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Israeli forces order Hebron village demolished after settler case
Published Tuesday 12/06/2012 (updated) 18/06/2012 12:39
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A farmer pictured in the South Hebron Hills on March 31, 2012.
(MaanImages/Eleonora Vio)
HEBRON (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces on Tuesday handed a southern West Bank village demolition orders for each of its 50 buildings, a week after Israeli authorities agreed to halt all construction in the area in response to a petition filed by a settler group.

Susiya village, in the south Hebron hills, has three days to appeal the decision before their village is demolished, resident Nasser Nawaja told Ma'an.

The community's lawyer Quamar Mishirqi said she will file an objection to Israel's High Court.

The mass demolition notices come days after an Israeli court heard Susiya's case to remain in their homes. The village is fighting a petition by the neighboring Jewish-only settlement also called Susiya, and an Israeli group pushing to demolish Palestinian buildings called Regavim.

Last Wednesday, the court decided to implement a total freeze on building in the village, and the state agreed to inform the court of its plans for the village with 90 days, as requested in the Regavim petition.

While Regavim is registered as a non-governmental organization and says it is interested in equal application of the law, a Ma'an report last month showed it is run by residents of Israeli settlements and illegal outposts, with political connections to local government and the Likud and National Union parties.

Further, according to Israeli experts who reviewed the group’s official reports, the NGO is financed by publicly funded local councils of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The United Nations humanitarian affairs office has warned that Susiya, a hamlet of 350 people, including 120 children, is at immediate risk of forced displacement as a result of Regavim’s petition.

Nawaja told Ma'an the demolition orders intend to clear the village of its inhabitants in order to use the land for Israeli settlements. All settlements are illegal under international law.

The village lies in an area called Masafer Yatta, long besieged by settlements and their outpost offshoots, as well as a steady stream of demolition orders.

Residents of the area are a mixture of pre-1948 communities squeezed by their proximity to the ceasefire line with the new Israeli state, agricultural lands farmed by Yatta residents who moved out to live on their fields, and Bedouin encampments set up by those displaced from the Negev desert in the war to establish Israel.

When Israel began building settlements in the area in the early 1980s, villagers say the army started putting pressure on them to move from Masafer Yatta.

In 1999, the entire population was evacuated by the Israeli army. After a battle in Israel’s High Court, residents were granted ‘temporary’ permission to return.

"The court agreed this is our land, but they will not give us permission to build on it," says Susiya council chief Muhammad Ahmed Nawaja.

International law experts say that under the Fourth Geneva Convention Israel must provide for the needs of the occupied Palestinian population, and are prohibited from demolishing any structure that has a civilian purpose.
1 ) justice / Canada
12/06/2012 20:24
120 children are threatened to be evicted and have their home demolished!! The UN must move in and put a stop to all these horrific acts of ethnic cleansing and land theft! The inhumanity of these illegal squatters and their brutal Zionist backers is beyond comprehension.

2 ) southparkbear / usa
12/06/2012 22:00
it is very good to have a closure

3 ) Tibi / Tubas
13/06/2012 00:58
1- The Susiya village in the south Hebron hills is in Area C, and thus according to the Oslo Accords, under full Israeli authority. 2- The Israeli authority, like any other, requires proof of ownership & Building Permits for all building, and without these any appeal is probably pointless, and the village tents will be demolished. And, 3- IF the situation was reversed, with Jews building in Area A, where the PA has full authority, the Jews would receive fairness and rule of law !!!

4 ) southparkbear / usa
13/06/2012 02:00
thank god we have law and order, the only democractic law abiding state in the region

5 ) Joe Hill / Belgium
13/06/2012 02:28
and Israel says we don't care

6 ) Julie / USA
13/06/2012 07:07
izrahell is the most despicable, criminal terrorist entity in the world. they have ZERO regard for human life, human rights, international law, morality, ethics, justice and everything else DECENT that civilizations are built upon. izrahell is built upon TORTURE, MURDER, CRIMES OF HUMANITY, WAR CRIMES, ETHNIC CLEANSING, GENOCIDE AND COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT.

7 ) @ "justice"-1 / USA
13/06/2012 15:33
1- If I set a tent up on your front yard, neither you nor Canada would allow me to stay-on, so that my "swatter's rights" actually have some legality.
2- Guess what, I would be just as "evicted", and You would be just as
"brutal, horrific, with acts of ethnic cleansing and land theft" as Israel, and
3- If the UN can NOT "move in and put a stop" to the on-going Syrian genocide, why should it meddle in such minor internal disputes !!!

8 ) Mel / USA
13/06/2012 17:36
#3:Tibi:'according to the Oslo Accords...'? Oh well,if you're basing your logic on the Oslo Accords(Slow Discord),then you may as well base it on 'Peter Pan'? There's only 1 small room in a house,where the 'Oslo Accords' could be useful? Albeit,only if youre' desperate! LOL!
And #7: The UN won't,'move in and stop' the USG coup on Syria,coz the eUNuch is OWNED by USG which Zionist Israel still has(yawn)by the 'burden-of-guilt" shrivelled BALLS,like a rabid "holocaust" terrier! O 'tangled web'!

9 ) Maan Distorts / Demolition TRUTH
13/06/2012 18:34
Truths 1st, 2nd, & 3rd:
First - "the judges expressed their anger against the continued illegal construction by Arabs on STATE-OWNED lands, even after a filied petition".
Second - the "Judges issued a temporary INJUNCTION, prohibiting the Arabs to continue to build in the area." And,
Third - the Israeli "Civil Administration handed out DEMOLITION orders on Tuesday against 52 buildings/Tents in the PA Arab outpost of Susya" !!!


10 ) @ Mel-8 / USA too
13/06/2012 21:34
Clearly you realize that fantasy exists, like 'Peter Pan' and probably any chance for a 2-state/peace agreement between Palestinians & Israelis !!

What is more important is that you also realize that reality exists, like
"in 1994, Peres, Rabin, and Arafat were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the peace talks that produced the Oslo Accords", which exist and are signed by both the Israeli and Palestinian governments !!!!

( http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3479700,00.html )

11 ) Marcel Dubois / France
14/06/2012 00:11
Israel was born by expropriating thousands of villages and towns and savagely killing innocent people, to terrify all Palestinian civilians into fleeing. All in the name of bringing about the nation-state of Israel. You wanna talk about squatters #7, let's talk about the guys who came back 2000 years later with a jewish version of nationalist ideology.

12 ) justice / Canada
14/06/2012 04:29
It is theft and ethnic cleansing, nothing can justify this outrageous behaviour against the illegally occupied peoples of Palestine. Thankfully more and more of us are beginning to realize the atrocities that have been going on for all these decades and demanding an end to the occupation and colonization and that Palestine be free.

13 ) George Knoebel / United States
14/06/2012 07:18
It seems pointless and tragic to demolish Susiya village. It's ethnic cleansing which is criminal. Further, this land, according to most of the peace plans which have been proposed, would go to the Palestinians. The neighboring Jewish communities are not part of the Tel Aviv or Jerusalem settlement blocs which are inevitably going to remain Israeli. My prayers and hopes are with the people of Susiya village.

14 ) Frogmore / USA
15/06/2012 00:21
"International law experts say that under the Fourth Geneva Convention Israel must provide for the needs of the occupied Palestinian population, and are prohibited from demolishing any structure that has a civilian purpose." According to this, Israel could be in deep trouble if they demolish homes then.

15 ) Maureen / Australia
15/06/2012 00:42
4) lawlessparkbear, you poor delusional fool.

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/06/2012 07:42
To Frogmore #14 '"International law experts say that... According to this, Israel could be in deep trouble if they demolish homes then." Don't be silly. Israel doesn't abide by laws.

17 ) @ Marcel-11 / Four Truths (part 1)
17/06/2012 00:09
Firstly, "Israel was born by" UNSC Resolution 181 !! More importantly, Secondly, Israel was born by the Arab rejection of the Resolution, the failed joint Arab invasions/aggressions, followed by Armistice Agreements in 1949 !! Thirdly, Israel was ENLARGED by the Arab rejection of their own signed Armistice Agreements, and again failed joint Arab invasions/aggressions, in 1967 !! Fourthly, the amount that Israel was further ENLARGED, will be determined by NEGOTIATED PEACE AGREEMENTS !!!

18 ) @ Marcel-11 / The 5th Truth (part 2)
17/06/2012 00:56
Fifth, until a Negotiated Peace Agreement is completed between Israel and the Palestinians, - "Palesine" will remain what it is today, an impoverished Non-State, in numerous isolated cantons, and - Israel will remain what it is today, a thriving state, a real state, a UN member (#57) state, since 1949.

19 ) southparkbear / usa
19/06/2012 16:21
i may open an home depot store in Area C.

20 ) P.& N. / Holland
22/06/2012 23:35
I was in Susiya in 2007 and I thanks for ever these kindly people for their hospitality. I am remembering their stories and their truly wish for life in peace. There was a small solar panel and a little electricity supplier by windcraft, both placed there by 2 Israeli citizen to help their human brothers to provide the village with a few hours of electricity a day. In the night we saw in the neighborough the brighting lights of a big settlement.

21 ) jimmyohh / usa
29/06/2013 08:40
come on Julie don't hold back, tell us what you really think of the jews
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