshallah there will be drenching rain worth of rockets landing on your heads. We will eventully get palestine all of palestine you will see!! as for your ancestors they never had onwership to this land, Palestine was always Arabic.

21 ) ian / australia
15/11/2012 05:32
Election time sure is exciting. To recap: Egypt brokered a hudna (lull) and things quietened down making people think the spate of violence might be over, then, out of the blue, Israel whacks Ahmad Said Khalil al-Jaabari (with some collateral damage as an added bonus) and all hell breaks loose. What is happening? Well, in a nutshell...PM Netanyahu is in full campaign mode and his re-election is right on track. Thats the key: Bibi couldn't care less about Hamas commanders or rocket fire:

22 ) ian / australia
15/11/2012 05:35
(contd.) Al-Jaabari will be replaced overnight by any number of radicalised Hamasniks (in endless supply) and the rockets, purportedly the reason for the assassination, will keep coming, causing trivial damage to property and minor injuries, mostly cases of "shock"...all well worth the pay-off in PR gold. Yep, election time sure is exciting in Israel.

23 ) Daniel / Australia
15/11/2012 05:39
Good riddance, a filthy terrorist was killed. About time Israel defended itself from rockets fired from Gaza. Bring on the ground assault!

24 ) southparkbear / sa
15/11/2012 05:47
matt, almost, it was a splinter group of the military wing. if fact it's a group without humance faces. to be precise it was a lone unmaned unmaned drone

25 ) ian / australia
15/11/2012 05:57
#7 "the rockets from gaza came first, hundreds of them..." I don't think that's true in this case, miri. Yehuda provided an excellent (in my view) chronology of the latest violence under the story "Gaza factions meet over Israeli threats" a few days ago. This time, al-hudna brokered by Egypt was in place when Al-Jaabari (RIP) was killed. (Of course, EVERYONE should stop ALL attacks and obey the law.)

26 ) Istarivilian Wing / Israel
15/11/2012 08:11
Exactly correct # 2. We cannot control the factions in the IDF, who fired. Nothing to do with us.

27 ) Malaysia / Malaysia
15/11/2012 10:04
We support Palestine. What Hamas did so long trying to demolish Israel is right. Israel has no right to take Palestine's land even an inch. Hamas just wanted their piece that belong to them.

28 ) Pear / Malaysia
15/11/2012 10:07
Al fatihah. We will me again one day, insya'allah

29 ) Malaysia / Malaysia
15/11/2012 10:13
We support Hamas and Fatah including brother Ahmad al-Jaabari. What they did prior this trying to demolish Israel is right. Israel has no right to colonise their land even an inch. Brother Ahmad al-Jaabari just wanted the piece that belong to Palestine.

30 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
15/11/2012 16:45
@ 13), There is no doubt this will happen ... and if we should kill him, another 1 will take his place ...and on ... and on ... and the sickness goes on. Would this latest round of senseless dying/destruction have been avoided had we followed the VERY well-stated (last statement) of 25) since the last Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was agreed upon ??? ... Yes, it probably would have. Would Hamas have stopped building up/firing its rocket arsenal ??? ... Not unless this madness is ended.

31 ) A Time to Kill / \ A Time for PEACE
15/11/2012 18:54
Israel has paid, but the cost was short-lived and relatively small price,
compared to that which the Gaza armed brigades have already paid, and will continue to pay for their war crimes, and worse still, the civilians of Gaza have already and will continue to pay an even higher price, for the resistance.

- It is time for Hamas to ACCEPT PEACE with Israel, BEFORE
another several hundred GAZA CIVILIANS ARE KILLED AGAIN !!

32 ) Ray Hanania / Chicago
15/11/2012 21:20
Israelis continually exaggerate and distort the facts to justify Israel's atrocities. In 2008-2009, Israeli launched an assault on Hamas NOT because Hamas was firing rockets, but because they thought they had an opportunity to strike. Here is a link to my research proving that fact: http://www.themediaoasis.com/Hamasrockets.htm

33 ) @ Ray Hanania #32 / New York
16/11/2012 04:26
Whether or NOT "Israelis exaggerates and distort the facts", and probably Palestinians are more guilty in that respect, It is NO Exaggeration to say that Islamic militants in Gaza: - place numerous weapons depots among Gaza civilians, - place rocket launching facilities among Gaza civilians, and - even actually intentionally target Israeli civilians, and in this context of daily numerous Gaza Militants War Crimes, it is easy to justify what you call "atrocities," as Self-Defense !!!

34 ) Abbey / Nigeria
16/11/2012 16:35
No doubt Israel is a terrorist nation. Hw on earth wud one campare rocket to airstrike. Israel took over Palestine land illegally, demolishing their buildings and killing them. Where are the world Human Rights activists? Where is toothless bulldog United Nation?

35 ) Abu Mac / Canada
16/11/2012 20:21
Without modifying religious ideology - which is the impetus for the actions (peaceful and not) on both sides - peace will NEVER take place, it can't. On another note... #20, you've got some serious hate issues.

36 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
16/11/2012 21:33
@ 32), I linked over and read that page and will say it appears you have very valid points supported by accurate data and references. Your charts/graphs are also very helpful. (I will also say after a quick inspection of your overall site it appears to be extremely well-displayed and informative. I will take a more thorough reading of it later.) There can be no arguing with the facts. Yes, Hamas did do a hell of a lot to abide by the Tahadiya (another Arabic term--like Hudna--for (cont.)

37 ) @ Mac-35 / USA
16/11/2012 21:49
I agree that both sides have "serious hate issues", but the "religious ideology, which is the impetus for the actions, is ONE-sided, where if religion ruled Israeli leaders, No Muslims would be allowed to set foot on the site of Solomon's Temple ("Haram al-Sharif"), and numerous other Jewish holy sites* would NOT be considered to remain in a Palestinian state, and
attacking al-Jaabari and Gaza are a matter of SELF-DEFENSE.

* Joseph's & Rachel's Tombs outside Nablus/Schem & Bethlehem, etc.

38 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
16/11/2012 22:00
ceasefire) 4 years ago. So I can only say for now despite the highly effective Hamas efforts to suppress the rockets--they dropped, by comparison before the Tahadiya, to almost nothing--and arrest the rogue Palestinians who fired them--there was still a total (as referenced on your own page) of 20 rockets (3 of which fell inside the Gaza Strip) and 18 mortar shells (5 of which also fell inside) that were fired at us. I can't say enough how even 1 rocket is horrific no matter who does it.
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