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Gaza boy killed by Israel dreamed of becoming soccer player
Published Saturday 10/11/2012 (updated) 15/11/2012 14:32
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Men mourn next to the body of Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa, who was
killed by gunfire from Israeli forces, during his funeral in Khan Younis
in the Gaza Strip November 9, 2012. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa, 13, always wore his Real Madrid shirt when he played soccer with his friends. He died wearing the same shirt, killed by Israeli forces before the second half of a game with friends could be finished.

His father said Hamid would imitate Real Madrid star Ronaldo while playing in front of his Gaza home.

"My house is located in an area away from clashes, nearly one and a half kilometers away from the nearest point of the borders with Israel, therefore I didn't have a problem with my son playing in front of the house," Hamid's father told Ma'an.

"I received a phone call. His friend was on the phone telling me that my son was shot in the chest. I rushed to the hospital and found him dying."

Hamid would never miss a Real Madrid game.

"Despite me pushing him to focus on his schoolwork, he would be mesmerized in front of the TV screen watching games," his father said.

Hamid used to play soccer every day for 30 minutes before sundown, his attention focused on the ball, blocking out the sound of Israeli helicopters.

It was during a game he loved that Hamid was killed, his white Real Madrid shirt stained red as the bullets hit him.

Medics said Hamid was hit by machine gun fire, either from Israeli helicopters or tanks, during an incursion into the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said at the time that reports of injuries were being checked.

Hamid's funeral took place on Friday, a Palestinian flag draped over his body.

1 ) Julie / USA
10/11/2012 17:41
izrahell MURDERS children, Hamid is another of the hundreds of innocent children brutally gunned down in cold blood. shot in the chest means precise aim, he was deliberately, intentionally MURDERED. when Pals get statehood, i hope they take the izraeli bastards to the ICC for this.

10/11/2012 17:49
May his soul rest in perfect peace

3 ) Tim Newell / Ireland
10/11/2012 19:21
The Israiies wonder why they are hated by the rest of the world. Murdering scum !

4 ) Bob / UK
10/11/2012 20:36
reading this story makes me sick and my blood boil with anger and rage. Palestinians have been suffering for many years and the entire world just isn't doing anything to protect these poor innocent people. israel is the cancer of this world, it has no place in the middle east and it has no legitimacy. Its about time people wake up and realize what really is going on in Palestine.

5 ) Carol mooney / England
10/11/2012 21:11
The Palestinians lost their country just after I was born, it was given away to Israel by my country and others. I am saddened that there will not be peace before I die. I want the Palestinians to know that people like me are upset and angry about what is happening in Gaza but we feel powerless to do anything about it. I visited Bethlehem a couple of years ago and saw firsthand the inequalities and unfairness experienced by the people there. My heart goes out to you.

6 ) Gepke de Leef / Netherlands
10/11/2012 22:28
R.I.P. Hamid.

7 ) Shmayah / Israel
10/11/2012 23:26
I am Israeli and think this is sad and a tradegy, RIP may the war stop on both sides !!

8 ) Victor / Netherlands
10/11/2012 23:29
Condolences with this heavy loss

9 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
10/11/2012 23:35
Carol, you can do something about it, you already have : you visited Bethlehem and bear witness to what you saw there in this comment. You can continue to talk about this experience around you and encourage other people to visit, pick olives, plant almond trees, listen and look and go back home and talk about it and encourage others ... and live a long time to see the peace ! (I am older than you !)

10 ) Mel / USA
10/11/2012 23:58
This is why the world HATES YOU!
May you rot in hell!

RIP little Hamid.

11 ) myra / ca
11/11/2012 00:06
This beautiful little boy his life now gone.how can the world stand back again and again.watch this happen .and do nothing.i just don't understand.

12 ) gabi / australia
11/11/2012 01:56
"an Israeli army spokeswoman said that reports of injuries were being checked." Yeah, yeah - we can imagine just how far that enquiry will go. #5 - Carol - yes, we are powerless to do anything and Israel knows that, because their really greatest weapon is the use of the term"anti-Semitic" which they use to prevent any real criticism of their actions. # 3 -Tim - "murdering scum" says it all. A state that in 1948 declared it would be a"light unto all nations" has become a pariah state.

13 ) To 4)Bob / Canada
11/11/2012 02:37
Of course this articl enrages you, that;s the intent, you're a sucker that buys into the fact that Israel is murderous scum when they accidentally shot and killed an innocent boy. Meanwhile, PRC and other Palestinian terrorists INTENTIONALLY try to kill Israeli civilians with their rocket fire. There's a big difference between an ACCIDENT and ON PURPOSE. When Palestinians learn the difference, killing on both sides will stop. Until then you can all be suckers for propaganda like this.

14 ) mo / kuwait
11/11/2012 10:52
R.I.P. little madridista, R.I.P. Hamid.

15 ) Rana / Palestine
11/11/2012 12:05
Israelis are bastards and I worked with them managing a USAID project and they treated me with dirt. They don't want peace and what made those the so called 'terrorists' in Palestine is Israel because they stole our lands (ex: my parents land to build the wall in Bethlehem) and our people's life. Hope Obama wi show them now their real face those scum bastards without exceptions

16 ) saheed / nigeria
11/11/2012 12:23
one day isreli people we realise dat wat dere doing is bad and god we judge wat is on groud Rip hammid hala madrid

17 ) Umair / Pakistan
11/11/2012 14:13
RIP Hamid

18 ) anti-Malone / Canada
12/11/2012 01:09
Malone from Halifax. Are you a Nazi? I think you are. what is the difference between Hitler killing jewish kids and Israeli army shooting kids. The difference is the latter is getting away with it. There is NO justification for murder. If you try to convince others that it was a 'future terrorist' then you are a nazi and I hope people like you fade away from this world. People in Gaza have no tanks, helicopters, planes or boats. They are defenceless against an army equipped with the best weapons

19 ) Common Sense / USA
12/11/2012 02:55
The Israeli Defense Forces are extremely well trained. Even if it's not precise aim, they don't just "miss" and "accidentally" hit a boy IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. Stop being such dumb asses. This is an innocent child killed, I can't believe anyone would have the indecency to call him a "future terrorist." Regardless of your political views, I think you can stand to be a little humane. RIP Hamid.

20 ) ian / australia
12/11/2012 08:20
#13 "There's a big difference between an ACCIDENT and ON PURPOSE." Israel's sort of in between. They KNOW machine gun fire (from a helicopter or tank) will kill someone, probably, if someone is there, which in all likelihood they will be, Gaza being so crowded...but again, perhaps not. They're just not fussed either way. In law it's called "depraved indifference" (to the well-being of others) (or "wreckless endangerment") and is regarded as murder when the "killer" manifests what they call

21 ) ian / australia
12/11/2012 08:22
(contd.) "extreme indifference to the value of human life"...which seems to fit the facts here. To a T.

22 ) ian / australia
12/11/2012 08:28
#14 "Israel retaliates and some future terrorist is killed...tough...you naive bleeding hearts make me want to puke...all over you." Stay classy Halifax.

23 ) ian / australia
12/11/2012 08:58
#7 "I am Israeli and think this is sad and a tradegy, RIP may the war stop on both sides !!" I agree completely, Shmayah and also that the blockade be lifted and the suffering in Gaza alleviated and that Palestine on the 1967 border can co-exist peacefully alongside Israel in the not too distant future.

24 ) [email protected] / ameriKKKa
12/11/2012 23:51
let us NOT pretend or tell ourselves that either side is innocent. Let us yet, be aware that Palestine is quite nearly the exact metaphor of DAVID facing a Goliath and Amerikans know-if they are honest-that each Israeli warplane is backed by Amerikan money or technology

25 ) Mohamed / Palestine/US
13/11/2012 09:39
Forget about the US, they'll never be able to live up to their falsehoods of being a people who value "human and civil freedoms and rights." My anger is towards the world, where is the international outrage at the consistent murder of not only this child and others like him, but of the mothers and fathers, grandparents and so on. We all know had this kid been an Israeli, the international world would know everything, including what he ate for dinner. What if Hamid were Henry or Hiroto or Hector?

26 ) Jake / NYC USA
13/11/2012 19:00
It's an intentional killing to provoke an escalation on the Palestinian side. With an Israeli election, the surest way for the far right and settler government to stay in power is to engage in a war.

27 ) Yona / Israel
15/11/2012 07:19
This is a terrible tragedy. It always is so when an innocent child dies, and especially so for something as senseless as war and hatred. My heart breaks for Hamid's family.

28 ) BDS / Canada
15/11/2012 23:53
This is a tragic and brutal murder. It seems that even playing soccer is a threat to the zionist regime. We can do something - boycott all Israeli products and keep lobbying our politicians to support justice, end the brutal occupation and to work to bring these war criminals before the International Court of Justice.

29 ) Coach Steve / Australia
16/11/2012 05:16
I coach over 200 kids a week and spread joy and laughter through the game of Soccer (Football) I would give that all up in a heartbeat, just to stand in the way of that fatal bullet that stopped you playing the game you loved, I'm sorry us grown ups let you down Hamid, Rest In Peace

30 ) hakim / Egypt
16/11/2012 10:16
I am sad that this child died but this is the Muslim WAR. Where is your outrage Ma'an when egyptian Copt children are killed when christians are massacared on christmas? We copts are with you Israel stand strong.

31 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
16/11/2012 12:51
Actually, his name was Ahmad: http://electronicintifada.net/content/family-mourns-gaza-boy-shot-israeli-forces-while-playing-football/11880

32 ) Foro Palestina Libre Zaragoza / Spain
16/11/2012 15:08
Do they wonder why we hate their criminal state? We hate them because we love justice. Our heart and mind is all our Palestinians brothers and sisters who resist the criminal state of Israel.

33 ) Tsela Barr / USA
16/11/2012 23:01
I was part of a delegation last week led by Interfaith Peace Builders, and we went to the funeral of this boy...it was extremely sad and moving....the mother was inconsolable, the grandmother was asking us why they keep killing their children? We had no answer for her. Everyone of these children who have been killed by the Israelis are mourned bitterly.

34 ) Karima Amacit / Belgium
19/11/2012 02:36
I Hate israel !!!!

35 ) Malcolm Chapman / UK
21/11/2012 13:46
In Britain we hear a lot of fuss about racism in football. I would not be surprised if this boy was targeted and murdered because he had a ball at his feet. That's racism. Heaven forbid he could grow up to play for his country. That's extreme racism. And the racist state have bid to hold a European Youth Championship in Israel. We say no, in this boys name.

36 ) Gordon Clack / UK
22/11/2012 19:20
I agree with BDS (28) that we should all support a boycott of Israeli goods. I always look at the origin of vegetables in my supermarket and refuse them if the originate from Israel. Having said that, there are Israelis who are opposed to the aggressive and expansionist policies of Netanyahu and Co. The only way he is allowed to get away with these regular atrocities is because of the support he knows he has from the hypocritical Americans.

37 ) Jon Thomson Pierce / France
22/11/2012 19:56
gabi / australia - is absolutely right in her comments, we seem to hear this time and time again, and also the right to defend themselves, they have an army, navy etc; and guns, helicopters, funded by USA (as we are told) If this is correct how do they pay for this??? Israel mostly produces fruit! The Palestinians have NOTHING

38 ) madchen / german
27/11/2012 23:42
rest in peace :(:(:(:(:( :'( this will made a madrian really like Star Cristiano Ronaldo But bad people israel received spirt one child innocent

39 ) Julie / USA
17/05/2013 07:28
This is so sad. Rest in peace. How could anyone shoot an innocent child who was just playing? If I were Israeli, I would let my government know that is unacceptable. Anyone with a heart would.

40 ) Warren R. Smith / United States
11/06/2013 01:54
This tragedy will never be made public in any of our mass media. It grieves me to know that my tax dollars support the IDF an our government is a puppet to Israel.
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