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Ashrawi calls on EU to review economic relations with Israel
Published Tuesday 24/07/2012 (updated) 30/07/2012 16:20
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Senior PLO official Hanan Ashrawi on Tuesday called on the European Union to review its relations with Israel in light of its persistent violations of international law.

The EU-Israeli Association's annual meeting, held in Brussels on Tuesday, is an opportunity for the EU to ensure any economic relations with Israel are contingent on its compliance with international obligations, Ashrawi said in a statement.

"Rather than rewarding Israel by giving it preferential treatment,the EU should use its economic influence to end Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine."

"As the market for 60 percent of Israel’s exports, the EU has the ability to prevent Israel from destroying the chances for peace. All it needs is the political will," Ashrawi said.

By expanding cooperation between government agencies and within business sectors, Ashrawi said the EU was separating issues of international law from issues of trade and economy, "allowing the EU to ignore Israel's ongoing violations" against Palestinians.

She urged the EU to revoke any preferential treatment Israel receives in view of its "willful and persistent violations of its agreements and obligations."

Article 2 of the Euro-Mediterranean agreement conditions Israel's membership on respect for human rights and democratic principles, she noted, while Article 83 precludes applicability to all the occupied territories and so excludes settlement produce.

The executive director of international aid agency Oxfam Jeremy Hobbs also called Tuesday on the EU "to step up and take a leadership role" and to match its condemnations of settlement expansion "with urgent and concrete measures."

"Europe's condemnation of Israel's settlement expansion is welcome but words alone mean nothing when people's lives keep worsening," Hobbs said in a statement.

At the 2011 EU-Israeli Association meeting, statements condemning Israeli settlement expansion were issued "yet we've seen a sharp rise in new settlement construction across the West Bank," he added.

"Meanwhile, Palestinian displacement and Israeli-led demolition of Palestinian homes and water cisterns, many of which were funded by EU taxpayers, has increased."
1 ) Nour / 1 STATE
24/07/2012 12:32
Ashrawi, remember who gave Palestine to European Khazars and Jewry. Remember whe perpetrated WW2 atrocities against not only the Khazars/Jewry but also Gypsies and other minorities. Remember who exported the "Jewish Problem" to Palestine and wants to ensure it REMAINS there. Ashrawi, to put it briefly, wake up and acknowledge the solution to the question of Palestine is a Palestinian one.

2 ) Shirley / Austarlia
24/07/2012 14:10
i thought PA had already decided Isreal dosent want peace and knows full well US and EU dont so why is she at it again first lick in borders ant UNGA and then start the real pressure by demanding peace keepers this is just useless hollow rhetoric at this time the AL are being deceitful on syria US FSA want democracy when it happens sour grapes they did not win Al sould be asahamded TURKEY HYPOCRITE screams about ASSAD what about ERDOGAN and kurds

3 ) Tibi / Tubas
24/07/2012 14:11
"The EU and Israel committed themselves to establishing a partnership which provides for close political and mutually beneficial trade and investment relations together with economic, social, financial, civil scientific, technological and cultural cooperation."
( http://eeas.europa.eu/israel/index_en.htm )

4 ) Mahmoud Mustafa Bsharat / Palestine
24/07/2012 14:22
No one listens.....

5 ) Tobias / USA
24/07/2012 15:21
Ms Ashrawi should be careful what she wishes for, since:
- the EU will review and UPGRADE ALL relations with Israel, which is
a democratic state that has PLENTY to offer to the EU, and
- the EU may also review economic relations with the PA, which is
a government, lead by thieves & terrorists, that has NOTHING
to offer to the EU, and it constantly begging for more !!!

6 ) Words Alone / Accept or Negotiate
24/07/2012 17:48
The simple fact is that Europe's and the United Nation's condemnations of Israel's settlements will forever remain nothing but "words alone", and

the Palestinian Authority needs to realize/accept this simple fact, and either:
- NEGOTIATE the best deal they can realistically get from Israel now, OR
- ACCEPT that "people's lives will keep worsening", while the chances for ending the Occupation and creating "Palestine" increasingly become unlikely.

7 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
24/07/2012 19:12
An excellent, positive suggestion : actions speak louder than words.

8 ) Wizard (of) / AZ
24/07/2012 20:40
What does a nonstate tribal arab woman with a Ph.D. in Medieval and Comparative Literature, KNOW about Economics -- much less ask for an EU review of it's economic relations with a another sovereign State? The economic status of the nonstate tribal arabs is reflective of their behavior towards their neighbors! The G-d of Israel has stated in His Book, that He would "bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel" (Gen.12:3). So be it!

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/07/2012 23:27
And she says this as two more war crime rockets are fired by Palestinians from Gaza aimed at Israeli civilians - in clear violation of all international laws. This is the 500 and somethingth time this year alone the Palestinians have violated these international laws. Then one need only look at the Maan headline about Palestinian police beating innocent Palestinian protesters. Gosh, maybe it is indeed the PA that the EU is having trouble with!

10 ) Business / Israel
25/07/2012 02:57
Israel has oil now and gas. And a growing poulation of middle class consumers who are surpassing the EU level of income. I have a feeling, just a feeling, the EU is not going to make too much of a fuss about "Palestine". They want to sell and trade with us now. Syria and Egypt are not exactly the future. They seem a little unstable. The Arabs had their moment post 1973. It passed. And we made it through those times. It is our time now. As for #1, we will give you One State, one Jewish State.

11 ) @ Carol-7 / USA
25/07/2012 04:00
You are so right about "actions speak louder than words" and the EU's lack of actions is a very clear action: 1- It refused to take sides when Israel wanted Hezbollah labeled as a terrorist group, even though it clearly is, and 2- It refused to take sides when the PLO Israel wanted actions taken against Israel, and 3- It has repeatedly said that Negotiations are the Only Route to Palestinian Statehood, and 4- That is all the Actions that Palestinians can Expect !!!!

12 ) MSEP / UK
25/07/2012 15:25
You have such terrible, self-serving leaders who betray your future at every opportunity. Instead of constantly trying to drag Israel's name through the mud and spoil its relations with other countries, how about solving your own problems and building peaceful relations with Israelis? They moan about Israel not wanting peace with you and spend their time travelling the world trying to undermine Israel's economic success. It's pathetic! Tell Abu Mazen to NEGOTATIATE!

13 ) @ Carol-7 / USA
25/07/2012 16:44
We should all try to deal more in the real world, and realistically
we all know that Ashrawi's "excellent, positive suggestion" will be ignored,
and there will be NO EU "actions that speak louder than words",
and you, Palestinians, and Arab world should all end their fantasies
of a solution from either either words or actions from the EU or the UN.

14 ) Carlos / usa
25/07/2012 18:52
Hanan Ashrawi is better than Wizard (of)/AZ. My hat is off to Hanan. Wizard is a nobody.

15 ) Business / Israel
29/07/2012 21:39
EU is expanding relations. They see we have oil and gas now and high tech and water and agricultural technology and computers and a solid banking system (much much safer than the EU). What do they see in Egypt? Syria? Not much. Except mayhem, instability, civil war, etc. Exactly where should the EU do business? With Yemen? With Assad? With the muslim brotherhood? In libya? LOL.

16 ) EU message is: / PS
30/07/2012 08:07
You can occupy other people's land and transfer your population to colonize it, and we will NOT do anything, we will even make special relations with you.

17 ) Carlos / usa
31/07/2012 01:22
what do you know. and the EU sign a deal expending the relationship with israel. good job hannan

18 ) Colin Wright / usa
01/08/2012 03:06
I twice agree with 16 since the jewish people only occupies their god given land

19 ) Semsem / Israel
22/08/2012 21:33
Nour: Since when are Egyptian Jews Khazars? If I am as Khazar you Palestinians must be MARTIANS.
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