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Israeli police use stun grenades to break up al-Aqsa protest
Published Friday 05/10/2012 (updated) 06/10/2012 19:35
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Israeli policemen charge during clashes with stone-throwing Palestinian
protesters outside Al-Aqsa Mosque on Oct. 5. (Reuters/Ammar Awad)
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli police hurled stun grenades to disperse dozens of protesters who threw stones outside the al-Aqsa mosque, Islam's third holiest site, after Friday prayers.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an that police entered the compound and fired stun grenades after rocks were thrown at officers at Mughrabi gate.

One Palestinian citizen of Israel was arrested for carrying a knife and attempting to stab a police officer, Rosenfeld said. Two police officers were lightly injured in the clash, he added.

The mosque is part of a site revered by Jews as well as Muslims, and is a frequent source of friction between these religious groups. Deadly riots erupted at the same site after a visit by then Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon, at the outset of a several year Palestinian uprising in 2000.

Tensions flared this week after police arrested Israeli ultranationalists who tried to hold prayers at the compound, known by Jews as the Temple Mount, as the site of two biblical temples.

That incident occurred during a seven-day Jewish holiday, a time of pilgrimage to the adjacent Western Wall remnant of the second temple destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, now a focal point of Jewish prayer.

The compound where al-Aqsa stands, which Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary, also houses the golden Dome of the Rock which marks the spot from which the Prophet Muhammad made his night journey to heaven.

Israel captured East Jerusalem in a 1967 war including the walled old city where the holy sites are located, and annexed it as part of its capital in a move never recognised internationally.

Palestinians want that part of the city as capital of a state they seek in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) southparkbear / usa
05/10/2012 17:46
apart from the silk glove treatment by police which i can only regret it is amazing how in some cultures holy and hooliganism are connected. maybe the same root

2 ) Hollywood / Ca
05/10/2012 18:05
There is so much chaos that none can concentrate on a single issue? This is the strategy deployed in order to fatigue the mind. Deislamization of alquds is always covered up by regional conflict. Pay attention to these events and you will notice the pattern Wake up so you can stand up

3 ) some one / some where
05/10/2012 19:34
you always repeate this line like tape recorder "Palestinians want that part of the city as capital of a state they seek in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. " but you know it as well as daylight it will not going to happened then why repeating it

4 ) Palestinian / somewhere in Palestine
05/10/2012 19:48
where is qatar??? where is KSA??? where is turkey??? where is egypt??? busy following nato orders

5 ) Farid / UK
05/10/2012 20:40
Don't want to burst your bubles, but it ain't gonna happen. Sorry, these are facts and ppl need to accept them or keep on daydreaming. PA and others know it well but keep laying to thier own about it for their own interests. Peace - Salam

6 ) ian / australia
06/10/2012 00:46
Israel's long-term plan for al-Haram al-Sharif is exclusive ownership, the "abominations" removed to rebuild the Temple, all trace of Islamic history erased, and a big "JEWS ONLY" sign over the door! Any wonder Palestinians are alarmed and enraged by the staged provocations of "escorted" visits and riot police with stun grenades. Violence stops the nanosecond Jews leave the Haram. So leave the Haram. It's not yours.

7 ) Bonny / Ireland
06/10/2012 07:38
Is it unrealistic for Arabs not throw stones down on Jews, especially while both the Arabs and Jews are praying. Jolly bad form. You know what happens when Israeli tear gas is used, it's tears before bedtime. They will lose that mosque and the Third Temple will be re-built, on the foundations of the First and Second Temple and the ruins of Al Aqsa.

8 ) Hulum / Palestine
06/10/2012 09:18
I wished that Maan asked a Palestinian reporter to write this article, or at least asked a Palestinian editor to edit it. Reading through the article, I felt I am reading an Israeli media and not a Palestinian one. I hope Maan takes this into consideration and gives priority to the Palestinian point of view in writing news stories and not the Israeli views.

9 ) Palestinian / somewhere in Palestine
06/10/2012 13:12
#8 Hulum dont bother, we commented on this several times, but it seems maan english editors (mostly non palestinians) r more interested in a sort reporting that will appeal to non palestinians, especially israelis and americans. the editor in chief of the english page is an american.

10 ) Fourbytwo / France
06/10/2012 14:06
#8 What do you want a round of applause for stone throwing arabs?

11 ) Paul / Africa
06/10/2012 14:32
My friend, Ian from Australia, your observations are truly interesting, especially coming from a settler living on stolen Aborigine lands.
How interesting.

12 ) gabi / australia
07/10/2012 01:38
#11 - not all our forbears were "settlers" most came here without any choice, as convicts. And for what would, today, be classed as pretty minor offences. And some of us have tried to make some sort of amends, minor though they may be, and restricted as we are by our governments. So before you go on about Australian "settlers" living on stolen Aboriginal land, think again - also think of the history of European colonialism in Africa. Your observations are truly interesting, Paul from Africa.

13 ) ian / australia
07/10/2012 11:51
#11 "My friend, Ian from Australia, your observations are truly interesting..." Well, thank you. "...especially coming from a settler living on stolen Aborigine lands." Not really, we're all citizens here with equal rights and we've made amends as far as possible for the bad old days and compensated the victims. However, I see your point: I'm proposing partition ("So leave the Haram. It's not yours.") for Israel/Palestine though in Australia we went with democracy. But really, both would work.

14 ) Gioldasis / USA
17/10/2012 18:29
Unmaned in Russia region.Buldge Greece top of Africa.Water stress California. the world war tied in some Mid East.I notice everyone in Greece and Africa thinks they are great heroes.Anybody Communist turn on Russia creating a huge market.And Us an American what do we do.But the Mid East help us God. What we need in the US is real American southern politics Israel Loves me a baptism of fire and behold nobody likes me nobody!!!
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