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Medics: Israeli fire kills boy in south Gaza
Published Thursday 08/11/2012 (updated) 13/11/2012 17:15
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An Israeli tank patrols just outside the border with the northern
Gaza Strip Oct. 24, 2012. (Reuters/Amir Cohen)
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- A 13-year-old Palestinian boy died Thursday in southern Gaza, in a shooting medical officials blamed on the Israeli military.

Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa died after Israeli forces targeted houses and farms east of Khan Younis, according to Ashraf al-Qidra, a medical spokesman in Gaza.

Medics said the boy was hit by machine gun fire, either from Israeli helicopters or tanks that took part in the incident.

Israeli military vehicles briefly penetrated the southern Gaza Strip earlier Thursday morning, leading to clashes with Palestinian militants.

The Popular Resistance Committees said its gunmen had confronted an Israeli force of four tanks and a bulldozer involved in a short-range incursion beyond Israel's border fence with the Gaza Strip.

"Terrorists opened fire at IDF (Israeli army) soldiers while they were performing routine activity adjacent to the security fence," an Israeli military spokeswoman said in Jerusalem. She said reports of Palestinians injuries were being checked.

A military official said the soldiers responded by firing at "suspicious locations" and said an Israeli soldier was lightly injured by mortar fire.

Palestinian fighters said they detonated an explosive device by an Israeli military vehicle near Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis.

Witnesses said Israeli forces fired a shell at Palestinian farmers. A Ma'an reporter said intensive gunfire could be heard in the area.

Earlier a military spokeswoman said Israeli troops came under fire during "routine activity" in the area, and returned fire in the direction of the suspects.

No injuries were reported in that incident.

Also Thursday, a Palestinian man was wounded when a home-made bomb exploded in central Gaza, a medical official said.

Al-Qidra, the Gaza ministry of health spokesman, said that a 23-year-old was moderately wounded in al-Maghazi refugee camp. He was transferred to al-Aqsa hospital in Deir al-Balah.

Reuters contributed to this report.
1 ) JohnWV / United States
08/11/2012 22:31
Besieged Palestinian Gaza is an experiment in provocation. Stuff one and a half million people into a tiny space, stifle their access to water, electricity, food and medical treatment, destroy their livelihoods, and humiliate them regularly...and, surprise, surprise - they turn hostile. Now why would you want to make that experiment? Because the hostility you provoke is the whole point. Now under attack you can cast yourself as the victim, and call out the helicopter gunships and the F16 attack

2 ) ABE / USA
08/11/2012 22:43
A home made bomb? Does everyone in Gaza have one of those?

3 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
09/11/2012 02:06
The PA and PLO and Defacto government of Gaza need to issue s joint statement to the effect that Israel has NO LEGITIMATE BUSINESS of any kind, EVER, on the Gaza side of the border and that all routine activity of the IDF must be confined inside Israel. A double concrete wall on the border, at least 30 meters high and 10 meters thick should be constructed on the border. Get Egypt to allow the import of concrete and re-bar through Rafah. Build it openly and publicly and announce it.

4 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Gush Etzion
09/11/2012 09:47
This is a victory for Hamas! Every child killed by Israeli forces and every child killed, legitimate or not (see al-Dura), is a media victory for Gaza's ruling forces and a glorious martyr for Islam. Hamas, like Muslim governments everywhere in the Mideast, are experts at employing human shields. None of these leading Islamists care about their own people, not at all, except as fodder for their perverted Islamic ideology.

5 ) Reader / Italy
09/11/2012 13:31
@Mark "Israel has NO LEGITIMATE BUSINESS of any kind, EVER, on the Gaza side of the border" Wrong. Israel has all the legitimacy in this world to fire back when its civilians are targeted.

6 ) Faris Odeh / Palestine
09/11/2012 15:17

7 ) @ Mark-3 / USA
09/11/2012 15:19
-1- I agree that the Hamas and Fatah governments should start paying for
"a double concrete wall on the border, at least 30 meters high and 10 meters thick," that Israel needs to Keep Hamas/Fatah Terrorists Out, and
-2- I think Israel should issue the exact same "statement to the effect that" the Hamas and Fatah governments in Gaza and Areas A & B, "have NO LEGITIMATE BUSINESS of any kind, EVER, on" the Israel, E. Jerusalem, and Area C "side of the border" !!

8 ) @ JohnWV / USA too
09/11/2012 15:35
YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG, writing that Israel "stifle their access to water, electricity and food and medical treatment", where the truth is that
collaborates with UNRWA to provide FOOD & MEDICINES, AND EVEN TREATS 100s OF GAZANS annually, where Gaza hospitals can not,
even though Gaza militants attack Israeli civilians on a daily basis !!!!

9 ) @ Abe-2 / USA too
09/11/2012 15:51
NO, "everyone in Gaza does NOT have a home made bomb" or rocket, but:
-1- the small percentage of militants that do, store and/or use their weapons near civilians, which is both a war crime, and
-2- unfortunately makes sites within civilian neighborhoods legitimate military targets, and
-3- these same war criminal, militants have also trained children as young as 13 to use suicide bombs, so quite possibly the boy was even holding a weapon among the terrorists that opened fire at IDF !!!

10 ) ABE / USA
09/11/2012 18:47
to #3 I agree, build a wall around GAZA PLEASE!!

11 ) ian / australia
11/11/2012 21:11
#4 "Hamas...are experts at employing human shields." What vile garbage. 13-year-old Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa was killed by machine gun fire from an Israeli helicopter while kicking a soccer ball in front of his house...one and a half kilometers INSIDE Gaza

12 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
12/11/2012 05:11
Targeting a civilian child is a war crime by the one doing the targeting and killing, and that is the IDF. The posters here who blame Palestinians are nothing but apologists for war criminals. How shameful, you do not even look human!

13 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Gush Etzion
12/11/2012 17:57
Oh Ian and Sherri #s 11&12, such mercy and kindness for humanity. Of course, when it comes to the 29 Israeli deaths (all civilians including children) not to mention the number wounded and maimed caused by the ten years of mortars and rockets fired into Israel from the territory of Gaza plus, of course, the whole southern half of the region stunned into fear and anxiety with PTSD, why, you two, like the rest of your "caring" ilk, are very quiet. I guess Jewish lives just don't matter.

14 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
13/11/2012 00:06
To Robert, you compare the deaths of 29 Israelis to the literally thousands of Palestinians Israel has deliberately targeted and killed in that same time period, the majority of whom were civilians? I worship a God who cares about the lives of all, and that includes Palestinian children and civilians. And you worry about PTSD, as Palestinian children are deliberately being targeted and massacred by the God you worship, Israel. You are pathetic!

15 ) ian / australia
13/11/2012 02:25
#13 "I guess Jewish lives just don't matter." Two deaths is worse than one in my view Robert. And the deaths of children, like soccer nut Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa, and civilians (whoever they are) are sadder than the deaths of soldiers. That's just how it is. And 7,978 deaths is worse than 1,503 deaths, which is the Palestinian/Israeli ratio from 1987-2011 (inc. 1,620 to 142 children)...so plenty of grief and misery to go round. Made that trip to Tekoa yet, for guidance from the Rabbi there

16 ) ian / australia
13/11/2012 02:26
(contd.) on love for your Canaanite brothers (and sisters)?

17 ) ian / australia
13/11/2012 23:51
#13 A bit more: "Oh Ian and Sherri...such mercy and kindness for humanity..." I really think you are the compassion challenged party here Robert. The anxiety/shock/PTSD suffered by Israelis is regrettable but can hardly be compared to the carnage and misery inflicted on Gaza. Empathy for people suffering from "shock" is one thing but where is YOUR empathy/compassion/horror for the nightmare endured by innocent Gazans, regardless of who's responsible?

18 ) ian / australia
13/11/2012 23:53
(contd.) "...but you...like the rest of your "caring" ilk, are very quiet." I'm not at all quiet. I'm always calling the factions idiots, fanatics and lunatics for responding to Israeli baiting...and if I don't mention Israeli victims it's because they are are so few, it's not worth mentioning. The rockets traumatise Israelis but injuries are rare and minor. The odd shed damaged or nasty divot left in the ground is invariably the only damage done...compared to the tragic story reported above.

19 ) Glen Hopping / Canada
16/11/2012 21:34
Giving into the demands of the Irgun terrorists continues to prove to have been a disastrous folly for mankind.

20 ) RW / US
22/11/2012 01:03
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