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Israeli settler shoots Palestinian in West Bank
Published Saturday 26/05/2012 (updated) 03/06/2012 16:12
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Jewish youths hold Israeli flags during a rally march outside
the West Bank settlement of Itamar, near Nablus.
(Reuters/Nir Elias, File)
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- An Israeli settler shot and wounded a Palestinian man on Saturday in a clash that began when a group of settlers set fire to fields belonging to a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank, officials said.

Najeh al-Safadi, 22, was handcuffed by a guard from the illegal settlement of Yitzhar who threw him to the ground and shot him while other settlers kicked him, a relative said.

Muntaser al-Safadi said people from his village, Urif, which is near Nablus in the northern West Bank, arrived and rescued the young man. He was transferred to Rafidia hospital with severe injuries.

Residents said about 25 settlers, some of them carrying guns, set fire to wheat fields and an olive grove near the Urif school. Settlers fired at people who were trying to put out the fire, they said.

Villagers came out to extinguish the fire and ended up clashing with the settlers, said Nablus official Ghassan Daghlas. Eight people were injured and four of them were hospitalized, he told Ma'an.

An Israeli military spokesman confirmed that a settler shot and wounded one Palestinian, adding that security forces were sent to the scene to break up the violence.

"The Israel Defense Forces regards this incident as severe and will thoroughly investigate it," the spokesman said.

The military is investigating a similar incident from last week in which a video distributed by an anti-settlement group appeared to show a settler shooting and wounding a Palestinian during a confrontation with rock-throwing Palestinians, as soldiers stood by.

Daghlas said Saturday's attack was a direct assault on civilians, and part of a pattern of incidents sparked by gun-toting settlers.

The official expressed surprise at the "international silence" toward Israeli violations, particularly the silence of the United Nations.

Reuters contributed to this report.
1 ) Nour / One-State
26/05/2012 19:21
Where was Abbas' great "state of Palestine" police to defend the helpless before the colonists from Poland and Russia? Polishing their shoes! Puppet Association keeps wining and complaining to the UN, what good will that do if they are unable to protect their own people let alone found an independent State!

2 ) Charity Clayton / UK
26/05/2012 19:52
If this one wasn't filmed the Israeli authorities won't have to strain themselves by pretending to investigate...just like all the other cases of land theft and attacks by Israeli settlers. What an immoral regime this is!

3 ) Julie / USA
26/05/2012 20:40
i see, so when Gaza sends rockets that usually harm none it results in mass murder of innocent pals in izraeli retaliation according to izrahell, but when their own zionazi criminal minions go pyro-crazy and shoot innocent palestinians directly, it gets an 'investigation' where the culprits go free with no justice served to the victims. izrahell is the grand pariah among pariahs.

4 ) Julie / USA
26/05/2012 20:46
best weapon for Pals is a video cam.

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/05/2012 21:52
' "The Israel Defense Forces regards this incident as severe and will thoroughly investigate it," the spokesman said.' That probably means they're going to look for grounds to arrest the Palestinian.

6 ) mohamed / somalia
26/05/2012 22:50
why they support and approve their lowlessness? this is terrorism.

7 ) Jihane / France/Palestine
27/05/2012 00:05
Noam Sheizaf at 972mag has an article and many videos of the Talibans from Yitzhar and their pogroms today, as always with the IDF standing by, doing nothing to stop the Cossacks. www.972mag.com/watch-settlers-set-fire-to-palestinian-olive-grove-man-shot/46876/

8 ) southparkbear / usa
27/05/2012 01:06
no fire on one side none on the other. simple as that. makes sure you understand every action has a reaction. to me it seems that settlers have had enough with palestinians attacks

9 ) Joe Fattal / USA
27/05/2012 01:11
Settlers are bunch of terrorists that work for a military force and are given free passage in a country to create a civil unrest to a populated area. Some armed settlers, armed by the Israeli military attacked some Palestinians and set their land on fire. It does remind me of a computer game I had about the Roman civilization. Every few minutes in the game you see a fire erupt in Rome, and you get a civil unrest warning. Its an old military game tactic. Assad is doing the same in Syria.

10 ) Someone Must / Speak of PEACE
27/05/2012 03:20
Abraham, the Patriarch of both peoples, solved a conflict with his nephew, Lot, by lettng him chose a direction, and he would go the other way. - Even, IN THE BIBLE, THEY CREATED TWO STATES. Today the people must do the same, and separate, but based upon the reality of today, rather that of 2,000 BCE, 1948, 1967, or 1973, and Today the people must talk, without settlement preconditions, and negotiate seriously & honestly, or this terrible situation will go on forever !!!!

11 ) Possible & Impossible / Half & Half
27/05/2012 04:10
A settlement freeze may be Impossible, but PEACE IS still POSSIBLE, by: 1- Half the Arab wheat fields and an olive groves being moved away from Jewish schools and settlements, and 2- Half the Jewish schools and settlements being moved away from Arab wheat fields and an olive groves !!

12 ) @ Nour-1 / NO-State
27/05/2012 04:17
The PLO negotiated the Oslo Accords, in which: 1- Area A was agreed to be under Full PA Control, such that Israeli police do/can NOT enter, and 2- Area C was agreed to be under Full Israeli Control, such that "Abbas' great police to defend the helpless", and 3- Until a Peace Agreement is Finalized, so it shall remain !!!

13 ) @ Julie-3 / USA too
27/05/2012 04:25
If the story is true, it is a disgraceful that Jewish settlers have started to act Almost Like Palestinians, but: - the the story said "one man was shot", BUT YOU LIE about "mass", "murder", and probably even "innocent", and YOUR RACISM ("izrahell & zionazi") should NOT be PRINTED !!!

14 ) Sad, but a / Non-Issue
27/05/2012 04:37
Yes, an "Israeli settler shot (NOT killed) a Palestinian in West Bank", but he was probably provoked, making it a non-issue, where as 90 were killed in Syria yesterday, and they were NOT provoking Assad regime. That is a Real Issue !!! And, when the media has REAL ISSUES to report, they should NOT hide them among NON-ISSUES.

15 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/05/2012 09:37
To southparkbear #8 'no fire on one side none on the other. simple as that. makes sure you understand every action has a reaction. to me it seems that settlers have had enough with palestinians attacks' Oh what pure hypocrisy. In fact, there have been fewer instances of Palestinian attacks on Jews than ever -- and the only result has been that the settlers are setting new records for aggression.

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/05/2012 09:39
To Charity Clayton #2 'What an immoral regime this is!' It's considerably worse than that. If Israel was merely an immoral regime, the problem wouldn't be so bad. The truth is that it's a moral regime -- you just need to face what that morality is.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/05/2012 10:51
'Re Sad but a/Non-Issue' #14 The name says it all. Israel supporters are so morally degenerate they're not even aware of how loathsome they've become.

18 ) Rami / Palestine
27/05/2012 13:22
#14. So, it's OK to rape someone's daughter because somewhere else his wife is being murdered and that is a far more serious problem that needs to be dealt with, right? Twisted logic you have there. News is news. It happens here in Palestine and it also happens there in Syria. Its the job of news reporters to report the news WHEREVER it happens. We shouldn't keep quiet about something because its perceived as less important than something else...by doing so, you're downgrading human rights.

19 ) Carlos / USA
27/05/2012 15:19
It makes your heart explode when you hear of the israeli terrorism. What is worse is hearing the pro settler scum justify the out and out settler/israeli terrorism committed on innocent Palestinians.

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/05/2012 20:03
To Rami #18 '...by doing so, you're downgrading human rights.' Bear in mind that it's unlikely 'Sad' would regard this as a matter of human rights. After all, he is presumably Jewish, and the victim was Palestinian.

21 ) Anne / Canada
28/05/2012 00:31
I plan to forward this news item to the small peace group I belong to, pointing out the comment of Jihane; I personally use the word 'squatters' to refer to those whose current moment of violence, the suffering of Najeh al-Safadi and his village, is described here; the reference to an anti-settlement group seems insufficiently neutral, as it is B'tselem, a peace group, which is referred to, I am quite sure, in regard to events in Asira. There is a 2 minute video on Al Jazeera, shown on TV also.

22 ) Outsider / EU
28/05/2012 12:54
Yitzhar, again. Interesting that Southparkbear is calling for mob rule.

23 ) Jihane 1/.... / Palestine/France
28/05/2012 13:12
@ Anne I like the word 'squatters' too :-) But concerning the settlers in Yitzhar it's really not enough. Yitzhar is the settlement where Yitzhak Shapira & Yosef Elitzur live, the two Rabbis who wrote "The King's Torah", justifying the killing of non-Jews, even children, and they run a extremist Yeshiva there. Yizthar is considered the most violent settlement by the Jerusalem Fund. They have a very good report (on the net) called "When Settlers Attack". Last week there was another attack on

24 ) Jihane / Palestine/france
28/05/2012 13:21
I can' remeber where i stopped :-) Anyhow the same Cossacks from Yitzhar attacked 'Asira al-Qibliya last saturday (Yossi Gurvits from }972mag thinks the Shabbat makes them violent...) and shot one young man, Nimr Fathi Asayreh. http://972mag.com/watch-settlers-shoot-palestinian-in-head-as-soldiers-stand-by/46354/ Thursday they 'only' set fire to the fields of the neighbouring village of Madama. Google Yitzhar - Asira al-Qibliya and videos of stoning, destruction of water pibes etc come up.

25 ) Robert / US
28/05/2012 19:24
Carlos I know what you mean.

26 ) Sexualharrassmentpanda / South Park
28/05/2012 20:20
Tragic that the suppremacist and militarist ideas of the Nazis and the American Ku Klux Klan are alive in Israeli settler society... the wet dream of Southparkbear...

27 ) Anne / Canada
28/05/2012 20:21
Thanks to Jihane for this response: It is appropriate to be reminded of the extraordinary cult of squatter violence you detail; in the short few years I have tried to follow this 'situation' I have come to believe those involved may be misfits in ANY society, except perhaps a prison. But if you are calling them Taliban and Cossacks interchangeably, it indicates that there are not a lot of Russian immigrants involved, as I previously thought. They have, however, been conducting a pogrom.

28 ) JIhane / Palestine/France
29/05/2012 02:09
@ Anne I haven't made any sociological study of the settlers' ethnic background. I use Cossacks for the random violence when they terrorize the Palestinians, and Taliban for their religious fanatism. My impression is that there's a lot of American olim in the religious settlements but that the Russians - often non-religious - go for the free violence in the army or the Border Police. Maxim Vinogradov who killed Ziad Jilani with a bullet in his head in Wadi Joz is a Russian.
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