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'No reason' to shoot Gaza fisherman, family says
Published Wednesday 24/10/2012 (updated) 04/11/2012 14:43
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Fahmi Abu Riash's wife, son, brother and mother pictured at their home
in northern Gaza. (MaanImages/PCHR, HO)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The family of a 22-year-old fisherman killed by Israeli forces says soldiers had no reason to kill him.

Fahmi Abu Riash, father of a one-year-old son, was fatally shot by Israeli soldiers while fishing at the beach in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza in late September. His brother Youssef was shot and wounded.

Their mother, Mariam, told the Palestinian Center for Human Rights that the family frequently fished in the area, and she usually accompanied them to make them lunch at the beach.

"We used to go to that same place all the time and the soldiers used to watch us. My whole family used to swim, cook and have fun there over the weekends. They knew who we were. I never let my sons go beyond the fence. I would never put my children in danger. It was normal to fish there and there had never been any threat, yet on that day they decided to shoot at my sons for no reason."

Fahmi had been fishing since the age of 10. On Sept. 28, he was fishing meters from the shore in the northern Gaza Strip when Israeli soldiers entered the enclave and stationed themselves behind a hill at the beach before opening fire at fishermen.

"The majority of the fishermen were able to flee. However, two fishermen, who were located nearly 15 meters away from the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, were unable to escape. According to fishermen present in the area, Israeli soldiers fired directly at the two fishermen, wounding them," PCHR says.

Fahmi's brother Youssef recounted the day to PCHR.

"I remember seeing about 10 soldiers standing on an elevated piece of land and there were many more mobilized behind them. I rushed to help Fahmi and started shouting for help from the other fishermen on the shore. I carried my brother, and then they shot at us again. They were firing from behind and I also got hit on my arms and legs. I carried Fahmi, and then walked about 30 meters before I fainted."

Fahmi died in Kamal Adwan Hospital and Youssef sustained partial paralysis and needs surgery to remove shrapnel from his body.

Mariam says she has no hope for the future.

"My son was so close to my heart and they killed him. Everything was destroyed by his death. I was proud of how good he was at sports, such as volleyball, football and swimming. He always promised me that when he got enough money, he would take me to have surgery to correct a problem with my eyes. He had only been married for two years and he has left behind a 1-year-old son.

"This little child lost his father and he will never know how it feels to have one. Fahmi’s wife is still young, only 22. She stays at home mourning her husband. What does the future hold for her? All my hope in life is lost. I do not know how to move on without my son. In the past, we were a bit hopeful that everything would be okay but now we know that nothing is ever going to change."
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
25/10/2012 00:26
Strange - Hamas had no reason to shoot a missile at a schoolbus last year yet they did and killed Daniel Viflic who was only 16 years old. Why? Why did Hams fire tens of rockets at Israeli houses today? The only way to stop the killing is to make peace, yet Hamas refuses and says they want to kill us all. When will it stop?

2 ) ian / australia
25/10/2012 00:48
" 'No reason' to shoot Gaza fisherman, family says" A very sad story but of course there WAS a reason, in fact several: a) to provoke rocket fire into Israel in retaliation, b) to incite the factions to react violently so US "firsters" can bloviate and spin to influence the US election, c) to derail the UN upgrade by casting doubt on Palestinian fitness for statehood, d) to "buzz kill" any hope or optimism created by the Qatari Emir's visit, e) to deepen disunity and generally demoralise

3 ) ian / australia
25/10/2012 00:51
(contd.) Palestinians (and their supporters) into thinking the cause is hopeless. And f) probably foremost...to get Bibi re-elected as the kind of tough, mean SOB Israel needs to deal with all the (manufactured) chaos and violence around them! So, the murder of Fahmi Abu Riash on the beach in Beit Lahiya was not just gratutous evil for "no reason"...it was calculated, considered, tactical evil.

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/10/2012 01:24
Ridiculous claim. "GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The family of a 22-year-old fisherman killed by Israeli forces says soldiers had no reason to kill him. Fahmi Abu Riash, father of a one-year-old son, was fatally shot by Israeli soldiers while fishing at the beach in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza in late September..." No reason? He was Palestinian, wasn't he?

5 ) ian / australia
25/10/2012 06:17
#1 "Hamas had no reason to shoot a missile at a schoolbus last year yet they did and killed Daniel Viflic who was only 16 years old." Making Israel the moral equal of Hamas for killing Fahmi Abu Riash, 22, for "no reason". "Why did Hams fire tens of rockets at Israeli houses today?" Because the factions in Gaza are dangerous lunatics who think retaliating to Israeli provocations achieves something. "Hamas...says they want to kill us all" Only factional lunatics say that Brian, not Hamas.

6 ) ian / australia
25/10/2012 06:17
(contd.) Hamas is basically sane and wants an end to the blockade and two states on the '67 line."When will it stop?" When BOTH agree to obey the law, starting with dismantling the illegal blockade which is obviously the root cause.

7 ) Jan / USA
25/10/2012 08:52
Being Palestinian is enough reason for the IDF criminals to kill. In 2000, long before Hamas was firing crude rockets into Israel, renowned journalist Chris Hedges wrote for Harper's an account of his stay in Gaza. Hedges covered many wars & he wrote of witnessing IDF soldiers on the dunes taunting young boys. When the boys picked up stones to throw at the well protected IDF, the soldiers shot at the boys. Hedges wrote that this was the only place where he saw soldiers kill kids for sport.

8 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
25/10/2012 11:07
Ian and Colin, two occupation settlers living on stolen native land, are now preaching about Israel. For hundreds of years Australia and the USA both committed genocide against the native peoples they stole the land from, abused them, enslaved them, denied them human and democratic rights. After centuries of abuse the surviving natives are totally beaten, but they give them Aussie or Yank passports and let them vote. How nice of you! Why does Gaza shoot rockets? Any reason to kill Jews.

9 ) gabi / australia
25/10/2012 11:08
They kill because they can. End of story.

10 ) Blake / UK
25/10/2012 18:51
@Brian Cohen: No native aborigine is awaiting a right of return or denied citizenship of USA or Australia . Irrational logic.

11 ) TexasPassion / USA
25/10/2012 20:02
Come on. Israel does this because they are still working to remove every last remnant of Palestine in order to further their "godly" plan. Take a look at "Israel" before 1948, into 1967, til today. Who's killing WHOM? How would today's Americans feel were Canada (par example) to come into our country, encroach on our land, kill our people (as we did first peoples), at their whim? Would we wonder why they kill our children or sit back and take it?

12 ) ian / australia
26/10/2012 00:42
#8 Lamest response yet Brian. Hamas, missiles, Daniel Viflic, colonial genocide...you've covered everything except what the story is about: the murder of Fahmi Abu Riash by an Israeli soldier, leaving a widow (at 22) with a young child and a distraught mother, which you appear incapable of condemning.

13 ) Arnold / Canada
26/10/2012 16:42
TexasPassion- you really are a piece of work. You admit Americans massacred the native 1st peoples so you have some knowledge of your own history. That is a positive. But then you and you bring in Israel from 1947 to 1967 but you do not go back further into Middle East history. Arabs were massacring Jews in Palestine since 1920. Go study more and then come back.

14 ) Carlos / usa
26/10/2012 18:49
This is israels normal vengeance. Shoot anyone. civilians are especially easy especially if ambushed. israel is terror. I am proud I am not an israeli. My sympathies to the family.

15 ) Murray Rothstein / USA
27/10/2012 00:15
One day Israel will get itself nuked. Israel did 9-11 and is a rogue, terrorist entity.

16 ) Isaac / USA
27/10/2012 06:50
Some people blame the Palestinians for what it is happening in Palestine. They say they are terrorists and they shoot bombs into the Israeli territory killing Israeli civilians. Looks that they do not see the rooth of the problem. Israel has come to Palestine to destroy hundreds of cities, towns, villages, infrastructure and killing hundreds of thousands and evicting millions from their homeland. Israel is the oppressor, the occupier, the murderer, the thief. If they want peace, they should live

17 ) Mel / USA
31/10/2012 17:36
Did the Nazi's have 'reason' to shoot at Jews resisting being trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto? Yes!They were shooting at non-Aryan-'chosen'white 'untermenschen! Did the 'Judenrats'in the Warsaw Ghetto have a 'reason'to side with the Nazi SS against their OWN Jewish people? Yes! They benefitted from the persecution of the "lesser Jews"(non-Zionists)! So is the 'reason'ing of Zionist-led Israel,since 1947 to today!
That is a 'reasoning' within IRRATIONAL,deluded,sociopathic,minds!SHAMEFUL ISRAEL!

18 ) @ Mel-17 / USA too
31/10/2012 20:05
IF "the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto" had acted like the Palestinians in Gaza,
THEN Yes, "the Nazis would have had reason to shoot at Jewish" militants, while they were firing rockets at civilian targets, planting bombs by the fence, and preparing abduction attempts, BUT "the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto" acted in self-defence, just like the Jews of Israel today, and it is your "reasoning that is irrational, deluded, and shameful" !!

19 ) southparkbear / usa
02/11/2012 08:57
well commentators on this site would love to hear this reason: just because

20 ) Tibi / Tubas
02/11/2012 14:43
THE RESISTANCE, by calling it’s fighters, rocket launchers, and bomb planters either "farmers, fishermen, or aggregate collectors", ENDANGERS ALL PALESTINIAN CIVILIANS, AND since the practice no longer gains world sympathy (international donations are dropping), it SHOULD BE REPLACED WITH NEGOTIATIONS.

21 ) Lasse Karagiannis / Sweden
09/11/2012 22:47
OMG, Cohen from a priest-bloodline! Listen to what the late jewish whistleblower professor Israel Shahak is explaining about the Talmud in http://www.iamthewitness.com/books/Israel.Shahak/Jewish.History.Jewish Religion-The.Weight.of.Three.Thousand.Years.pdf Page 74 This does not imply that sexual intercourse between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman is permitted - quite the contrary. But the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman; she must be executed, even if she was raped by the J
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