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Abbas calls for peace conference in Moscow amid Putin visit
Published Tuesday 26/06/2012 (updated) 29/06/2012 22:27
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President Mahmoud Abbas sits with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin
during their meeting in the West Bank town of Bethlehem June 26, 2012.
(Reuters/Luay Sababa, Pool)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas called on Tuesday for an international peace conference in Moscow after meeting with Russian President Vladmir Putin in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

Putin, who met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, is on a brief Middle East visit that analysts say is to shore up Russia's clout in the region amid the unpopularity of its support for the Syrian regime.

Netanyahu said Monday he had asked Putin to relay his readiness to resume peace talks to Abbas.

After meeting with Putin in the presidential headquarters, Abbas said he assured the Russian leader that "negotiations are the only way to achieve peace between us and Israel."

He reiterated the leadership's position that they cannot enter peace talks while Israel continues to expand settlements on Palestinian land.

Abbas asked Putin for help securing the release of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel, especially those detained before 1994. "We already agreed with Israel that they should be released, but that has not been put into effect yet." he said.

The leaders also discussed the reconciliation process between Abbas' Fatah party and rivals Hamas.

"We know that Russia is concerned about reconciliation, and I assured Putin that we are going ahead with it. If a date will be set for legislative and presidential elections, that will be the gate to reconciliation," Abbas said.

Putin told the press conference that he believes Palestinian unity will help reach a peace deal. He applauded the Palestinians' approach to peace, saying that the "Palestinian leadership, and the president personally, have been behaving responsibly to achieve peace based on the two-state solution."

The presidents also discussed the Arab Spring and bilateral relations between Russia and Palestine.

After the meeting, Abbas visited Duheisha refugee camp, where he talked with locals and met PLC member Muhammad Lahham and Fatah official Muhammad Taha.
1 ) shirley / australia
26/06/2012 15:39
rot in hell ABBASS putin hande you over to US 4 yrs ago and Russia has own strategic interests stop Looking foe excuses and Russia will not be harmed by pals going to UNGA to lock in full observer state reminyou it was HAMAS hat rammped up hate aaginst gaddfhi which inanvertantly helped US Nato invade Libya while hamas seem remorse fultodat LIBYAS prime minister tried to commit suicide after this fragile innocent old man tortured PA are responsible for not going to UNGA sooner ME depending on yo

2 ) WAS / UK
26/06/2012 16:06
First the idiot said reconcilliation was his top priority now he setting a precondition across that the legislative and presidential elections need to be set, I don't know about you but this traitor never fails to amaze me.

3 ) @ WAS-2 / USA
27/06/2012 00:51
The "First idiot's (Arafat) top priority was destroying Israel, in 1948, instead of declaring Palestine as a state. - It would have been so easily recognized, and - It would have been so much bigger than 1967, and - It's economy would likely have prospered like Israel's, but NOW WE CAN NOT UNDO ARAFAT'S GAMBLE, and NOW PALESTINE WILL NOT EASILY BECOME A STATE, and NOW PALESTINE MAY BE A SMALL ISRAEL-SURROUNDED STATE, with hardly any economy at all - Thanks To Our Idiot - ARAFAT.

4 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
27/06/2012 01:19
So Abbas wants Russian support for yet ANOTHER (international) Israelite/Palestinian "peace" conference and this time in Moscow ... Really ??? ... In THAT case, here's our reaction: Y-A-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-N. So somebody please tell me: WHAT IN THE HELL DO THEY EXPECT TO BE ACCOMPLISHED 2700 DAMN KILOMETERS (1700 MILES) AWAY THAT COULDN'T ALREADY BE ACCOMPLISHED LOCALLY ??? ... Answer: Not a solitary, single, damn THING.

5 ) shirley / australia
27/06/2012 04:14
the world must know the real truth that happened in LIbya and while PUTIN supports this he is leaving pals in dangerous situation the MWE can not afford anothr LIBYA and delaying going to UNGA is just courting trouble PUTIN is juggling to much and mean while innocet people are dying daily it is time to move forward it has been delayed too long going to UNGA will secure palestinain borders and will help stabilize MEthis can not harm Russia but helppals need to reactivate fully PLO NOW pals sole

6 ) he is missing / his
27/06/2012 08:05
Belluga Kaviar.

7 ) Tibi / Tubas
27/06/2012 16:49
Instead, Abbas should call for a peace conference in Jerusalem or Ramallah,
since "Palestine" already has peace with Moscow.

8 ) Mel / USA
27/06/2012 16:57
"negotiations...only way...peace between us and Israel." ??
Oh Abbas?Why all the diplo-sh*tzpah to Putin?Vlad knows it's all "bovine excrement".U can't 'negotiate' with an IRON WALL wannabe THEOCRACY,& its Zionist zealots/assassins whose goal is 2 wipe Palestine off the map! Don't waste ur vocal chords on Nazi-Zionism.Vlad knows the pro-Zionist "Status Quo-Tet" is a ponzi scheme to finish Plan Dalet i.e. expulsion or subjugation of Arab Muslim/Christian PALESTINE,leaving only a Jewish"Kingdom"!

9 ) shirley / australia
28/06/2012 01:37
I would suggest all ARABS value their lives and their martys and stand up to US Germany anf japan have faced restitution claims and compensation and world shunning and shaming for their acts in world war 2 why is US any different why should US be allowed to lie kill and mame at will with Nato does the world just consist of US and nato togther they make one 7th of poulation all others support pal state and ME and even nato populations it is time to go to UNGA Us does not own the world

10 ) Joe Fattal / USA
28/06/2012 04:20
Nice of him to visit. But Putin is in the area to make sure Assad don't end up like Kaddafi. He is far less interested about Israel or the Palestinians.

11 ) Let's Be / Honest
28/06/2012 04:45
Israeli Surrender is "the only way to achieve peace between us and Israel," and the victor (of every Arab-Israeli war Israel) never surrender to the defeated (Arabs & Palestinians), so 1- Abbas can "reiterate the leadership's position that they cannot enter peace talks while Israel continues to expand settlements" Forever, 2- Israel will continue to ignore their position Forever, 3- "Palestine" will NOT be created Ever, and 4- Palestinian & World leaders must be honest with themselves !!!!

12 ) @ PA Demands / Fair & Honest
28/06/2012 04:56
Let's be FAIR. "The PA is useless and can NOT do anything, except make demands, to which they are NOT entitled, and which will be ignored or denied !!! Also, Let's be HONEST. Drop the fantasy of Israel surrendering to PA terms, and accept that "Palestine" will only be created when the PA surrenders to Israeli terms !!

13 ) Things To Remember at / Moscow's Peace Conference
28/06/2012 16:00
Israelis living on "stolen land" causes the Palestinian violence is what Palestinians say, but Neither Stealing, Nor Self-Defense is murder, and:
1- the Jewish People's heritage is more connected to the Land,
than the Muslim, Arab, Palestinians, that say the Land is theirs,
2- the Jewish People Reacquired the Land after Arab aggressions,
3- the Jewish People have a right to security (says the UN), &
4- NEGOTIATIONS ARE THE ONLY WAY to change the situation !!!!

14 ) @ Joe-10 / Honest
28/06/2012 17:54
I don't know "Putin is in the area", other than to personally offer Assad asylum, but if your honest with yourself, you'll see that Putin has already done everything he can already, with his UN position and his arms shipments, "to make sure Assad don't end up like Kaddafi".

15 ) Mel / USA
29/06/2012 17:56
#14:Joe-10:Putin has a lot more to think about than whether President Assad is butchered by CIA-funded al-Qaeda thugs,fresh from Libya,Israel funding PKK,&Lebanese Salafists getting weps from Riyadh etc! Putin's ALSO being threatened directly/indirectly thru' Latakia/Tartos(opposite TurkishCyprus)&USG/Israeli Zionism is determined to attack Iran(Russia's southern border,& GRAB Eurasian resource lines to Turkey/EU&UK. This USG coup,on Syria,is an indirect THREAT to Russian/Chinese ECONOMIES!
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