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Israel may 'go crazy' after UN bid, its own diplomats warn
Published Saturday 27/10/2012 (updated) 29/10/2012 10:46
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the UN
General Assembly in New York (Reuters/Mike Segar, File)
TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Israel's diplomats are warning that President Mahmoud Abbas' bid to upgrade Palestine's status at the United Nations could lead to unrest, Israeli media reported Friday.

Foreign Ministry officials and Israeli diplomats abroad have been warning of a scenario in which Israel's government "goes crazy" the day after the UN vote, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

The newspaper said diplomats are warning countries worldwide and particularly Europe as part of an intensive diplomatic campaign against the move, which comes months amid Israeli elections.

"This is liable to lead ministers and Knesset members to vie with each other over who can offer a tougher response," Haaretz explained, citing Foreign Ministry sources.

They say delaying the vote by a few months would prevent a possible disaster.

"Even today, the atmosphere in the Prime Minister's Bureau is one of 'this time, we'll show them what's what,'" Haaretz quoted a former senior official in contact with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu as saying.

"Likud ministers will pressure him, the polls will scare him. And from there it's not far to a response that would bring about a violent conflagration or the collapse of the Palestinian Authority."

PLO briefs Europe on UN plans

Ma'an reported on Wednesday that the PLO began distributing a position paper to European governments detailing the plans to seek an upgrade of Palestine's status at the UN.

The document underscores concerns about how the United States and Israel will respond if the UN bid succeeds, and it asks European countries not to go along with possible sanctions against the Palestinian Authority.

"Palestine asks the world to reaffirm that the Palestinians are not the exception to the international rule; that they will not be punished for pursuing a peaceful, political and diplomatic initiative on the basis of international law," the document says.

The message followed a private US memo sent to European diplomats in early October warning that any UN upgrade of Palestine's status "would be extremely counterproductive" for the Palestinians and threatening "significant negative consequences".

President Abbas said Wednesday that he would be ready for negotiations with Israel "straightaway" if the UN recognized Palestine as a non-member state.

"We have resolved to go to the UN to save the two-state solution and to achieve the rights of our people as an observer state," Abbas told reporters.

"We're ready to go back to negotiations straightaway. Going to the UN is not a substitute for negotiations. We are in need of negotiations to solve the final status of issues that face us both."

In a letter to US President Barack Obama last week, Abbas said the Palestinian move at the UN was aimed at securing "international recognition that would facilitate negotiations".

The Palestinians need a simple majority for the upgrade, but predict that between 150 and 170 nations will vote in favor.

Peace talks were briefly renewed in 2010 but collapsed after Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to extend a 10-month partial settlement construction freeze.
1 ) GMB / UK
27/10/2012 19:13
Surely Israel is already crazy ?

2 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2012 19:39
Oh boy. Better back off here. Global hegemon Israel might 'go crazy.' Representing over 0.1% of humanity and utterly dependent on the support of the United States, this awesome behemoth...

3 ) sharon / germany
27/10/2012 23:07
they mean israeli occupational forces will start murdering children and arming people like they did in sabra and shatila refugee camp massacre

4 ) Giacomo / USA
28/10/2012 01:44
20,000 gather in Tel Aviv to honor Yitzach Rabin, who along w/Anwar Sadat are the fathers of ME peace, and Ma'an runs a lead quoting another newspaper, quoting an unknown source, suppopsedly quoting multiple diplomats, all supposedly using the term "goes crazy" or "go crazy" (they can't even get the quote correct.) Then falsely stating Netanyahu refused to extend partial outpost moratorium, when he agreed to do so w/preconditions (term sound familiar?). No wonder no one gets this right.

5 ) ian / australia
28/10/2012 02:05
"Israel may 'go crazy' after UN bid" Well, absent a personality transplant, I'm sure Israel WILL "go crazy". It's quite predictable. Like I've said, the upgrade is so reasonable, such an uncontroversial entitlement, that fighting it after it has succeeded, with "sanctions" no less will just look hysterical. And timed BETWEEN the US and Israeli elections, it's the perfect window to watch the grisly spectacle of new BFFs Bibi/Lieberman on autodestruct.

6 ) Business / Israel
28/10/2012 03:31
We don't claim to be a behemoth (nice Hebrew word), but neither do we take the Arab world too seriously. If we are no behemoth, they are even less so. And Soon crazy Israel will surpass the UK in per capita income, and that is before our gas is on line. Unlike sane UK, we will not be overrun with third world illegals. Unlike sane UK, we do not have riots in our streets. Unlike sane UK, we do not let immigrant terrorists stay on welfare. Unlike sane UK, we still believe in our country.

7 ) Anne O'Nimmus / UK
28/10/2012 05:23
Maybe Israel should realize that "going crazy" if Palestine is granted - by a world body, the UN - just a few of the rights which have been denied it for six and a half decades might be counterproductive. Perhaps their one and only enabler will finally be disgusted at their behavior and withdraw its seemingly endless approval. Are apartheid and endless oppression really shared values?

8 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
28/10/2012 08:58
Go crazy? Any more crazy than Palestinians firing thousands of rockets at Israeli cities (war crimes) or hundreds of Palestinians blowing themselves up in Israeli restaurants and buses (war crimes) or crazier than Al Qaeda who continue to slaughter tens of thousands of Muslims or crazier than Assad who continues to slaughter his own countrymen? Or crazier than Colin Wright's America built on settlement and occupation?

9 ) gabi / australia
28/10/2012 09:17
Go crazy? Not far to go.

10 ) Sarah / Holland
28/10/2012 11:08
They mean: More crazy. And Brian, it don't work anymore, only Israelis believe what you are writing here.

11 ) Nothing new / .............
28/10/2012 11:30
Since 1948 crazy with international support. Its the best time to put an end for the madness. Twenty years talking rubbish without win for the Palestinians are enough. Abbas will make it! He's going to get the international recognition.

12 ) A.G / UK
28/10/2012 13:54
Crazy #8 Brian Cohen your name says everything !!!!!!!!!!! The best-equipped war crimes and ................. The Israeli army

13 ) Tobias / USA
28/10/2012 14:33
The UNGA may "go crazy" by creating a state in the UN that does NOT exist on the groung, and Palestine may "go crazy" when it realizes, that the UNGA can NOT give it 1967 borders, and that Israel will continue Oslo-style "occpation" as usual, but Israel will NOT go crazy !!!

14 ) r cummings / uk
28/10/2012 14:47
If two-thirds of the countries in the world support Palestinian recognition, despite US threats/inducements and Israeli hysteria, then the game is really over for the occupation. It will say clearly that nobody is buying Israeli excuses any more for occupation, land theft, illegal settlement building and the whole idea of a 'Greater Israel', where indigenous Palestinians are forced out and replaced by Jewish immigrants enticed there by free land, big subsidies and ethnic, nationalist claptrap.

15 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2012 18:38
To Business #6 ' Unlike sane UK, we will not be overrun with third world illegals...' That's pretty funny. Israel made a cult of how Jews 'heroically' entered Palestine illegally (see the 'Exodus.'). Then too, most Israeli Jews are from Africa or Asia. So it's a NATION of 'illegal third world immigrants' -- who have seized the land from the natives and herded them into ghettos.

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2012 18:39
To Brian Cohen #8 ' Or crazier than Colin Wright's America built on settlement and occupation?' Don't forget about New Zealand occupying Maui, either. See your other post.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2012 18:42
To Tobias #13 '...Israel will NOT go crazy !!!' Technically, it is true that you can't go somewhere if you're already there.

18 ) truthorelse / USA
28/10/2012 22:58
Colin: Israel is already crazy and the world knows it. If Israel was a person it would have been diagnosed with serious mental disorder and institutionalized.

19 ) southparkbear / usa
29/10/2012 03:42
Israel is the only country saving the palestinians from themselves

20 ) whinne / thepoo
29/10/2012 04:00
Israel is a stinking pile of poo..

21 ) Carlos / USA
29/10/2012 11:43
The US populace believes Palestinians deserve better than israeli terrorism. I was heartened this year by Democrats repeatedly refusing to allow the Democratic Platform to change the capital of israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The corrupt Democratic leadership ignored the votes of the party by ignoring the majority of Democrats disagree with the position. israel keeps demanding US go to war with Iran. Obama understanding the stupidity is saying no. End of support for israel if US war Iran.

22 ) carlos / usa
29/10/2012 11:50
israel has paranoid schyzophrenic disorder. israel should be in insane asylum and have all weapons taken away and arrested for murder kidnaping etc.

23 ) @ Colin-17 & Carlos-22 / USA too
29/10/2012 14:11
You are both describing the situations in Gaza, and NOT Israel, since:
17- "Crazy" people often endanger themselves, even in safe situations,
much like how Gaza's ineffective mortar/rocket attacks only bring real and deadly attacks into Gaza, and justify the Israeli Naval Blockade, and
22- It is NOT "paranoia", if they really are out to get you, clearly demonstrated by the Arab attacks of 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, etc. !!

24 ) #23 LOOOOOOOL / USA
29/10/2012 16:20
Who are you? you live on the moon or on a unknown planet ? Since the name Israel in the middle east existed 1948 and even before , the non-Jewish believers are become massacred, expropriated, expelled and so on and on. You can list more years in which the Zionists murder innocent women and children since 1948 the fact can be seen daily on the ground.because the Zionists have not yet finished stole Palestine from the originals majority population of Christians and Moslems.

25 ) @ #24 / USA
29/10/2012 17:42
It is you that "live on the moons," since there are NETHER MASSACRES
(just Islamic militants being killed as they try to kill/abduct civilians), NOR EXPULSIONS either, just failed land-grab attempts, that try to build on lands they do not own, &/or without getting the required building permits !!

26 ) Marine / USA
29/10/2012 18:47
Enough of the damn Zionist propaganda. We American soldiers are tired of dying for a nation that is not our own, or even in our best interests. According to the Symington Agreement we arent even supposed to give them aid unless they submit to nuclear inspections, and sign the non proliferation treaty, they have not. They take billions from the US, and make the rules up to suit them. No more aid to Israhell, as we need that money here. If Israhell wants to start a war, let them fight it alone.

27 ) faris / nablus
29/10/2012 19:00
the zionists have overstayed their welcome.. time to leave

28 ) Paul / Thailand
29/10/2012 19:15
It's an ancient problem - every cheat, every swindler gets their chance to get ahead - and so often they do. But instead of quitting and saying to themselves "we've done well enough", they press and push for more and more. If it worked once, it can work twice and if worked twice, it can work thrice, they think. But they're wrong. Virtually, the whole loved and supported Israel. Now they are fast becoming universally despised. They destroy themselves.

29 ) Muriata / SW, US.
29/10/2012 19:19
Muslims and Christians did not exist in Israel before the Jews. Going home is not an invasion of immigrants. Supporting Nazi's deminishes your right to hold a land your ancestors barbarically acquired from native residents doesn't allow you to be voted some irresponsible status as a native population. Your grasp of history being as weak as it is, allows your foolish dictates of modern "Zionism" to threaten World Peace. Jews going home to a land overrun by Muslims then Christians, then Muslim

30 ) hp / usa
29/10/2012 20:03
The Israelis ain't seen (or felt) nothing yet. Wait until those "sizzlers" by the hundreds come screaming in at Mach 3 Iron Dome might as well be an ATM. Now that's crazy!

31 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
29/10/2012 20:18
In his book "Occupation Diaries", Raja Shehadeh describes a nightmare situation faced by a mother needing to drive her sick daughter from Bethlehen to the Al-Maqased Hospital in East Jerusalem. He says : "I became more and more convinced that we were living next to a mad people." A country that seems to actually value a lack of self-restraint is scary.

32 ) Niall Mac hOige / USA
29/10/2012 21:07
Israel and Zionism are built upon a racialist, ethnocentric mythos which translates to many Jews thinking that nothing they do is evil - as they are God's 'chosen.' A people who recorded their genocide in their 'holy books' as they invaded the myriad civilizations of Canaan have merely repeated the act. Religious Zionism is a cancer that must be cut out without killing the body of the host. Yet noone is doing or will do a thing about the Jewish Supremacist warmongering Ziocons hijacking US.

33 ) gabi / australia
30/10/2012 23:41
# 23 - read more history. Every war Israel has fought has been started by Israel, except the 1973 one - where the Arabs "invaded" their own land, ie land occupied by Israel since 1967. And Israel nearly lost that one - the govt. of the day had to resign. And you describe the mortar/rocket attack as ineffective - but then Israel goes in with massive over-response, killing hundreds incl. children. Very moral army, aren't they? A real "light unto nations". As to the 1948/9 war, read Benny Morris

34 ) gabi / australia
30/10/2012 23:48
# 29 - "supporting Nazis diminishes your right to hold a land . . ." Your grasp of history being as weak as it is clearly fails to cover the overtures made by the Irgun and Stern gang to the Nazis in 1941 when they thought Germany was going to win, promising support for the Nazi effort from European Jews if the Nazis gave them Palestine for a homeland after the war. Don't believe me? Get a better grasp of history. Just a little research will find it. Letters written AT THE TIME not revisionism.

35 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
31/10/2012 00:25
@ 32), Your idea of what the "chosen people" means to us in insane. It has absolutely not a damn thing to do with race or ethnocentricity. I can tell your ignorance is based on the idea that you believe we believe All_h somehow "chose" us to be a "master race," with an inherent, divinely-exalted status pre-ordained unto us by virtue of who we are. The term "chosen" means that we freely and willingly chose to accept all the commandments that All_h gave us since the day we left Egypt (cont.)

36 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
31/10/2012 00:26
approx. 3300 years ago. You then equate our genocide--you're RIGHT about that--of the Canaanites with the Western ideology of evil/ethnic cleansing because you fail to understand the will or plan of All_h. Yes, His will or plan WAS for us to genocide the Canaanites because according to HIS ideology they were guilty of endemic evil behavior (as He previously genocided all humanity in The Flood for its evil behavior and then Sodom and Gomorrah for theirs). Your warped rationale begs for a cure.
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