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Israel kills Hamas fighter in south Gaza
Published Sunday 28/10/2012 (updated) 29/10/2012 21:29
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GAZA (Reuters) -- Israel killed a Hamas gunman it accused of preparing to fire a rocket from the Gaza Strip on Sunday and a separate Palestinian salvo struck a southern Israeli city, causing no damage.

The incidents followed a three-day lull since an upsurge in violence last week in which Israel killed at least seven Palestinians, and dozens of rockets were fired at Israeli towns, damaging some homes and wounding several agricultural workers.

An Israeli air strike before dawn on Sunday struck two gunmen from Hamas' military wing as they rode a motorcycle near the central town of Khan Younis, local officials said.

The Al-Qassam Brigades said Suleiman Qarra, 27, from Bani Suheila, was killed, and another fighter wounded.

An Israeli military spokesman said the air force had targeted a squad preparing to fire a rocket into Israel.

Hamas said its gunmen had fired mortar rounds at Israeli ground forces who had penetrated the coastal territory nearby. The military said those soldiers, who were unhurt, had been carrying out "routine work along the boundary fence."

Separately, two Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza struck Beersheba, a city 40 km away, causing no damage, the military spokesman said. Beersheba sounded air raid sirens and shuttered its schools as a precaution against further attacks.

The Popular Resistance Committees, one of several smaller Palestinian factions in Gaza that often operate independently of Hamas, said it had launched one of the Beersheba rockets. There was no immediate claim for the second.

PRC's military wing, the Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, said its fire was in response to Israel's "breach of the 'calm' and targeting of fighters in south Gaza."

Egypt brokered an unofficial truce between Israel and Hamas late Wednesday, after three days of airstrikes on the coastal enclave.

Ma'an staff contributed to this report
1 ) is this good or bad? / curious people
28/10/2012 09:47
want to know

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
28/10/2012 09:48
Gaza continues to behave like Afghanistan. We will not tolerate rocket and mortar fire on our civilians. Hamas continues to commit war crimes on an almost daily basis - the truth cant be erased with anti-Israel rhetoric because shooting rockets at civilians are war crimes. Period. You people don't bother doing anything about it. Hamas lives for war, their ideology is war, their politics is war, their leaders speak of only war. Don't like it? Too bad, because you all love the Hamas war-orgy.

3 ) Bemused / New Zealand
28/10/2012 10:01
Men riding motorbikes are about to launch rocket attacks? This floridly paranoid logic excuses cold-blooded extra-judicial murder? Come on, international community, isn't it about time the Rule of Law was applied to Israel? Where are the sanctions against them for their litany of abuses of international law, their crimes against humanity?

4 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
28/10/2012 12:07
I think New Zealanders have been enjoying their successful illegal occupation of Maui lands for far too long. Any bemused observer who ignores the fact that terrorists repeatedly fire rockets at civilians is clearly not just biased, but possibly an accomplice to the war crimes being committed. Palestinians have cold bloodedly carried out thousands of extra-judicial attacks and executed thousands of innocent people. Silence from our bemused, and obviously tainted, observer.

5 ) Around / World
28/10/2012 13:51
#1 - it's all good

6 ) EE / UK
28/10/2012 13:57
#2 - your and Israeli leaders words "We will not tolerate rocket and mortar fire on our civilians" are empty words. So far you are tolerating rocket fire on your civilians. It is long overdue to teach palestinians another lesson - they start to forget last Gaza war and need a reminder. And I do not understand why you are not attacking Hamas government targets in Gaza, why you keep supplying them with electricity and goods. The rule should be: one rocket from Gaza - one day of crossings closure.

7 ) @ curious-1 / USA
28/10/2012 14:27
1- It is "bad" that war crimes of targetting civilians is so routine for Hamas fighters ("2 rockets from Gaza hit Beersheba"), and 2- It is "good" that some of them can't continue such crimes, but 3- worst of all is that they won't negotiate an end it the killings !!!

8 ) Arnold / Canada
28/10/2012 14:54
Palestinians are still being used by the Arab family as pawns. Seems no matter how many get killed it is all part of the strategy of the game. The Arab world tells them they have every right to fight the occupation. The same Arab world that told them they would rid themselves of the Zionist entity. Smell the coffee Palestine. The Arab League was nowhere to be seen in any of the Arab Spring revolutions to protect you. The glaring example is Syria. Palestine is nowhere on their radar either.

9 ) Sam / Usa
28/10/2012 15:28
Sorry but no tears for premeditated murders Hamas, they get what they deserve. Shame on you Hamas !!

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2012 18:31
Re Brian Cohen #2 'I think New Zealanders have been enjoying their successful illegal occupation of Maui lands...' New Zealand's invaded Hawaii? Learn something new every day...

11 ) ahmed / USA
29/10/2012 03:55
Allah Yerhamo

12 ) ian / australia
29/10/2012 07:55
#2, #4 "We will not tolerate rocket and mortar fire on our civilians." That's fair enough Brian. No-one should. Air raid sirens and shuttered schools IS intolerable. And the people doing it ARE committing war crimes. But there are plenty of things Israel inflicts daily on Palestinians which are ALSO intolerable, also war crimes, and which Israel ALSO refuses to stop...or do you dispute that? What's more, Israel is perfectly aware WHY Gazans fire rockets and HOW to stop them, but REFUSES to do it

13 ) ian / australia
29/10/2012 08:03
(contd.) and does EVERYTHING instead to guarantee they keep coming. Clearly official policy. So the hypocrisy of your petulant "We will not tolerate..." as they say, rises to heaven, and it's not "love" of Hamas or its "war-orgy", a ludicrous slur, to say so. (BTW you mean Maori not Maui, also if your response is about occupation settlers on stolen aboriginal land don't bother.)

14 ) ian / australia
29/10/2012 08:39
#2 A bit more: Brian Cohen begins with a cry of moral indignation: "We will not tolerate...etc." but the implication is the ONLY thing he WILL tolerate is TOTAL submission. Palestinians, in Brian's view, locked up in the giant prison of Gaza or their West Bank bantustans should just suck it up, accept their fate and let Israel get on with its historic work...and all to the stirring strains of Pat Boone and "The Exodus Song (This Land is Mine)"! (Would supply link but Ma'an won't print it.)

15 ) Mel / USA
29/10/2012 14:52
#2:Brian:'...because shooting rockets at civilians are war crimes. Period.'?So apart from the retaliatory fire-crackers from Gaza,U're in denial re:Zionist/Israeli war crimes since 1935,beginning with terrorist IED's,tar-bombs,petrol bombs-against the British too-then everything against Palestinians,includ.physio-psycho torture/oppression,helo/F-16 GUIDED missiles,1000lb BB bombs,w/phosph,DU,DIME weps,military nerve(tear)gas,tank/naval missiles at 1.6MILL.TRAPPED CIVILS.coz they're NOT JEWS!
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