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Hamas 'could get world recognition' after Mursi win
Published Tuesday 26/06/2012 (updated) 27/06/2012 21:19
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Egypt's first democratically-elected president Muhammad Mursi. (Reuters/File)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The victory of Muhammad Mursi in the Egyptian presidential elections could enable Hamas to secure international recognition, an official in the party said Monday.

The election of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, the historic parent movement of Gaza-rulers Hamas, in neighboring Egypt was received with jubilation in the Gaza Strip.

Ahmad Yousef, widely regarded as a Hamas moderate, told Ma'an the Mursi presidency could help end the West's isolation of the movement, as well as ending Israel's blockade on the coastal enclave.

Mursi as president will "get the international community to recognize us and deal with us, just as it did with the Islamists in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen," Yousef predicted.

The Hamas official said the movement would accept any condition from the international community but one, recognizing Israel, as he said it means giving up rights.

"I am confident that the West will deal with Hamas and remove the movement from the terrorism list, because for four years Hamas has started to show moderation and flexibility," he said.

Hamas is ready to take Egypt's advice, and to accept any reconciliation deal it brokers with party rivals Fatah, he added.

While the Mursi presidency is important for Palestine, Yousef acknowledged the first priority would be Egypt's own stability.

"Stability in Egypt will perfect the strong triangle in the region consisting of Turkey and Iran in addition to Egypt," he said.

Yousef said that the party could take advantage from the victory, but "in the end of the day, polls will decide who deserves to lead the Palestinian affairs. Hamas will either be leading again, or join opposition."

Meanwhile, adviser to the Fatah president, Nimir Hammad said Hamas' confidence after the Mursi victory was misplaced.

"Hamas’ judgments are not accurate. If their judgments about the situation in Palestine are inaccurate, how can they give accurate judgments about Egypt?" he retorted.
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
26/06/2012 13:01
Dream on. Hamas is a self-admitted terrorist organization that spits in the face of international law and order. The only recognition it will get will be from fascist Arab dictators and one single immature Arab "democracy" - and Egypt won't be a true democracy for many years to come until there is freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion. A reminder that Hamas rejects all of these 3 democratic freedoms.

2 ) Tibi / Tubas
26/06/2012 14:07
If either acted like the other:
- Hamas 'could win world recognition' with a peace treaty with Israel, and
- Egypt 'could win world scorn/BDS if it called for murder of Jews,
and the destruction of Israel !!

3 ) Hamas will soon control the / WEST BANK
26/06/2012 14:33

4 ) Robert / USA
26/06/2012 15:58
Faulse alarm, Egypt's new president is a temporaty situation, until the commity decide to write its constitution. Arabs in Israel should not hold their breath for support from a country that has too many problems in its plate already. Egypt will not make a fool of itself and support a terrorirst organization. That would be a wrong move on Egypt. For sure if Hamas put its arms down then peace will come.

5 ) izzy / usa
26/06/2012 16:49
They already have world recognition. They are recognized by all arabs as the elected government of gaza, and they are internationally recognized by everyone else as the terrorist group that they admit they are.

6 ) southparkbear / usa
26/06/2012 17:11
nu, they have yet to reach some tribes in deserted areas

7 ) Hilmi / Malaysia
26/06/2012 18:06
we are supporting the SECURITY people of Palestine even though they from Hamas or Fatah party.. They still Palestinian people and we support their statehood and their right as equal as HUMAN RIGHT ORGANISATION .. Judaism Zionism is not equal at all.. shame on Israel law ... Think if Israel want to secure their people !! why need to build illegal settlement in insecure placeless ?? this is Unjustified until now .. propaganda in Israel is worst then Iran.. shameful country...

8 ) Malone / Hfx
26/06/2012 18:47
They actually believe their own propaganda/lies,etc.lol

9 ) ABE / USA
26/06/2012 18:55
Hamas you already have world recognition as a terrorist organization!!

10 ) Mel / USA
26/06/2012 20:42
I don't often agree with Zionists. But,on Morsi,& his loyalties,he's already broken his oath to detach from SCAF(controlled by USG-Zio's)which still commands the military,judiciary &Parliament?His statements espousing the 'glory' of the military-Junta puppets,in front of Tantawi,were nauseous. FamilyShafiq has fled to Wahabbi Gulf/A/P,to avoid prosecution for corruption,& fossil Generals who bow to Zionism still run egypt.Where're Egypts"BRAINY"(BraveIndigenousNativeYouth)who're Egypt's future?

11 ) Richard SM / UK
26/06/2012 21:21
In 1990, a named "terrorist", who also belonged to a "terrorist" organisation, was released from prison. In 1994 he was elected President of South Africa.

In 2010 Dilma Rousseff became President of Brazil and the first woman to hold the office. She had also been designated a "terrorist".

Tomorrow, the Queen of England will shake the hand of former "terrorist" IRA chief Martin McGuiness in a symbolic meeting in Northern Ireland.

12 ) Richard SM / UK
26/06/2012 21:32
Four years ago - July 2008 - US President George W Bush signed a bill removing Nelson Mandela and fellow South African leaders from the US terrorist list. It only took 18 years - and he'd been President of S.Africa for some of that time.

It takes a while for these terrorist lists to be updated - about 18 years it seems.

13 ) Sam / Mahon
27/06/2012 12:22
They are the true representatives of the Palestinians as they had a free and fair election and won majority in parliament The world should respect the choice of the people of Palestine We should all be supporting democracy in Palestine

14 ) Mel / USA
27/06/2012 16:10
Richard:Well said, &lest we forget,it was only 1930-40's that the UK(mandate)in Palestine 1st labelled Zionist Irgun,Stern,Carmeli,Haganah gangs,as 'TERRORISTS,after E/Euro-Zionist cells set OFF the 1st bombs(IED's)in PALESTINE,attacking Arab residents,& UK troops,civil servants&JOURNALISTS.Left-overs of those Zionist's,drink coffee in our "Nobel"Oval Office,take 6 BILL US tax-bucks p.a.& "preach Zio-gospel"in our Congress! History shows that when natives are occupied,they have....

15 ) Mel / USA
27/06/2012 16:44
Cont:3 choices i.e. assimilate or struggle! Most who struggle against elitist rule are labelled 'terrorists' by the local/foreign bullies who have already terrorized,the majority who FEEL the pain/indignity.So,only struggle/resistence is the last option,as their lives,identity,ancestry is methodically erased by invaders.But,as resistence grows,& imperialism crumbles,it's invaders who usually leave,&local struggle can end,allowing self-determined rule of choice!Zionism is unsustainable,toUS/UKG.

16 ) @ Hilmi-7 / USA
27/06/2012 17:01
SECURITY is only an issue for the people of Israel and Area C,
while the Palestinian people only have statehood issues, which can
ONLY be achieved THROUGH the route they refuse to take, NEGOTIATIONS.

17 ) ABE / USA
27/06/2012 19:31
To #11 You are correct in what you say. But remember none of them shed the title of "terrorist " until they sat down and talked to their "enemy". It takes time so why not start now!! To #13 Yes they were elected but that was years ago. What kind of "democracy" only has an election when they want to?

18 ) outlier / USA
27/06/2012 20:40
I think he and the world have more pressing concerns than Hamas and will for quite a while. Seemingly the only people who feel Hamas is important is Hamas - and those whose aspirations it abridges.

19 ) ABE / USA
28/06/2012 08:47
To #12,13,14 You are all delusional. ISRAEL is NOT going away. Get real, Terrorism as you define it never made a country go away! it might have changed politics and cleared up issues, but no country ever disappeared!! Your all kidding yourselves!!

20 ) shirley / australia
02/07/2012 06:04
pals need to realize Us dick cheney formely recognized Nelson mandela as aterrorist yet now the hyoocrites swoon all over him US will not recognize hamas but just like ANC and IRA pals must push forward and go to UNGA and stop US control who will not allow pals astate pals need to secure their borders and forge their own future this takes courage there is no right or wrong to armed struggleagainst diplomacy strategic choice but must lock in borders NOW time running out situation becoming bad
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