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Report: Settlers attack undercover Israeli police in Hebron
Published Monday 08/10/2012 (updated) 10/10/2012 17:35
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Israeli settlers pictured in the south Hebron hills.
(MaanImages/ Eleonora Vio, File)
TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Three young Israeli settlers are in custody on suspicion of attacking undercover Israeli officers posing as Palestinian shepherds in southern Hebron, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

Israeli police said the settlers punched the officers and attacked them with clubs last week, assuming they were Palestinians, Israeli news site Ynet reported.

Another suspect fled the scene when police identified themselves to the masked group, the report said.

Police said they did not provoke the settlers, who said they were forced to remove shepherds from the land because police and army did not respond to their calls.

The three are being held in custody pending formal charges as the judge deemed they may be dangerous, the report said.

Palestinian farmers living in the south Hebron hills complain of constant attacks by settlers living in formal settlements and a crop of illegal outposts in the area.

Israeli authorities have outlined plans to demolish and evacuate eight villages in the area to make space for a military training zone.

President Mahmoud Abbas has said that Israel demolished 510 Palestinian structures in Area C in the past 12 months and displaced 770 Palestinians from their homes.

"The occupying power continues to deliberately demolish what the PNA is building, projects funded by donor brethren and friends, and destroying PNA projects involving the building of roads, simple homes for its citizens and agricultural facilities," Abbas said in September.
1 ) ian / australia
08/10/2012 14:47
A sting operation with Israeli police undercover as shepherds? Where's Alan Funt?

2 ) Rami / Palestine
08/10/2012 15:55
wah wah wahhhhhhhh....eventually their stupid terrorist tactics were going to bite them in their asses. I guess today was that day.

3 ) betz55 / USA
08/10/2012 18:45
The picture in the article shows only thugs, terrorists, and dirty dogs. Ship them to the Negev and let them wander in their own desert for the rest of their lives.

4 ) Emile / Palestine
08/10/2012 23:23
What? Israeli undercover police beaten up by settlers? Quite unfortunate.

5 ) gabi / australia
09/10/2012 02:18
har har har

6 ) Julie / USA
09/10/2012 13:15
hahaha!! what a good deal, they finally got a taste of their own omnicidal medicine.

7 ) Reader / from Edmonton
09/10/2012 21:55
Turning the area into a military zone is just another Israeli tactic for denying Palestinians use of their land. These Israeli squatters aren't going anywhere soon, but the rightful inhabitants are.

8 ) ian / australia
09/10/2012 23:54
All quite bizarre. What kind of secret op would involve police dressed as shepherds? Surely not an attempt to entrap violent settlers. That doesn't seem likely. The whole thing beggars belief. "The three are being held in custody pending formal charges..." Sure they are. Like the teenage petrol-bombers and Ben Yehuda Street "lynchers".

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
10/10/2012 00:24
@ 1), Who in the hell is Alan Funt ??? ... (So I googled him and can only say this is NO laughing matter for the hidden camera ... He was much before my time, anyhow). At any rate, their apprehension is only for starters. They need to be imprisoned for a substantial time (at least a year or two), have their faces photographed and sent to neighboring Palestinians to see if they can be identified for having committed any past crimes and be banned from the W. Bank for at least, say, 10 years.

10 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
10/10/2012 17:05
rendition of history regarding its portrayal/episodes of origins/differences between us and the "other" Canaanites then yes, you may as well (logically) cast doubt on damn near everything in the Bible. So our origins from Egyptian slaves to Canaanite land was a Big Hoax, right ??? ... So WHERE did we come from ??? ... A general, successful revolt with Moses and Aaron organizing hundreds of thousands of beaten-down slaves against the superpower of the mid-14th century, B.C.E. ??? (cont.)

11 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
10/10/2012 17:20
Slaves with barely the clothes on their backs whipping a professional Egyptian army equipped with the best of (metallic) armor, weaponry and chariots at the time ??? ... Totally beyond even theoretical possibility. Finally, regarding Abu Mazen: If he wants to target a 7000-year Palestinian "history" in Canaan and say we're incidental he's saying the Palestinians (as all Arab Peoples) pre-date Ishmael. So tell him if Ishmael were alive he'd say he's nuts. Want the last word ??? ... Go.

12 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
11/10/2012 16:01
@ 8), Your sarc(ass)cism ISN'T appreciated by anyone: There's absolutely NOTHING bizarre about it because yes, it IS for real and it IS high time something like this was done to stop these criminal Israelite zealots; however, yes, we'll have to see if justice is done and they're punished. Separately, not to digress, but in "Debunking the racism behind a two-state solution," 27) to 32), Look, if Tubb/other Biblical maximalists can't even depend on the veracity of decent Biblical (cont.)

13 ) gabi / australia
12/10/2012 01:35
# 10 - "hundreds of thousands" of slaves? Hyperbole?

14 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
12/10/2012 16:09
@ 13), I hope MNA will post this because I know you are asking a good question that should be answered. So, if posted, everyone please understand MNA is NOT showing me favoritism by giving me so much commentary space. Answer: No hyperbole or gross exaggeration here. We emerged from Egypt numbering 13 tribes totalling approx. 1 1/2 to 2 million people (the population of metro Adelaide or Perth, Australia). Our numbers had greatly increased during our slavery (of benefit to Egypt (cont.)

15 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
12/10/2012 16:58
since its economy was slave-based. The more slaves, the more construction.) Moses, Aaron (and Joshua) were able to organize everything at the "national" level when All_h brought us out by closely working with the head families of each tribe. Each tribal head family would then work at the tribal level for communication with all the tribe's families so everyone knew what to do. It was monumental but it worked. I also replied to you in "PA: Settlers destroy 120 olive trees in Nablus."

16 ) Hilde / Palestine
13/10/2012 14:37
A ha ha ha ha ha ha. Priceless! Now throw the thieving racist vandalising squatters out. They've no right to be there.

17 ) gabi / australia
14/10/2012 01:59
Yehuda Solomon - who gave the figures "1 1/2 to 2 million"? I cannot possibly imagine a throng of that size going on a journey. Or perhaps that's why they got lost for so long. And I find it kind of cute that you say "our numbers greatly increased during slavery (of benefit to Egypt".) Did the pro-creators get no benefit from their acts of pro-creation? Just puzzled by your terminology, that's all. It's as if you are saying Egypt forced the Jews to multiply. After all, it takes two to tango.
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