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Israeli media: soldier stabbed in head in a Qalqiliya checkpoint
Israeli airstrikes kill 4, injure 8 in Gaza
Published Wednesday 24/10/2012 (updated) 25/10/2012 11:06
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The daughter of a Hamas gunman Ismail al-Tille sits near her crying
mother (back, 2nd R) during al-Tille's funeral in Beit Lahiya in the
northern Gaza Strip October 24, 2012. (Reuters/Suhaib Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Multiple Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip have killed four people and injured eight since late Tuesday, medics said.

Israeli warplanes struck a target in Rafah early Wednesday, killing Muhammad al-Sheikh, 32, a member of the PRC's military wing the Nasser Saladin Brigades.

One other person was also injured in the attack.

Israel's army said it was targeting a launching squad which moments earlier had fired a rocket at southern Israel.

At midnight, an airstrike on Beit Lahiya in Gaza's north killed Ismail al-Tille, a member of Hamas' al-Qassam Brigades, and injured three others, Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra told Ma'an.

Another overnight strike in an area northwest of Beit Lahiya killed Loai Abed al-Hakeen Abu Jarad, 24, and Yousef Abu Jalhoum, al-Qidra said. One other person was seriously wounded.

Israel's army said it targeted a squad in the northern Gaza Strip "during its final preparations to fire rockets towards southern Israel."

Later it said aircraft targeted a "terror tunnel" and "terror activity sites."

A statement said over 65 rockets fired from Gaza targeted areas in southern Israel since midnight.

"The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli civilians, and will operate against anyone who uses terror against the State of Israel. The Hamas terror organization is solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip," the statement said.

Hamas officials also reported Israeli tanks firing into Gaza. A military spokesman confirmed that report.

Gaza's ministry of education said six schools have been evacuated in Khan Younis due to Israeli airstrikes in the area.

Late on Tuesday, an Israeli airstrike killed one man and injured three others after Israel's army said six rockets fired from the Gaza Strip landed across the border, a medical official said.

The attack came hours after Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine fighters claimed responsibility for an attack that wounded an Israeli soldier on the Gaza border. The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades said it was responsible for a bomb that went off beside an army patrol east of Khan Younis.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said Israel would deliver a strong response to the attack. "We will fight and we will hit them very, very hard," Netanyahu said.

The airstrikes followed a historic visit by the Emir of Qatar, which broke the isolation of the Hamas leadership in Gaza.

Thousands lined the streets in Gaza to welcome the Qatari emir, who was the first head of state to visit the Hamas-run enclave since 1999.
1 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
24/10/2012 18:54
More of this never-ending cycle of sickening attacks/counter-attacks between us and the Gazan Palestinian Ishmaelites. First, our blockade is only good at preventing any weaponry/related materials that might enter by sea but apparently highly ineffective at stopping rocket-making materials coming in from elsewhere or made in Gaza. Since the blockade only adds to incessant hatred towards us it is time for us to end it and for us to physically return to Gaza in a joint security operation (cont.)

2 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
24/10/2012 19:08
with us, Egypt and Hamas/the other factions even if they are reluctant (and, if our blockade were ended, it would be a strong incentive to overcome their reluctance). Gaza will then have to be divided up into a dozen or so security-patrolled zones with each 1 patrolled jointly by us, Egypt and Hamas/other factions for constant, round-the-clock enforcement. It's useless for any group taking responsibility for these attacks; this "brigade" or that "brigade" ... Who in the hell cares (cont.)

3 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
24/10/2012 19:14
or gives a damn anymore ??? ... The Palestinian Ishmaelites have reconciliation problems among themselves but as our brethren through Abraham we are going to have to take the first step and reconcile with them. There is enough blame to go around on both sides but the mutual slaughter must end and end now.

4 ) @ Yehuda-1 / USA
24/10/2012 20:15
Why do you make a connection between Ishmaelites and Gazans?
- Genesis 37:25 "Ishmaelites coming from Gilead ... on their way down to Egypt".
- Judges 8:24 "... the Midianites had worn gold earrings because they were Ishmaelites"
- Genesis 25:4 "Midian’s sons were Ephah, Epher, Enoch, Abida, and Eldaah. All of these were Keturah’s sons" (all were sent away by Abraham).

5 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
24/10/2012 21:04
@ 1), Because the Palestinian Gazans are (as ALL Arab Peoples are) our blood brethren through our common father, Abraham, and his first-born son, Ishmael. As assuredly as we are Israelites through Isaac and Jacob (whose name was later changed to Israel) and his sons, the Palestinians (all Arab Peoples) are Ishmaelites through Ishmael and HIS sons. It doesn't matter crap if the Ishmaelites were on their way down to the bottom of the Nile River with Joseph, whether every ounce of gold (cont.)

6 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
24/10/2012 21:53
in the earth was given as tribute or spoil to Gideon or how many sons--they were actually Abraham and Keturah's grandsons listed in Gen. 25:4-- Abraham sent away. KEEP reading ... Gen. 25:9 ... When Abraham died, Isaac AND Ishmael buried him in the Cave of Machpela. That means there was a mutual reconciliation between them for their brethren respect of Abraham because they buried him TOGETHER. THAT is what is extremely important to know.

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/10/2012 01:19
To Yehuda #1 'More of this never-ending cycle of sickening attacks/counter-attacks between us and the Gazan Palestinian Ishmaelites...it is time for us to end it...in a joint security operatipn...' Your hypocrisy sickens me. First, if you don't like these exchanges, stop initiating them. You do always start them, you know. Second, you obviously propose what you do solely because you wish to kill lots of Palestinians.

8 ) carine / Uk
25/10/2012 01:38
PLEASE Yehuda - give us a break and stick to one or two posts - or go find yourself a job.

9 ) Outlier / USA
25/10/2012 04:42
Some day, Gaza militias will realize shooting rockets across the border often results in some of their own getting killed. Apparently they are slow learners.

10 ) Stan Squires / Canada
25/10/2012 18:56
I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that all palestinians got the right to fight against their oppressors, the apartheid israeli gov.They got the support of the majority of the people of the world on that issue.There won't be any kind of peace until apartheid in Palestine ends.The govs.and people who don't support the Palestinian Struggle are part of the problem.

11 ) @8 / ps
25/10/2012 23:43
they allow him to post and all the other usual ziobots ..and those with arab names. maan is a zio front..

12 ) ian / australia
28/10/2012 02:24
#8, #11 I like lots of different comments. Ma'an is a big tent which is why it's so interesting: anonymous hasbarists, "bleeding hearts", feisty Americans, feisty Palestinians, fake Palestinians (Tibi/Tubas), wily Israelis (Brian Cohen), eccentrics (#1-#3), assorted extremists and hysterics, people with great English, people with terrible English (though a good heart), people who are just mean (matt, ABE, Arnold etc) and idiots (southparkbear)...all together under one roof. It's great.

13 ) ian / australia
28/10/2012 02:40
#9 Outlier, they're not "slow learners". They KNOW they might get killed. They've learnt that the hard way but respond to each new Israeli provocation anyway. It mightn't be smart but it's predictable. And Israel knows it and cynically and callously exploits it.

14 ) Colin Wright / USA
29/10/2012 19:55
Outlier #9 'Some day, Gaza militias will realize shooting rockets across the border often results in some of their own getting killed. Apparently they are slow learners.' Why don't you say 'resistance is futile'?
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Israeli media: soldier stabbed in the head at checkpoint
Israeli media: soldier stabbed in head in a Qalqiliya checkpoint
10 Egypt soldiers killed, 17 injured in Sinai armed attack

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