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4 Palestinians shot dead at protest in Syria
Published Saturday 14/07/2012 (updated) 15/07/2012 21:21
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A Palestinian demonstrator holds the Syrian opposition flag at a protest
against Syria's President Bashar Assad in the central Gaza Strip on
June 22. (Reuters/ Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
DAMASCUS (Ma'an) -- Four Palestinian refugees were killed and several others were injured after Syrian security forces opened fire at demonstrators in Al-Yarmouk refugee camp on Friday, sources said.

Palestinians in the Damascus-area camp told Ma’an that hundreds of refugees had taken to the streets to protest the killing of 16 Palestinians earlier in the week.

At the demonstration, Syrian forces opened fire on protesters, killing at least four, whom witnesses say suffered gunshot wounds to the upper body.

On Wednesday, 15 officers affiliated to the Palestinian Liberation Army in Damascus and their driver were found dead after they had been kidnapped en route to the Palestinian refugee camp Nairab near Aleppo several weeks ago, a Palestinian official said.

Palestinian refugees in Syria must do military service for one month in the Palestinian Liberation Army. The PLA was established as the armed wing of the Palestine Liberation Organization, but later integrated under Syrian military command and used to police refugee camps.

The group was returning from training in a military institute in Misayaf between Hama and Homs when a group of gunmen seized the bus, the head of the PLO's politburo in Damascus Anwar Abdul-Hadi said.

He said Palestinian officials in Syria were in touch with the leadership in Ramallah, and they had contacted the kidnappers who refused to provide a justification or release the group. The identity or affiliation of the kidnappers was not clear.

On Wednesday, Syria security notified Palestinian leaders that the officers were found riddled with bullet and stab wounds on the main road near Idlib, Abdul-Hadi said.

While Palestinian officials insist that refugees in Syria are not taking part in the conflict raging in the country, the bitter fighting between opposition and state forces has spilled into camps across Syria.

Palestinians in Syria told Human Rights Watch in June that Syrian security forces are detaining hundreds of people, including Palestinians, in the al-Yarmouk camp.

They said that thousands of Palestinians have recently fled the city of Homs and its suburbs because of the violence there, as well as from Daraa due to recent heavy shelling, and have sought refuge in al-Yarmouk.

The largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria which is home 200,000 Palestinians, al-Yarmouk has also experienced a number of deadly incidents.

A Syrian security official threatened to raid the camp due to Fatah's alleged support of anti-Assad demonstrations, sources in the camp told Ma'an in March.

Days later, a vehicle belonging to the Palestinian Liberation Army in the camp was hit by an explosion that killed three people.

Last June, 14 Palestinians in the same camp were reported killed and another 43 injured after attacking the headquarters of leftist group PFLP-GC amid tensions between supporters and opponents of the Syrian regime, PA official news agency Wafa reported at the time.
1 ) mt / sidon
14/07/2012 12:53
this story DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.Who has been killing and kidnapping the PLA members? are there any kidnap vid?..... and the hamas leader and the 3 hizbullah members killed a week agao?any news on that?....

2 ) mt / sidon
14/07/2012 12:55
assassinations of PLA has been on going for mnths.whoever wrote ur article get him facts right.also the last sentence is misleading also

3 ) Occupation KILLS / DOWN WITH
14/07/2012 13:14
Assad brutality!

4 ) omar / AUE
14/07/2012 13:21
our consoling to their families ,the Syrian regime is criminal,who have killed his people with out any mercy . Palestinian refugees should not interfere or butt into between Syrian regime and his apposition

5 ) Mel / USA
14/07/2012 14:16
Be wary Palestinians! It doesn't make sense,unless it's Western-funded al-Qaeda/Salafists etc,killing Pals,to blame Assad MORE?This is the LAST thing Assad'd be doing right NOW! These PLA were probably killed by "opposition"? All is not as it appears!The USG,Qatar,Riyadh are RECRUITING as many extremist Sunni Muslims as sectarian(USG)proxies right now to attack Shiites.USG/Israel will use Palestinians/Hamas to do this,against Hezballah,Lebanon,Syria(Iran).Muslims killing Muslims! Don't do it!

6 ) r.barghouti / jerusalem,palestine
14/07/2012 17:06
its funny how people read reuters ,hariri,qatar media without knowing the background news of all what has happened in past mnths esp in relation to palestinians in syria.

7 ) Arnold / Canada
15/07/2012 16:33
Mel / USA # 5. You really do grasp at anything to put blame on the West / USA / Israel. The Arab countries and their leaders do not need outside interlopers to find reasons to dislike one another. It comes naturally. If you ever decide to read history you will be enlightened.

8 ) mark / germany
15/07/2012 17:28
The problem with such "new articles" is that you can not know if these are correct or not correct. They could all be wrong information, who is going to correct it? Fact is, in Syrie there are at least two major ARMED groups fighting each other. The conflict is NOT a simple "people vs. dictator". This is a "people vs. people" conflict. An armed intervention means on one side means that the other side will have to lose. That means killing of many more thousand people as long as this continues.

9 ) Jerzim Elsayeh / Palestine
16/07/2012 00:41
Omar, the refugees can not help but to get involved as the ordinary syrian army harass the camp and threaten it, and many injured syrians get help from the refugees with medical care, food supplies etc. There is a war going on, therefor its not possible for the refugees to stay out of it as its not their choice to make, the war is there, they cant just close their eyes. People are going to help the injured regardless of what and as such they will be the target of the brutal army of bashar!!!

10 ) Carlos / usa
16/07/2012 15:09
I follow the middle east very closely. There is alot to Mel/USA position. Alot of the really brutal murders of civilians in Lebanon, Iraq have been carried out with help and supplies of West. The Germans supplied the poison gas to Saddam Hussein used in Halabja. US agents bombed mosques in Lebanon. The really horrific murder of civilians have been western inspired. israel is another example 600,000 refugees made by West. israel's 1956 attack on Egypt & massacres of civilian. War sponsored West.

11 ) Hassan / Syria
17/07/2012 00:18
PLA do not police refugee camps, nor Palestinian refugees are required to do a month long military service, it is rather a full 18 months draft, like their Syrian brethren.

12 ) mazen abu hariri / qatar
17/07/2012 13:18
the above article is misleading and is factually incorrect ,at least 95%of.

13 ) southparkbear / usa
17/07/2012 18:45
actually #12 a 95% wrong is putting Pulitzer prize in maan's hand

14 ) @13zionist / usa
17/07/2012 22:25
do u get enjoyment in life ,trolling this website?
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