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PA police crush new Ramallah demo
Published Sunday 01/07/2012 (updated) 03/07/2012 09:57
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Palestinian security forces scuffle with demonstrators in the West
Bank city of Ramallah July 1, 2012, during a protest against a meeting
between President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Vice PremierShaul
Mofaz that had been put off. Abbas has postponed the controversial
meeting with Mofaz that had been scheduled for Sunday, Palestinian
officials said on Saturday. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- Palestinian protesters said security forces used brutal force Sunday during the second demonstration in as many days protesting Palestinian Authority policy.

Police attacked protesters with batons, beating and injuring at least seven people. Another seven protesters were taken to a police station along with at least two journalists, a Ma'an correspondent said.

Protesters shouted against police brutality, and the police responded by beating them. Journalists were also attacked for the second day in a row, the correspondent reported.

The reporter said Reuters photographer Saed al-Hawari was attacked and photographer Ahmad Musleh was arrested. A camera belonging to journalist Ahmad Ouda was confiscated.

Another Palestinian journalist told Ma'an that a police officer tried to hit his camera, and when he defended himself, grabbed him by the neck. While the police officer was removed by colleagues, he warned the journalist: "I will see you another day."

"It was more crazy than yesterday, you can't imagine -- they hit girls and were laughing like they don't care about Palestinians," the journalist said.

Police used batons against the protesters. (Reuters)

Near the headquarters of President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, a violent clash broke out as police tried to prevent protesters from crossing a line of security forces, the correspondent reported.

A spokesman for the Palestinian security services said 10 people were hospitalized, and several arrested, without providing the number of detentions.

Adnan Dmeiri said fighting only broke out when protesters tried to reach the presidential headquarters, which police are required to stop as protesting there is forbidden.

He said police were investigating who was behind the protest, saying the "agendas of those unknown movements are to create chaos and harm security and attack Palestinian police."

Dmeiri said protesters had shouted at police without being provoked and vowed to punish those who "violate" police officers.

Rally dispersed Saturday

The protest was called after security forces dispersed a rally in Ramallah on Saturday, injuring at least six protesters.

Dmeiri said later that seven people were taken into custody after they approached President Mahmoud Abbas' headquarters and refused orders to change their route.

Those detained were later released on orders from President Mahmoud Abbas, he said. Dmeiri said neither riot police nor special forces were involved, but rather it was handled by civil police.

More than ten officers and demonstrators sustained bruises as a result, according to Dmeiri.

Police attacked journalists during the rally. (Reuters)

Youth had gathered to condemn an announcement that Abbas would meet with Israeli vice premier Shaul Mofaz for talks in the city.

The talks were called off after plans to protest the event were announced, but Israeli and Palestinian officials gave conflicting accounts of why. A Fatah leader cited public opinion while Israeli media speculated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played a role.

'Right to express opinions'

The forceful reaction to the protests drew criticism from some Palestinian officials who said the police were under standing orders not to intervene.

At a PLO executive committee meeting ahead of Saturday's march, officials reiterated their opposition to any interference against the protest, two officials told Ma'an.

One of them, PLO leader Hanan Ashrawi, said that "We did not expect or approve of anybody interfering with the protesters in any way ... We were all quite adamant about respecting the right to protest."

She added: "We felt it was a good thing that people have an opinion (about the talks with Mofaz). Anyway the people have a right to express their opinions without interference."
1 ) sarahh673 / scotland /london
01/07/2012 21:32
have the PALESTINIAN not got enough on at the moment ,the whole world will be laughing at them all .maybe the pa have been to long with the jews police ha ha

2 ) Mel / Gaza
01/07/2012 22:12
Shame on you Abbas inviting the killer to Ramallah!

3 ) Malone / Hfx
01/07/2012 22:21
And they call Israel brutal?lol.

4 ) elias / palestine
01/07/2012 23:11
Adnan Dmeiri said police were investigating who was behind the protest, saying the "agendas of those unknown movements are to create chaos and harm security and attack Palestinian police."..... what a joke he is.a collaborator, wondering who organised a popular protest.

5 ) Rowanda / UK
01/07/2012 23:37
Democracy? hmmm.. lol - Nop, not yet, only in Israel so far.

6 ) sarah / belgium
02/07/2012 00:52
The PA is an israeli sponsored mafia which operates in the israeli interest, policing the palestinians, not in a responsible manner, but corruptly. Israeli democracy? very funny! Go and ask the people in tel aviv if their government represents them. The people are rising up on all sides against the irresponsible men who are destroying the planet. Few of them represent any of our true needs.

7 ) JG / USA
02/07/2012 01:02
Even if Israel stopped the building of settlements, it is clear these thugs are not ready to discuss peace. So Israel, go ahead and build full speed ahead and don’t worry about them “Palestinians”. They do not deserve a parcel of land much less a state.

8 ) que es eso abbass / espa?a
02/07/2012 01:06
shame on you abbass

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
02/07/2012 01:34
Palestinians have to wake up and realize that both Abbas and Haniyeh are just more Arab dictators. There is no Palestinian democracy, and there is no spring. If you Palestinians cannot decide who rules you, then we cannot do that for you. If you want to keep the two-headed monster, then I advise Gaza to declare itself as an independent protectorate of Egypt. The west bank? Not a lost cause, but you cannot let yourselves be led by dictators forever. Arafat, Abbas - the same old crooks.

10 ) southparkbear / usa
02/07/2012 04:01
well who said palestinians cannot become an efficient democtatorship

11 ) Jane / PA
02/07/2012 04:10
The authoritarian regim.....Concerning Israel democracy the police was verybrutal against the social movement last week.

12 ) Tibi / Tubas
02/07/2012 05:24
IF the PA police did NOT crush new Ramallah demo, the Areas A & B would be ruled by Hamas, just like Gaza, and then two things would happen: 1- the United Nations would shun the state of Palestine, due to it's internationally recognized terrorist government, and 2- Israel would also blockade the West Bank, forever, or until Hamas renounced violence, like the PLO at Oslo, and accepted peace with Israel.

13 ) Yossi / Haifa
02/07/2012 10:03
To Rowanda, I suppose you don't watch the news in Israel. Worse police brutality was inflicted in Tel Aviv (twice) lest week. Democracy in Israel? hmmm ... lol - Nop, only if you are rich, well connected or a crony of the government.

14 ) carine / UK
02/07/2012 10:11
#3 - And who trained the PA security forces puppets? Israel should be very proud of them... they've learnt their lessons well!

15 ) PalestinianJew / Palestine
02/07/2012 10:58
Rowanda: How can a country built only for one religion be democratic? you can answer this question in your head in your own time..all normal people already know the answer to that. Dont forget that Israel is the reason of all what is happening.Israel is the illegal occupier of Palestine. Read a book, or better yet read this simple article again to understand the reason of this protest in the first place. Israel is the least democratic state on earth. It is an apartheid state.

16 ) Amir / Kuwait
02/07/2012 16:18
Don't worry nobody cares. It's only news when Israel mistreats Arabs. Arabs have been killing other Arabs by the hundreds of thousands over the past 20 years and no one seems to care very much

17 ) Marianne / Belgium
03/07/2012 00:09
Thanks to Europe and USA, the police is well trained!

18 ) Palestinian / Palestine
03/07/2012 10:33
Like i said befor these protestores are from the socialist party that just want to protest anything but at the same time are the ones who benafit from the status qou. Nothing but a bunch of half assed drunkin weed smoking jack asses!!!!! go protest in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike go protest in Bilin and nilin who's palestinian residents are under threat of being displaced!!! Groups like fida and al jab'ha are nothing but a bunch of communist thugs

19 ) Rashid / haririland
03/07/2012 14:36

20 ) Outsider / EU
04/07/2012 00:19
9) "If you Palestinians cannot decide who rules you, then we cannot do that for you." Cheeky! That is exactly what Israel and the Quartet did when Hamas won the elections. They decided it would be Abbas.
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