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Israeli kills 2 Palestinians near Hebron
Published Sunday 17/06/2012 (updated) 18/06/2012 20:05
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Israeli soldiers guard a military truck loading equipment at a checkpoint
in the northern West Bank. (MaanImages/Mouid Ashqar, File)
HEBRON (Ma'an) -- An Israeli civilian shot and killed two Palestinians on Sunday in the Hebron village of al-Samu, Palestinian medics and Israeli officials said.

Anwar Abed Rabbo, 27, from Yatta, and Naeem al-Najjar, 32, from nearby Idhna, were killed, and a third unidentified man was injured when an Israeli opened fire on them, Palestinian medics said.

Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told Ma'an that a tow truck driver was attacked by two Palestinians in the south Hebron hills.

The driver "drew his weapon and fired a number of shots at the suspects," he said, in what was thought to have been an attempted robbery.

Al-Najjar was shot in the head and neck and Abed Rabbo in the chest, medics told Ma'an.

The driver was lightly injured and treated in a Beersheva hospital, Rosenfeld said.

Israeli media reported that the truck driver is from southern Israeli city Ashkelon. Medics had earlier said that the Israeli civilian involved in the incident was a settler.

A spokesman for Palestinian security forces, Adnan Dmeiri, said he was aware of the deaths but did not have further details because the shooting took place in an Israeli-run area out of bounds to Palestinian police under interim peace deals.

Head of Yatta municipality Zahran Abu Qbetta told Ma'an that the two men were on their way to work at the time of the shooting.

Israeli forces prevented ambulances from accessing the scene, claiming that it was a closed military zone, Red Crescent official Nasser Kabaja told Ma'an.

Settlers and other Israelis who travel regularly in the occupied West Bank are licensed to carry guns.

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) Flux / Palestine
17/06/2012 14:28
According to Haaretz, he was treated at Beer Sheva for an injured hand, indicating that he was not attacked but hurt from his own recoiling weapon. What I'd assume - three Palestinians walked to work. An Israeli settler stopped his truck near them, shot them, and went to the checkpoint saying he was attacked. The military, naturally, took his stance and declared the area a closed military zone so that no other source could investigate. Double homicide in South Hebron Hills.

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
17/06/2012 14:51
There have been many documented violent car-jackings and attempted car-jackings in the past months both north and south of Jerusalem. Until all the facts are in, there is no conclusion, but this certainly sounds like another attempted hijacking or possible kidnap attempt.

3 ) Arnold / Canada
17/06/2012 15:05
Flux # 1. All reports so far indicate the injury to the driver was from a blunt object. One report indicated the blunt object was a wrench. Recoiling of a gun shot is a poor example of a hand in jury. Especially when just about every Israeli male has been through the IDF and KNOWS how to handle a weapon.

4 ) Richard SM / UK
17/06/2012 15:20
Doesn't matter where in the world, when someone is killed like this on the same regular route they make there is a high chance someone has lain in wait for them.

The claim the two victims were "on their way to work" is a fact which can be easily checked. The time of the incident and the time they were due at work can also be compared. Is where the incident occurred on their route to work? Were the victims armed? Now to the settler - why was he at the location where the incident took place?

5 ) hey Flux / you good
17/06/2012 15:43
you should join the police

6 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
17/06/2012 16:15
Richard - please read the article. There was no "settler" involved. Unless, of course, you are one who rejects international law and considers Ashkelon to be a "settlement". Then again, you didn't really pay attention to the details or facts in the article, so what do you care anyway, right?

7 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
17/06/2012 17:55
What was an Israeli truck driver doing in Palestine ? Do Palestinian citizens have the right to drive their trucks in the State of Israel - which used to be their own land - and carry a gun ? Shot every Jews that seems dangerous to them ?

8 ) B / P
17/06/2012 19:28
"An Israeli civilian" ?!!! Are you serious Mr. Editor? He's not a "civilian", he a bloody armed SETTLER!

9 ) Arnold / Canada
17/06/2012 19:45
It is a tow truck. The driver called on the phone to tow broken down vehicle. When he got to the place he was told to come to he was attacked either to rob him or kidnap him. Two were killed and the 3rd ran to hospital. Truly a case of self defense.

10 ) Richard SM / UK
17/06/2012 20:08
I#6 Get over yourself Brian. Try reading the article. Medics said the Israeli "involved in the incident was a settler."

11 ) Justice / Canada
17/06/2012 20:14
Clearly another murderous illegal squatter, armed to the teeth, killing resident Palestinians, with impunity. And then no ambulances are allowed. Outrageous!! The propaganda attempting to justify these crimes, just doesn't fly.

12 ) Julie / USA
17/06/2012 21:30
#1 Flux says it best, exactly what i thought. this was a double homicide, i.e. MURDER.

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/06/2012 21:31
To Richard SM #4 'The claim the two victims were "on their way to work" is a fact which can be easily checked. The time of the incident and the time they were due at work can also be compared...' All this assumes you have reasonably honest and scrupulous investigators who place at least some value on the truth. Since this is Israel we're talking about, your assumption is invalid.

14 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/06/2012 21:37
'...a tow truck driver was attacked by two Palestinians in the south Hebron hills...' It's perfectly possible he was attacked. If so, I see nothing wrong in that. On the hand, he could be just another Israeli Jew who likes to kill Palestinians. There are plenty of those.

15 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
17/06/2012 22:24
Jihane - Palestinians used to be able to drive their cars all over Israel until Fatah and Hamas decided to start driving in car bombs and suicide bombers. I used to buy fish every week from some very nice guys from Gaza who filled up the trunk with ice and fresh fish and drove to Al Quds to sell their wares. The truth hurts - there are no Jewish car bombs in Palestinian cities, but there were Palestinian car bombs and suicide bombers driven in from Gaza and the West Bank who murdered hundreds.

16 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
17/06/2012 22:30
If you people would read the dozen different news reports, the driver is indeed from Ashkelon and was armed with a single handgun that he was not holding in his teeth. We don't believe in Canadian justice either, #11, since that would mean stealing an entire continent. Too bad we Jews came back to our homeland instead of joining you illegal settlers in Canada with your stolen water and gold and oil and trees and prairie wheat.

17 ) Paul / South Africa
18/06/2012 00:09
These comments are just amazing. No one knows what happened, except some news media reports. Lets get facts before ridiculous speculation.
Gee & there I thought G-D gave every human a brain ?

18/06/2012 00:43
It`s really sad to hear that people of the other side are claiming that those people who were killed are suspect of the "crime" as they say and other`s people analysis that those people were just crossing that area. Here is the point that I want to reach which is killing people without having any evidence then claiming that they are "suspects" . For example they bombed Gaza and killed civilians then the Israeli theory was that Hamas used civilian as human shield. Israel is weak in their lies now

19 ) Roy Bronsen / Ireland
18/06/2012 02:13
This is nothing new. A psycho settler killing palestinians is nothing new.. the stories they make up to justify it however, are interesting.. what down right phenomenal is the fact that the ones justifying it always expect us to beleive their horse shit.. this is what happens when the founders and funders of zionism, live nowhere near israel, while they send ship loads of hopeless, victimized and armed hoards of settlers to go and claim whatever part of palestine they wish..

20 ) Arnold / Canada
18/06/2012 02:36
Richard SM / UK # 10. Maybe if you read articles from other sources you would read the truth. As soon as the story hit the wire all the other news media knew the driver was from Ashkelon.

21 ) Justice / Canada
18/06/2012 03:23
Someday these murderous illegal squatters will be held accountable.

22 ) jackson carter / usa
18/06/2012 05:07
support the planetary patriot the only superhero that will defeat the idf and zionism head on. allahu akbar! enough is enough with these cowards!

23 ) Mo / Canada
18/06/2012 07:36
The fact that PA police were not allowed on the scene says it all. Israeli settlements and Palestinian territories are separate zones with their own jurisdictions. This settler was obviously in an Israeli zone, as were these Palestinians. So he was where he was supposed to be but they weren't. Obviously they were there looking for trouble - which they found.

24 ) Sa'dia / South Africa
18/06/2012 08:13
I must say he aimed to kill.If he was just defending himself,he could have shot them anywhere else on the body and moved on.He shot head and neck,what does that say.I wonder if he'll be taken to ask or any further investigation done,well I'm sure not bcoz he's 'elite',he can do as he pleases.Its so unfair!God will bring justice one day!

25 ) Corey / Israel
18/06/2012 12:23
By chance, I happened to be at the scene when the police and army were gathering evidence and there were definitely Palestinian and Israeli ambulances parked there with the army, police and media reporters. I am not sure if Palestinian claim of not being able to enter is entirely true. I suspect that it is half true- at the beginning they weren't allowed in the confusion of what was happening, and then they were.

26 ) Rami / Palestine
18/06/2012 13:17
Settlers with their murderous rampage.. just another day in occupied Palestine..

27 ) Richard SM / UK
18/06/2012 17:58
@Arnold/Canada #20

The only internationally recognized and specified borders of Israel that I'm aware of are those set by the UN in 1947 in Resolution 181, as accepted by Israel in its Declaration of Independence, and sometime later in its application for UN membership. Ashkelon is outside of those borders, therefore 'settler' seems to be an apt noun for me to use.

If you can tell me where any other internationally recognized borders are specified, I'd appreciate it.

28 ) matt / usa
18/06/2012 19:04
Reuters and other news agencies are reporting this as an attempted kidnapping, and the driver was also hit in the chest by a blunt object

29 ) Jihane / Palestine/FRance
18/06/2012 23:03
@ Brian Yeah, I know that patronizing song I-used-to-buy-blah-blah-and-I-used-to-work-with-blah-blah-and-I-used to-be-friends-with-blah-blah. The suicide-bombers didn't come out of nowhere, just as the more than 600.000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Just as Zionist settlers didn't come out of nowhere since 1882, but from Europe !! If there are no 'Jewish' car boms in Palestine, it's because you have White Phospherous and drones.

30 ) PG / USA
23/06/2012 14:49
What with Israeli Jets straifing and bombing Gaza any time they like, wouldn't it confer the same 'freedom' for the ardent 'settlers', who are known to use the beseiged Palestinian populace for target practice in the West Bank? The illegally occupied lands of Palestine run with the blood of the innocent, and any attempt by Isra-helli's to justify their rampant brutality are the ravings of a madman wrought with guilt and suffering the paranoia of one who is caught 'red-handed.'

31 ) Peter @ Brian Cohen / International
24/06/2012 14:18
"there are no Jewish car bombs in Palestinian cities, but there were Palestinian car bombs and suicide bombers driven in from Gaza and the West Bank who murdered hundreds." The killing and destroying methods of the institutionalized terror organisaition of Israel are far more advancend and lead to 10:1 more killings. Not to mention the endless killings which would happen, if Palestinians wouldn't obey to it's opression.

32 ) Peter / International
24/06/2012 14:22
"Al-Najjar was shot in the head and neck and Abed Rabbo in the chest" See the pattern, when Israelis "defend" themselves? Warning shots or shooting legs won't do, if there's perfect opportunity to kill Palestinians without impunity.

33 ) Peter @ Brian Cohen / International
24/06/2012 14:32
"There was no "settler" involved. Unless, of course, you are one who rejects international law and considers Ashkelon to be a "settlement". Well, Ashkelon lies outside the partition borders in which Israel proclaimed it state. Who rejects international law again? Read more about the expulsion of Arab Palestinians in Ashkelon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashkelon
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