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Abbas: PA will not obstruct protests
Published Saturday 08/09/2012 (updated) 09/09/2012 19:09
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Asserting that the ongoing protests against the rising cost of living in the West Bank are legitimate, President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated that Israel and some Arab countries share the blame for the PA’s financial crisis.

The Palestinian Authority, he said, will not seek to stop the popular protests as long as they remain peaceful and do not harm public interests. However, he stressed that the government would not allow any attacks on public properties.

“The PA will not intervene, but we will stand in the face of those who may try to sabotage or set fire or damage (public properties),” Abbas said.

Speaking at a news conference in the presidential compound in Ramallah, Abbas asserted that the PA would respond to citizens’ demands as far as possible. “We are ready to respond as much as we can, but protests must be civilized and popular,” he said.

With regards to prime minister Salam Fayyad and his government, which some protesters have blamed for the financial crisis, Abbas said, “There is no disparity between me and the government. They (the ministers) follow my orders and I am committed to what their policy development and recommendations.”

“We do not play around with the people’s fate. I am against armed uprisings. I am against opening fire because I know how the consequences of doing so affect our people. I am pro-peaceful popular demonstrations whether they are against the occupation or against the PA,” Abbas said in response to a question by a Ma’an reporter about the possibility of a third intifada.

Abbas also reiterated that the PA would go to the UN seeking non-member status on Sept. 27.

“When we go to the UN, we will say we are a state under occupation … we have 133 states who recognize a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to dozens of other countries with whom we have good relations and diplomatic representation.”

US opposition to the UN bid, added the president, is one of numerous examples of pressures facing the Palestinians. “We have before us two hard options; either we go to the UN knowing what to expect after that, or we don’t go and yet by so doing we will be losing out.”

Abbas slammed the Israeli government’s refusal to recognize Palestine's demands in order to resume negotiations, the first of which, Abbas said, is ending settlement activities and recognizing the pre-1967 borders.

Speaking about reconciliation with Hamas, Abbas said “reconciliation is elections.” He insisted that reconciliation would not be achieved before the elections commission can operate in the Gaza Strip, and then after three months when elections take place.
1 ) <<<<<< / ps
08/09/2012 16:37
he's a liar!!

2 ) @ #1 / USA
08/09/2012 18:41
Obviously !! He lied to the Quartet, to Israel, and worst of all to his own people. At this stage, after so much lying globally, he is really more of a joke, and I hope the "protests peacefully" escort the President, and all his Fatah cronies well beyond the borders, that they never achieved for us, and unlike Arafat, with his secret Swiss bank accounts, with all the prosperity (nothing), that they never achieved for us !!!

3 ) Mahmoud / Palestine
08/09/2012 21:31
How is he a liar? show us how the PA tried to stop ANY peaceful protest? Just blurting out "liar" isn't proving anything except your ignorance.

4 ) @3 / ps
08/09/2012 22:00
??! lol.go back to europe,usa or wherever you crawled from

5 ) @ Mahmoud-3 / Asked & Answered
09/09/2012 01:44
Abbas "PROMISED", like Arafat before him, both: -a- NEGOTIATIONS to achieve statehood, -b- NO UNILATERAL ACTIONS to achieve statehood, and refusing to even talk to Israel, and continuing his "UN Bid" efforts, is BREAKING BOTH OF THESE PROMISES TO AN EXTREME.

6 ) Tibi / Tubas
09/09/2012 01:53
Abbas is NO compassionate than Gadhafi, Mubarak, or Assad. Luckily for his people, he does NOT have the same military capabilities, and could NOT put-down an up-rising, if he wanted to, so if the people want to take-over, then they can, but there is NOTHING TO GAIN, since the PA government that rules Areas A/B, is worse than flat broke. It has huge debts, no ability to pay them, and an embarrassing need to continue begging !!!

7 ) Around / World
09/09/2012 02:12
How many days a year he actually spends in West Bank or Gaza - ten, may be two weeks, one month the most? When did he visit last time Gaza, Nablus, and Jenin? Three or five years ago or may be never? And he is a PA president - what a joke.

8 ) ian / australia
09/09/2012 03:58
#3 I agree Mahmoud. "ps" (#1, #4) is a troll. Abbas is quoted in the story saying a lot of things: all thoughtful, honest and convincing...none of them lies. #2 is another troll: anonymous (no name) but claiming (kind of nonsensically) to come from the USA. His/her English is very good and pretends to be Palestinian (referring to "us") but is blurting out "liar", along with other smears, without any evidence just like fellow troll "ps".

9 ) shirley / australia
09/09/2012 05:11
he is right what he says and if poals dont start and listen will end up with nothing MAAN shoulkd act reponsibly and stop this attack and over economy this is the result of occuipation it is enevitable and will get worse only thing to stop it is end the occupation and go to UNGA vote do not drive pa to collapse or to go back to talks the Pa should only step down if they refuse to lock in votethe issue over electionsis more decisive and a problem than economy in short term

10 ) Joseph / Palestine
09/09/2012 10:27
The main cause in Land of Palestine is the Nazi-Zionist-Jews occupation. Financial support from USA & EU regimes are just like morphine injection. It calms down the cause temporary but it doesn’t resolve it.

11 ) Yasser's Ghost / French Riviera
09/09/2012 12:58
After all those years, and all the billions of dollars, all they have to show for it is a well oiled propaganda machine and a well stocked feeding trough for those who run it. Now who is to blame for that? Oh, I forgot. It is ze feelthy Zioneests who pull ze Zioneest controlled PA puppet strings. Muppets!

12 ) << / palestine
10/09/2012 04:07
p.a. is controlled by zionists.
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